Thursday, June 07, 2012

While it is not quite official open water the ice has broken free from shore in many places. It will all depend on the wind now, and there has not been much of that these last days.

Quite a few people trying their luck with rod and some walking on the ice jigging through cracks in the ice.

Noah Nochasak even had his latest kayak creation out paddling along the shore.

Ironic:  after my dust bandit post yesterday I go out early and there is calcium on the road.

Not to worry though, my mask is not put away. Unsolicited general consensus is that the calcium was not applied in a very uniform and efficient manner. Some sections of road are covered from edge to edge, other sections just one side of road, other sections just the middle. Why it was applied in this manner is a mystery to most, and my days of hitting my head against a brick wall trying to make sense of it are past.

If no oncoming traffic I can zig zag my ATV keeping to the calcium covered parts lessening the dust kick up. In a truck or other vehicle that is not possible.

Noticed a couple of swallow looking birds zipping around the house yesterday, seems to be an abundance of unusual species of bird life this year.


Darren Robertson said...

Jigging you say? I bet my electric chicken jig would work well. Wish I was out there now.

Sean Lyall said...

Small bird, Red with black wings are the dude Pine Grosbeak, the yellow lime ones are their hunny's.