Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Unofficial results from the presidential election held This past Monday are.

Rigolet, lampe 33 Leo 58.
Makkovik, Lampe 35 Leo 75.

Postville, Lampe 10 Leo 53.

Hopedale, Lampe 108 Leo 37.

Nain, Lampe 349 Leo 120.

NWR, Lampe 21 Leo 67.

HV-GB, Lampe 213 Leo 356.

Mail in, Lampe 302 Leo 341. 
Mail ins would include mostly votes from what is referred to as the Canadian Constituency. 

Leo wins by 36 votes over Lampe.  1107 to 1071.

For the statistician there are some interesting stats in the above figures.

Meanwhile back at the diner. Other evening had a great healthy of sorts meal. Beef\caribou burgers on a bed of herb salad topped with ketchup, bacon, tomato, egg, forgot the red onion, with side of sauteed mushrooms.


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