Monday, June 25, 2012

The little egg is the size we buy at the store, brought in from Quebec. The larger eggs are free range from a house hold in Goose Bay.

We roue the day the bastard regulators of egg marketing board on the Island insisted in shutting down the local egg farmer in Goose Bay.

Newfoundland farmed eggs did not gain, Quebec farmers did, and at the detriment of the local farmer, the local retailers and the local consumers.

Nice morning here but planes are on hold due to fog along the rest of the coast.

The fire situation around Lake Melville is still commanding all the news reports on radio. Seems the fire that caused the evacuation of North West river and Sheshatshiu has not moved much overnight, hope the weather co operates and people can moved back to their homes. Not that many have not already moved back, but some people obey advice better than others.

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Darren Robertson said...

Nice brown eggs. Excellent. I had hoped to bring my backyard flock with me to Canada. But insane fear of SAR's and attendant heavy regulation of poultry nixed that idea. Plus the fact I was hoping new Goose Bay farmer's might produce local feed never panned out. Feeding the 350 bird's I formally had is not cheap with local forage. At any rate I am now down to about 60 birds. Though they are small fancy show banties for the most part.