Saturday, June 30, 2012

We are into a set pattern on the weather front sure. Mornings are fogy maybe some light drizzle then starting to clear around noon to partly cloudy or cloudy to mainly sunny.

Temperatures top out during the day around the mid teens and a lows of around 6 at night.

It looks the same for the next week too.

Yesterday we found out a little more information about the yacht Taravana I mentioned in previous post.
The skipper invited us aboard after an unsuccessful attempt at exchanging information on the dock.

René and his wife Yosiane (Josy) are very friendly and not shy about telling their story and showing the boat off. Pity about the language barrier though.

On the lap top we found out the journey they have taken in the last several years. Starting out from the south of France, out through the Mediterranean down the African coast to Senegal, then across the Atlantic to South America.

Not sure how long they spent down there but they visited many Caribbean islands and hung around Venezuela a bit ( Caracas is a very dangerous place). For the most part cruising down there is rather cheap, fuel was 8 cents a liter in Venezuela.

They cruised up the Islands leaving from the Dominican Republic then Bermuda and on to Saint Perre e Miquelon.

Not so cheap in Canada, and getting more expensive the further they travel north.

They spent two winters in SPM cruising around the Maritime's and south Newfoundland and up the St..Lawrence to QC.

So now they are in Nain aiming for Baffin island, then back down to SPM to spend another winter.

The interior of the boat was very neat and tidy with not a lot of ‘stuff’ lying about, unusual for a 45 foot floating home I would think.
But after René gave me the tour I understood why. Hidden storage everywhere and everything packed in neat and tidy.

Fran asked if the boat rocks a lot in weather. ‘Non non‘, she weights 7 tonnes and has a wide beam.

Looking at the ice chart of Davis Straight I would think they are not heading for Baffin anytime soon.

House fire 5 blocks up the road this morning. Fire fighters arrived just after 8 and had water going inside the house not long after, saved the outside but going by the amount of smoke much damage inside. No casualties.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Fogged in with light drizzle again this morning.

Yesterday same thing but cleared off enough after lunch for planes to get in. Talk about a bit of a rush getting people down to the airstrip.

As an aside, I wonder why the two airlines don't issue some sort of warning to passengers with return tickets to the coast out of Goose Bay. Many many times the coastal agents are phoning around looking for people who are scheduled to travel out. This becomes particularly annoying for all when planes have been on weather hold and start coming in all of a sudden. 
The warning would consist of a message asking the traveler to check in with the coastal agent giving them a contact number or place of stay so the agent can contact you when needed. 

Any way, the NAWC/Chinook project ended Thursday morning. Much packing and impatiently waiting for news of the flights arriving.
Everybody down to the airstrip in good time thanks to the local organizer Paul.

Around 57 surgeries and 60 + other checks like vaccinations and the like were carried out in the week the crew was here. Siutik is still intact.

Wednesday afternoon they took a well deserved bit of R&R and took a boat ride, hike and a spot of fishing.

On arrival home I was asked by the bearer of 6 fish 'what do I do with these'. 'Cut em up and eat em was my reply'.

After my smart-ass answer I offered to gut and clean them. Some nice fish, the four bottom ones were from just under 2 lb to just over 2 lb cleaned. Fran gets the heads.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

After the Northern Ranger arrived I wandered down to the dock to get a picture of the yacht mentioned yesterday. Lot of people around that area, some who had come on a round trip on the Ranger to do some shopping.

The barge in background has been loading (very slowly) materials and supplies for the Torngat Park base camp. 

Lot of haze out to the north east yesterday, then later in the day light rain which persists into early morning.
There is a good chance of rain and showers right through the region for the next several days so that is good news for on the fire front. 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My one time some time antagonist Fred Hill has co written a scathing critique of the Nutrition North Canada food subsidy program. 

Nothing new in all the critiques, but nice to see it come from two long term ex employees of INAC.

Will it make any differences to the program and will the powers that be listen? Who knows with these bunch in control, they have not to date.

Fred and I had a rocky relationship back in the days of the food mail program. At the time a small but energetic group made up of some retailers, government folk and one consumer took on the administration of the FMP mainly in the area of quality of the goods arriving in the communities and the unpredictability of the shipping.

At first Fred was very receptive of our lobbying, but as time passed and things did not improve Fred became defensive and almost lived in denial when we insisted that his assertions of how well the program was working was inaccurate.

The problems that we identified were mainly within Canada Post (who administered the program and delivered the goods) and the shippers, mainly the airline.

In the last conversation and contact I had with Fred he offered up that "if we were not happy receiving fresh produce perhaps it would be better to go back to frozen and canned products“.

As it turned out things eventually did improve and we started to received on time delivery and much improved quality and in better condition. There has been the odd dip back and forth but for the most part our hard work and assertions of crappy product and service proved to be true.

Now under the new program the quality is still OK for the most part but the promised “improved transparency and accountability” has not materialized. And until it does consumers across the north will continue to be unconvinced that this new program is for their advantage.

One thing about Fred was he always replied to phone calls and e mails himself.

You send an e mail or correspondence to this new crowd some young no nothing policy wonk replies.

Nice day yesterday with nice temp of 15 yesterday, going to be hotter today by looks of it, up to that already at the house.

Just back from the shops and the dock, warm one out there, 17 already and only 11 am. (its all relative).

Lots of people on the dock reeling in char, nice size ones too.

And the first yacht of the year just came in, French couple, sailed from Magdalene Islands to here in four days. Heading for Baffin was most I could make out with the language barrier.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Nain Animal Wellness Clinic continues until the end of  Wednesday. Starting off at 7 surgeries and  8:30 hours to 9:30 it has swelled to over a dozen surgeries a day and hours from 8:30 to well past midnight, long hours for sure.

The town should be very appreciative of the efforts of these fine people. While the Chinook project are new kids on the block for Nain (supplying one vet and for students this year) the real force and motivation for the NAWC are still Paul from Nain and Dr. Mark from Wakefield Q.
Add to that  Dr. Becky the Vet from Goose Bay and the long volunteer hours put in by some of the town council staff as well.

The evacuation order has been rescinded for North West River and Sheshatshiu, people were heading back home Wednesday evening.
Not without a little unreported controversy. As well as the military cops doing checks on vehicles on the way in the same old bill were checking vehicles of the evacuees as they left to go home.

Nice day yesterday, up to +11 but a cool spell mid afternoon when the wind swung round to the east bringing that cool air off the Labrador sea.

Monday, June 25, 2012

The little egg is the size we buy at the store, brought in from Quebec. The larger eggs are free range from a house hold in Goose Bay.

We roue the day the bastard regulators of egg marketing board on the Island insisted in shutting down the local egg farmer in Goose Bay.

Newfoundland farmed eggs did not gain, Quebec farmers did, and at the detriment of the local farmer, the local retailers and the local consumers.

Nice morning here but planes are on hold due to fog along the rest of the coast.

The fire situation around Lake Melville is still commanding all the news reports on radio. Seems the fire that caused the evacuation of North West river and Sheshatshiu has not moved much overnight, hope the weather co operates and people can moved back to their homes. Not that many have not already moved back, but some people obey advice better than others.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

The fire season of 2012 in Labrador seems to be the worst for many a year. Or could it be that more fires are being reported now? Airlines are updating information on new outbreaks almost daily, twitter is playing a large role in reporting the fires and photographs are posted as well as satellite images. One of these shown below. It shows the fires between Rigolet and Potville.

Now the latest news is the communities of North West River and Sheshatshiu are being evacuated. Dour times indeed.

Our marginal weather is a blessing it would seem. Apart from the 5 day run of hot dry weather we have been in a run of foggy wet mornings followed by a nice day with fog rolling in in the evening.

 Here is another sat image of the fires around the lake Melville area. Images taken from twitter of @mclabradore.  

Another image of fires in Labrador from Google earth.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Nice oh cool day all day yesterday, after those 5 hot days one realizes how much we appreciate marginal weather (airline speak) up here.
Planes were delayed mainly due to more than marginal weather in other communities, and the boats were anchored most of the day due to the ice being blown into the shore. Looking at the updates they seem to be on the move again now.
Cloudy and  +4 this morning

Today sees the start of yet another Nain Animal Wellness Clinic. It will continue up until mid next week.

Three vets, four Veterinary students and one assistant flew in yesterday for the very intensive work week.

One vet and assistant are from Quebec (regular visitors here), one vet from Goose Bay (second visit0 and one vet and the students from PEI (first timers here0.

They are eying Siutik off for possible under the knife action, will think deep and hard about that.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Cloudy, bit of fog and 7 degrees this morning.

As one who grew up spending hours on end in the surf, 30 degree Christmas days and shunned ever going within 100 miles of snow I find today’s conditions very welcoming.

Five days in the high twenties bummed me right out I tell you. Partly due to the aging process and more likely due to acclimatization I tell myself.

Sarah Leo was sworn in as the second elected president for the Nunatsiavut Government last evening.
The ceremony was held in the board room at the administration building.

We did not attend as we were entertaining Fran’s son Ian who came up from Hopedale in speed boat for a short two day visit.

While on the one hand I applaud the parties involved with this research planed for base line studies on the environmental and health effects of the planed development of hydro power on the Lower Churchill (Mistashipu) river I have questions as to why it is up to Nunatsiavut Government to be involved.

My first question would be: why has not some other entity already started the baseline study. Second question would be: Does NG really have a mandate to be involved in what seems like a large body of work (thank you Premier Dunderdale) with many skilled people doing untold amounts of hours research.

Some would answer the second question by pointing out that there are over 2,000 beneficiaries of the Nunatsiavut government living in the Lake Melville area. 2,000 people are a large lobby base (on a Labrador scale), more or less the whole population base of the actual Land Claims area.
But that answer would not satisfy many.

A third question (and not mentioned in the interview) is, who is funding this large body of work. Arctic
Net presumably but still raises the question of what funding and resources will be forthcoming from NG.

Anyway I think it is a good interview and the goals of the intended research are sound and much needed. As you can tell I am of two minds on this.

Who would have thought back when the Mulroney government left the scene under such a cloud of corruption we would be now looking at the Mulroney era with some pride.


Weather is deteriorating with fog moving in, no problem there I say. 

The two coastal boats are anchored between Hopedale and Natuashish due to ice pushed inshore.

And some interesting insights on Aboriginal Day, which is today for those that don't know.

With a little reflection I have formed the opinion that there is most likely a role for NG to be involved with the base line study in the Lake Melville region.  This is based on the fact a goodly part of the LISA and LIL lands are at the southern end of the lake and the area around Rigolet.

But there are some niggling questions which involve the area a little north around Makkovik and Postville, the lands where there is exploration for uranium with some actual finds and dreams of mining the stuff.
Are the two related? dunno yet.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The gong show (more commonly known as marine shipping to the north coast) is under way finely.
The Northern Ranger is limping its way up Lake Melville towards Rigolet and the Astron is supposed to be on its way north from Lewisport.

For a good laugh ya gota listen to the interview Minister Hedderson gave with Tony Dawson of CBC HV-GB yesterday.
I know, its is no laughing matter but better to laugh than cry I say.

After all the BS that Hedderson spewed over the last months, and years for that matter, about having a new vessel on the books (could have been built by now) we are now back to the Astron for a three year contract and a cancellation of the previous 15 year CFP and re opening the CFP for another new or second hand vessel for an undetermined amount of time.

All this would be mute if they had gone ahead and built the new vessel (government) 6 years ago, and it would have been a hell of a lot cheaper that whatever they come up with in the next 5 to 10 years.

Hedderson claimed that they had 5 bids for the 15 year CFP, what he did not say until yesterday was that the 5 were from the same company, Labrador Marine (LM).
All were deemed inadequate according the Hedderson, so he threw them out and issued LM a three year short term contract for the Astron.

One wonders where was CAI_Nunatsiavut, the new kid on the block, in the  CFP? 

CAI still has the contract to operate the Ranger as well as the Bond when needed. Some may remember CAI operated freight, passenger and wharfinger services last year for the first time.

What has not been asked, therefore not answered is- who will be doing the wharfinger contract in GB as well as the coast.

The CAI-Nunatsiavut sign is not on the shed at the dock in Nain anymore.

Even more ominous for the coast is Hedderson yapping on about looking at what the future configurations are for transport needs for all of Labrador. Is this just more stall tactics or do they have a plan for a road linking all coastal communities to Goose Bay.

Personally I doubt that a road will be built in the foreseeable future. Some may think a road or rail link to any uranium mine outside Postville may be on the cards. Lets just hope that is wishful thinking, and it is years down the road anyways, and it does not meet all the other communities needs.

We had all these pipe dreams floating around in the early Voiseys Bay negotiations, non came to fruition.

Another warm one on the way by feel of it, 5 days in the low to high 20s, good for growing but we are not acclimatized just yet. By the time we are the arse will fall out of her boy.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

This story out of Ottawa is interesting and topical for a number of reasons.

 It highlights the fact that there are still Inuit (though from Nunavut) who still have that sharing spirit and are concerned for their brothers and sisters back home.

I wonder if the same siprit could be on offer here in  Labrador. Beneficiaries of the Nunatsiavut land claim agreement living outside the land claims area could come together and find a way to help out their less fortunate brothers and sisters back in the claims area. Lord knows there are many in need.

I mention this because during the recent presidential election one highlight of the campaigns hit home hard for me. The highlight is of greed and me my I want what you got.

Many people living outside the claims area seem to have a belief that they are be ill done by compared to those inside the claims area. They want what they perceive they in the claims area get.

The only extra benefit I can think of is access to homes at a cheaper monthly rent and no property taxes. But personal tax and water and sewer taxes are charged. And the names on the housing list are many and overcrowding is a serious problem.

Well maybe they should try living inside the claims area before deciding how well off the people are here compared to those living outside the claims area.

Sure some inside the claims area are doing very well, but most I know are living from week to week, and those are the ones with 1, 2 or more jobs in the family.

People who work seasonally, are living on welfare and fixed incomes do not get to live from week to week comfortably, their monies do not last that long.

Everything cost more inside the claims area, therefore pro rata higher HST taxes  are paid. 95% of federal income taxes are paid to the Nunatsiavut government.

0% of taxes paid by beneficiaries outside the claims area go to the Nunatsiavut government.

We have no doctors, roads are gravel and very dusty. No cabs, no restaurants and for the most part no bars just for starters.

So beneficiaries outside are not contributing yet you want all these perceived benefits you are not getting.
Products and services are cheaper. Better roads, better infrastructure in every area of life, Transport outside Labrador is cheaper and more convenient with road and air all year round.

So maybe some reverse thinking is needed, instead of me me me how about getting together and thinking about how you can help the real needy back in the home land, the claims area, the land of Nunatsiavut.

What a day yesterday, up to 24 official and 26 at the house. Speed boats going off and people fishing with rods along the shore.

Temperatures are supposed to stay in the mid to high teens for most of next week, though showers are on the cards.

Friday, June 15, 2012

On arriving home Wednesday the heat was oppressive, over 30 degrees, so Carter, his dad and mom headed for Gosling Lake for a cool breeze.

A little hesitant at first Carter soon took to the water with abandon, his first venture into open water.

There are several rather risque pictures of Carter with little stares strategically placed but I decided, though tempting, to leave those out.

The latest in the comedy that is marine shipping is the Northern Ranger is due to leave St Johns today. Will it, who the bloody hell knows.

I little dicky bird whispered that one of the problems has been the ships plumbing, Stuff like heads and showers not working throughout the ship.

As each year passes the Ranger is in increasing disrepair, its been 10 years now since the plan to have a new vessel built or purchased for the north coast run was presented to Nunatsiavut Government. 
Not a dicky bird on that plan for several years now.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

The big bye bye for Carter at airstrip yesterday. He just loves planes, cant take his eyes off them when around them. When the red plane stopped and the door opened he took off for the steps, wrong plane.

Gran parents, uncles, auntie, cousins, siutik all there for the send off.

While there the first boat of the season came into view out of the fog. Only the oil boat but a sign that the ice is almost gone.

On the way home I took the shot of char hung out to dry. The scarecrow must work to keep birds away, it was there last year too.

On the shipping front, word is that the mv Astron will be back on the coast as the freight boat. No news when the first trip will be, sooner rather than later one would hope as the amount of freight being flown in is increasing, as are the prices of goods.

In the laugh to you cry category. After steadfastly announcing that the Northern Ranger would be on her way to Goose Bay today it is now announced that her departure from St. Johns is on hold.
One could wonder if Transport Canada inspection is holding her up or the work that is supposed to make her sea worthy is.
The Astron is due to leave Lewisport Monday, ports to be announced. 
Excuse me while I go change my underwear. 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Darn it, when you don't want the fog to burn off it does, Cater will get away as planed by looks of it. He has been fitting in well with lots of walks and visits to different places. His uncle Matthews birthday yesterday was the main reason for the trip, now it is off back to dad and Goose Bay with hot oh weather, water shortages and bush fires.
Yep, water restrictions in Goose Bay, after all that snow and being close to the mighty Mistashipu river they still cant get it right.
Makes you wonder what the government was thinking when they appointed the mayor to these boards.  Oh Leo must have some hidden skill sets that have not come to the public's attention to date.

Meanwhile back on the water, for those that took CBC HV-GB report at heart that the Northern Ranger would be arriving Goose Bay 9pm tonight. Well we tricked ya, the ship is still in St.Johns and may arrive a day later.
I think Tony the announcer needs a more reliable private source for info on marine shipping. Having said that I seems obvious there is not a reliable source on marine shipping within the province so I should not be too hard on Tony.
Unofficial results from the presidential election held This past Monday are.

Rigolet, lampe 33 Leo 58.
Makkovik, Lampe 35 Leo 75.

Postville, Lampe 10 Leo 53.

Hopedale, Lampe 108 Leo 37.

Nain, Lampe 349 Leo 120.

NWR, Lampe 21 Leo 67.

HV-GB, Lampe 213 Leo 356.

Mail in, Lampe 302 Leo 341. 
Mail ins would include mostly votes from what is referred to as the Canadian Constituency. 

Leo wins by 36 votes over Lampe.  1107 to 1071.

For the statistician there are some interesting stats in the above figures.

Meanwhile back at the diner. Other evening had a great healthy of sorts meal. Beef\caribou burgers on a bed of herb salad topped with ketchup, bacon, tomato, egg, forgot the red onion, with side of sauteed mushrooms.


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Woke up to fog again, temps are warmer though, +6, I know many would be getting out the long johns.

On the election for president of Nunatsiavut front. I usually rely on Frans numbers as she stays up listening to CKOK for results.

The numbers are all lover the place and are not that clear but it seems Sara has 1,107 to Johannes 1,071.

That is fine until I look at the facebook sites of the two candidates, Sarahs people are congratulating here, then over at Johannes site people are saying the results wont be known until Thursday, total confusion there, or wishful thinking, who knows?

CBC is reporting Sarah the winner by 36 votes, but Thursday seems to be the official day of anointing.

One thing seems clear, the total  votes are marginally down from the first round and the percentages for all the coastal communities are miserable except for Nain with 55% voter turn out.

So this whole process has been very slow and drawn out, time for a re gig of the election process. As one commenter mentioned, maybe time to look at preferential balloting. That way if more than one candidate runs, and that is more the likely, then you just have the one round of balloting and the winner is found by process of elimination.

On the water the Northern Ranger is reported to be arriving in Goose Bay Wednesday at 9PM and departing for Rigolet at midnight arriving 7. 30 Thursday. Not a word about freight boats. 

The new president elect for NG stated on CBC radio just now that the shipping mess is of huge concern to her. Well I wish her luck in trying to sort that mess out, she will need the luck as good management is surly absent. Perhaps Sarah can change that from a NG perspective..

Monday, June 11, 2012

Weekend weather was on the chilly side with in winds. Ice was broken but still quite heavy Saturday but then things thinned out Sunday and the temperatures warmed up about midday.  So I guess Sunday was first day of open water, boats going off without fear of getting stuck in the ice, at least around close to home.

I took a walk to take some photos, on heading home I ran into Cater, his mom, grandfather, great grandmother and Terrence heading to the play ground. 

Siutik was in a frisky mood running all out and giving Terrence what for plus playing with kids and a pup that was hanging around with us while its owner was running around the ball field. 

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Saturday, June 09, 2012

Monday is voting day for president of Nunatsiavut Government. Its been a long haul for the two remaining candidates and the voters. Best of luck to both candidates.

Some good news for Nain as well, finely some help for seniors who cant get around as well as they could, plus some extra play areas for younger kids.

Friday, June 08, 2012

Carter and Company's arrival disrupted radio bingo for Fran and visiting friend.Not that Fran minded nor the friend who won one of the smaller games.

Siutik had a great time at first but got a little uppity when Terrence became a little rough, she gently showed her displeasure.
Carter sure had the time exploring every nook and cranny, we had not Carter proofed the nick knacks, nothing broken. Matthew was along too but he is camera shy still.

Excuse me while a piss myself laughing will ya. The mv Northern Ranger was scheduled to leave Goose Bay today for Southerner ports only with passengers and freight.

Lo and behold CBC HV-GB just announced she is still in dry dock in St.Johns undergoing annual re fit.

 Now how did the venerable minister Heddersen not pick up on that and announce that the Ranger would not be ready?

My usually reliable source predicted this some time back.

Makes one wonder with great apprehension what is in store for the freight boat does it not?

Thursday, June 07, 2012

post cards

from the dump.

Well the photos were taken from the dump, not as many people out fishing this morning, does not look like the catch is very good yet.
While it is not quite official open water the ice has broken free from shore in many places. It will all depend on the wind now, and there has not been much of that these last days.

Quite a few people trying their luck with rod and some walking on the ice jigging through cracks in the ice.

Noah Nochasak even had his latest kayak creation out paddling along the shore.

Ironic:  after my dust bandit post yesterday I go out early and there is calcium on the road.

Not to worry though, my mask is not put away. Unsolicited general consensus is that the calcium was not applied in a very uniform and efficient manner. Some sections of road are covered from edge to edge, other sections just one side of road, other sections just the middle. Why it was applied in this manner is a mystery to most, and my days of hitting my head against a brick wall trying to make sense of it are past.

If no oncoming traffic I can zig zag my ATV keeping to the calcium covered parts lessening the dust kick up. In a truck or other vehicle that is not possible.

Noticed a couple of swallow looking birds zipping around the house yesterday, seems to be an abundance of unusual species of bird life this year.

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Готовый к вызову пыли.

Getting sick from the dust so took drastic measures.

Had lots of stares ridding around like the masked bandit of Murmansk, but hay, don't need to be eating this grit every evening.

May have to order a ball cap like the image, just need to change one word, could be a big seller.

Good thing the tourist season is not fully under way, just Labrador folks and some Nunatsiavut outside employees in town, let em eat dust seems to be the motto.

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

La bocca che annaffia la torta di pizza.

Thanks to the coast from Hopedale to Black Tickle we have no planes again this morning. Socked down in fog cept for Nain basking in sunshine as has been the want last several days.

I read from time to time articles on the virtues of wood fired brick or clay pizza ovens. One article was about a BBQ extension for baking pizzas. The cost of same seemed excessive for the end result.
For sure brick or clay would be the ideal way to cook pizzas and many other dishes. Totally cost prohibitive for up here, but still I get ideas from reading stuff.

I have a clay pizza pan, a convection oven, a pizza peel and good recipes. So gave one a shot a few days ago.

I made sure the peel was well lubricated with corn meal having made the mistake of not doing that last time, what a messy pizza.

The clay pan was placed low in the oven, raised to temperature to 475 convection. Slid the pizza right on and within 12 minutes the pie was ready to go.

Moving right along with no news on shipping news, CBC had report updat this morning, no surprise there is no new years.

Monday, June 04, 2012

Nice weekend on weather front. Saturday hot [relatively] 18 degrees, Sunday a little cooler. Folks out and about, kids playing ball, vehicles driving around kicking up road dust.
Forecast is for mid teen temps for rest of the week. Itching to get some plants into the green house but must stay focused, still getting 0 temps and frost in mornings.

A black bear is hanging around between the town dump and town, seen near the school yesterday.

Friday, June 01, 2012

Spike is a big male husky that we [Siutik and I] visited periodically on our walks. Big gentle giant of a dog, he loved the attention but had no discipline, and I did not have the time [nor thought it my place] to instill some.

We knew Spike had had a fox in his space but did not know he was actually bitten. We were also under the impression he was quarantined for 15 days, now it seems it's 45 days.

Update on Spike:  The good news is that Spike is back at home, not sure what is going on with the 45 days story, must be another dog. Owners have to keep an eye on Spike for a bit, seems to be a lot of foxes around testing positive for rabies.

On the NO shipping news. Retailers and consumers in increasing numbers up and down the coast are wondering what is happening with marine freight shipping this year.

No news from the WST minister, no news from CBC HV-GB, who have put in requests for news but there is no news to report.

Word is ships are running further south, like into Lake Melville, the ice should start breaking up this way by next week, so should be relatively ice free mid month.

Retailers have to make orders and arrange for them to be delivered to points of demarcation. No news of what the configuration is just delays these things.

Meantime the shelves are getting bare, much food is being flown in [and will be for foreseeable future] upping the price consumers pay.

Some good news is much needed to boost peoples physiological well being after the long winter. Lets hope it is not the sort of over hyped good news of last year that resulted in the worst shipping season in living memory.

OK, on second thought no news is good news.
Teasing fog yesterday, lift a bit then drop a lot. Heard a couple of planes giving it a look see but don't think any landed.

 It is like pea soup out there this morning.

Spring run off not only causes problems with our water quality, it does damage to the ecology in different parts of town.

The most urgent area that has been ignored to date by The Community government is the pole line up Nain Hill. {See latest pictures]. I have mentioned this before and brought it to the Community governments attention. Nothing has been done to mitigate the yearly erosion. Not sure why one would have to bring it to any ones attention as it is in full view for all to see.

Hydro pole lines have a right of way in these parts. Hydro [Nalcor] did the first bit of damage when they straitened the poles a few years back. By using a small machine the damage was minimal.

The major damage was caused by Westower when they put a large excavator up the pole line in hopes of getting a 4 wheel vehical and a tracked vehical up the hill. Westower were putting up an tower for Canadian Coast Guard.

No approvals were sort from Community government to widen and remove vegetation before the work was carried out, or that is what I have been told. .Still this is no excuse for as I have already mentioned, it is in clear view for all to see.

Apathy, stupidity and greed has led to this environmental mess that with each passing year will only get worse.

Earlier in the week we finished off the last of the pork loins. Did it up Greek style and under the broiler. The pasta was a mix of tomato sauce, feta cheese and parmigiano on top.