Tuesday, March 06, 2012

This CH-146 from 444 dropped in yesterday afternoon. Fueled up, crew did some scouting for post cards and off she went again, where to and why she was in area I do not know.

While taking the photo I heard some cackling in the background. These two fine citizens are always in a fine mood, except when they are not. I don’t think they realized I had the big zoom on the camera. 

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Update on Noah/ Kobelenko walk: Some time on the weekend they were still 38 K this side of the Quebec border.
Slow going for sure, strong winds the most likely culprit.

Interesting article from down under about south of the border. We are not into cell phones service here, lets hope sanity prevails and it is a long way off.
I say jam away to your hearts content.

The voting for MyParksPass video contest is now closed. Interesting the interactive map does not show Torngat Mountains National park.

As of 4:30 pm Atlantic time last evening JHMS had 3192 votes. The second placed school had 1108.
Now the top ten videos go before a panel of judges, we will see what we see.

On the trip north our Nephew took, he to Okak the rest going on to Hebron. The total of animals taken was greater than I originally estimated.

Reason being I guess is the ‘recommended harvest’ of caribou by the Nunatsiavut Government. Two animals per family will put a strain on traditional hunting practices and most likely reduce the usual sharing of meat with people who cant get out on the land for differing reasons. 

I am not suggesting any thing untoward has taken place, nor that too many animals were taken as per recommendations, nor that conservation practices are not needed. I am just pointing out some facts as I see them.

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News in the Telegraph about the My Parks Pass contest and the travel required for the Nain students:


This contest is just not fair, both in terms of the technology that schools are expected to have to make the videos and in terms of the extra travel issues that make it harder for classes in remote areas to win.