Friday, September 30, 2011

The end is neigh2.


                                                                                         Had one of my favorites last evening. Not the traditional rissoles that my mom used to serve up, very heavy on the savory, diced onion and green peppers they were. Tried some Cajun style spices this time, not bad, especially with the yam and potato mash.

The weather sure is going to take a three sixty. Precipitation in the form of liquid and solid is forecast with dramatic drop in temps.

The region set some highs for the day yesterday. Goose Bay 22, several coastal communities including Nain 16. I think GB was highest in the country.

The tomato tamarto sauce was layered on after the photo op in case someone was wondering. 

Thursday, September 29, 2011

The end is neigh:

End of September is upon us and it is 15 degrees out there, only got down to 13 last evening, right balmy sure. Ominous clouds abound but no moister from them, very strange indeed.

There was an interesting interview on CBC Lab Morning with a hunter from Rigolet today. Topic was goose hunting and the lack there of [all relative as said hunter had 21 in his freezer] and juxtaposing the relationship with the lack of black berries this year with the low number of geese being taken.

Any way when the audio is up I will post a link.

Must go and pack supplies and get them down to the basement.

Actually the temps are not that unusual, it just seems that way.

Update: On the weather; Fran offered up as we are walking down the road "I felt cold all summer and now I am hot".
It is over 17 but the wind makes it feel a lot warmer. Isn't that the turn up. Which reminds me we forgot to get a turnip while shopping. 

Lastly here be the audio on the geese and black berries. The go to man for these things has to have his caffeine hit over A&W before uploading the days stories, sorry about that. 

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

With the weather starting to cool I am going all out using up the greens and herbs in our small garden.
Not sure what this meal would be classified as, just kept adding stuff to some strips of beef.  

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The Moravian Community in Labrador must be feeling kinda proud at the moment.They now have there first female clergy, one that was born in Nain but spent most of her life in Happy Valley.
Click here and here to listen to some tributes and info on Beatrice taking over duties in Hopedale.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Sunday planes got in early but then the winds came up [in the high 70 K] so then all was canceled.

Warm though, or it felt warmer that it was with these west winds.  Today is a little less breezy.

As you can see the fall colors are in full blaze. Especially beautiful when the sun hits the hills as it is setting.

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Saturday, September 24, 2011

I don’t know what it is about leeks and I,

or is it me?

Yesterday we were shopping in Northern; I noticed some large leeks but had not been buying them lately so I bypassed them.

Fran is checking stuff out and noticed the leeks and picked one up to look at it.

Fran looks at me and raised her eyes, as Inuit are want, this means- we buy this.

I wander over intending to show Fran how expensive this leek will be, lo and behold the sticker price was $1.99 total price.

Hmm, I picked out two nice ones.

Later at the check out, the check out guy [cog] scans the leeks through along with other purchases while I am putting stuff in my bag. I look up at the computer screen and it says “large fruit tray $14.99” twice. No sign of “leeks $1.99” twice.

I look at cog and say “there is something not right there”. Cog looks at computer screen with puzzled look on face.

I say “we don’t have any large fruit trays”. It dawns on cog and he attempts to correct the situation. Long story short, cog calls over the office assistant [oa] to lend her expertise.  You see there are only two or three on staff who can sort out these commuter balls up anomalies at Northern.

Not having much luck re scanning the oa says that they are over $4.00 each. I say " no there not they are $1.99, it says so right there on the sticker”.

oa has observed me in action before with other staff and takes it all in good stride, as Inuit usually do.

cog is instructed to go see someone in the back of the store. cog returns and says they are four something each. I did not hear the total price but offered up again “no there not they are $1.99 each”.

oa instructs cog to go back and asked again.

oa returns and says something to ao that I didn’t quite get.

oa enters the required info and up comes- Leeks 0.575 @ $1.99 KG Total *pc* $1.14 twice.

In tune with the store policy I could have demanded them for free, but being a reasonable bloke I left it that that.

Moral of the anecdote, buyers beware, especially in the Northern store here. If they can make such a balls up of entering leeks into the computer anything is possible.

Friday repast.

Started with prawn cocktail followed by;
Sauteed up some smoked char and cod cheeks. Served with spinach, Bok Choy, herb/green onion mash.

Then rhubarb/strawberry pie and whipped cream.

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It's not a Big Mack or Tim's but will have to make do.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Boy was Siutik excited yesterday afternoon. Fran came home and the dog went nuts, funny to see.
She [the dog] behaves lethargic and changes her lay down spots in doors when either one of us are away, still the same mad for running dog when outside though.

Fall colors are appearing rather quickly now, the air has that feel as well, overcast with light rain this morning.

Observations on election posters in Nain by others via facebook and twitter.  

PC posters are, for the moment at least, limited to picket fences [fences are an anomaly here] of mainly business owners.

None of the three party posters have the Nunatsiavut flag on them.

NDP poster has two flags, Labrador and Provincial.

Liberal poster just has the provincial flag.

PC has no flag.

My observation is that the candidates and the posters are all up very early in this campaign compared to other champagnes. It could be that it is such a short champagne or it could be that this is that we may have a horse race for the riding.

Update; small correction: PC poster has a stylized provincial flag with a big PC in the middle. No flies on these PC folk eh? 

Update On food items:  Only managed to get to BigLand, the produce that arrived this afternoon was very impressive IMO. 
All were in good condition, big ripe tomatoes, fresh looking green vegetables and salad stuff. No dripping liquid strawberries and raspberries. 
When all the stars line up good things can happen.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Word spread yesterday morning of a white whale [beluga] and calf in the harbor. Being a rarity in here I hastened down to the dock. Alas the whales had headed out already. I rode down towards the northern point hoping to spot them, alas again.

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All was not lost though, got a shot of a another stranger in these parts.Kenn Borek Air had a plane on the ramp. It will be seen for the next some days in our sky's as it is fleet filler for one of the local airlines. It was on it's way from Iqaluit to Goose Bay to take up duties.

The council laid a new layer of gravel on the roads yesterday. Being a dry day it was becoming quite dusty.
This morning there was a layer of calcium on the roads, good work council.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Took a long walk yesterday, warm and the wind kept the flies at bay.

Nice day to take some photos too. The chopper had some Government WST people in to LOOK at the airstrip, not sure what the cops plane was here for, better not to know wink wink, and the raven was doing what ravens do.

Over at a brook I took some shots of Labradorite crystals in the rock. I have taken photos of these before but I am always fascinated buy the fast flow of the water and how the crystals sparkle when the sun light hits them.
This is a beautiful spot but I fear its time is short lived, as are many beautiful spots around town. I will explain more in a latter post.

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Then some shots of OPN flight 200 on approach and landing. All flights of late have been landing from the north end of runway. Yesterday was not that bad but some days the cross winds have the planes coming in at a dodgy angle, as the are about to touch down the plane straightens up and very quickly they are protected from the cross winds by the hill just to the west of the airstrip [Nain Hill].

Updaterty:  Heading for a warm one again with one big difference to past number of days.  I was intending on a nice walk again, got down to the post office area, ducked into locally owned store to grab some fly dope.
Guy said, "oh I put that away, thought it would not be needed anymore". Ha ha. He soon got some out, I am sure there will be others in to purchase same.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Tried some crepes last nught and for breakfast this morning. Last nights were a blue berry and my version of a crepe suzette [lemon and sugar].

This morning it was with mushrooms and a light blue cheese sauce.
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Looking like a great day on the cards, it got up to +18 yesterday and could get up there today.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Clear sky and -4 at the house, +2 official this morning. Looks like planes will fly but I am not.

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It cleared off yesterday but boy was the wind gusty all day. It died off once but by the time a got down to northern point it was blowing a gale from northerly direction. Not good when planes land in cross wind.

The pictures above are from yesterday, the yacht was at the dock earlier in the week, she must have left to take shelter from the winds and was returning, had bit of trouble getting to the dock. 
The others are views of snow on the Kiglapait mountains some 66 K [as the crow fly's] away. 

Saturday, September 17, 2011

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Snow on them thar hills this morn.Wxx has cleared to cloudy [streaky ones at that] with wind gusting to 46 Knots [that's sir traffic speak].

Needles to say the CAI-Nunatsiavut traffic update is as one would expect:

MV DUTCH RUNNER (Freight Only)
 Friday, Sept. 16th
Arrived Black Tickle 10:00 pm
Saturday, Sept. 17th
Due to extreme weather, MV Dutch Runner is anchored just outside Black Tickle.  As soon as winds subside an update will be issued for departure time.

Watched a spot of rugby early this morning. The Wallaby's copped a walloping from Ireland, no tries but the Irish more than held their own, especially amongst the forwards.
I am trying to console myself from fact I have Irish in the blood from my maternal grandfathers side, not having much luck.
Now if I was a Newfoundlander I could jump on the table and yell "we did it" without an ounce of guilt. .
We still have wind and rain warnings issued for today. Yesterday it built up slowly into a bit of nastiness ending with snow mixed with rain and strong NE winds, up to 83 overnight.

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No biggy really but not fit to fly or be on the water. The large front over us is caused by the remnants of Maria and a low coming in from the south west.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Sitting here bags half packed, Wxx not that good, then again not that bad. Low cloud, some fog, light rain, gusts to 39.
Planes are on weather hold or canceled for the day depending on who you ask. The forecast is not good calling for high winds and lots of rain on the coast.

So with this forecast "the Dutch' will be having a slow run up the coast, not to mention trouble docking if she does make it to ports.
She is due in Black Tickle 9 tonight, the ETA has already been put back 2 hours since she left Lewisport at 6 last evening.  I kid you not.

I sure hope the brain trusts {I am being kind here] of the three levels of government who are rumored to be having talks on this debacle can come up with an immediate solution. Otherwise the poor old consumers are going to be in for a rough and a more than usual expensive winter.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

For information purposes if you happen to be in HV-GB on the the 23 rd. Be there or be square.

Then, if you are invited, there is a do in Ottawa 1 to 3 November. Fran was asked to be a member of a panel on self Government. Fran {being Fran} agonized for some time before declining.

Me oh my oh moo, what more can I do?  Got me beat, seems it has everyone involved beat, seems like no one gives a rats arse about the north coast communities.

Here is the latest from the CIA web site mid morning on Thursday.
ETA Lewisporte 11:30 pm  Arrived Lewisport, loaded by Tuesday morning and delay leaving due to mechanical problem.

Wednesday, Sept. 14th
ETD Lewisporte 1:00 pm
MV DUTCH RUNNER (Freight Only)

Wednesday, Sept. 14th
ETD Lewisporte 6:00 pm
 MV DUTCH RUNNER (Freight Only)

Thursday, Sept. 15th
ETD Lewisporte - to be advised. 
ETA Black Tickle - to be advised.

Not only are there mechanical problems plus the other issues with the vessel, now CAI will not accept freight at Lewisport on Fridays.This along with the fact they wont accept frozen freight unless the boat is in port makes thing quite impossible for ordered and wholesalers. 
If they wont take frozen goods until the boat is in port, and the boat arrives on a Friday to load, then when the freight is sent to the dock and they wont take it because it is a Friday, then what the bloody hell is going on.

I get the sense that many of the retailers are giving up on marine freight when they can.  I just helped unload two shipments of fresh produce at the airport {no one was there from the stores or the freight handler]. Shipping root vegetables is supposed to be done by boat in summer months, but due to the inconsistencies in the system [or other] potatoes, turnip, carrots, fruit juices and the like are all being shipped in by plane. frozen goods are also being shipped in by plane.

Is no one in authority taking any notice of what is going on? Answer is, NO.

Two levels of governmkent need to get together and do an audit of goods shipped by air and sea and then come to some arrangement to try put some efficciencies in the whole shipping system. 

Year by year was are regressing back to the days when everything was man handled and no one realy cared what went on 'on the coast', but this is 2011 for christ sakes.

We were told in no uncertain manner that with self government things were going to be done for the betterment of all within Nunatsiavut.

Well I am here to tell you, that is a load of codswallop.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

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Here are those berries that disappeared the other day.
 The Dutch is at it again:

MV DUTCH RUNNER (Freight Only)
 Monday, Sept. 12th @ 10: 45 pm
Loading completed at 10:30 AST.  Due to mechanical malfunction the MV Dutch Runner unable to sail. Further update will be provided by Tuesday at noon.
The upside to all this is that the operators do not try and hide the goings on from the public, the previouis operator just kept everybody in the dark. 
These twice daily updates gives one a good idea of what to expect, the bar is low, though one would expect that guessing expected ETA-ETD and loading times would be more accurate by now. 
It does not bode well for freight delivery with fall weather upon us. 

Nice sunny day today, windy. The wind and other noises kept me awake half the night, gusts up to 71, or perhaps I was reliving the tremendous tennis match I watched before hitting the hay.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Re-posting these schrooms from Fridays post due to bugs.

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Cooler and breezy with passing showers today. Down the airstrip there was a line up of planes to get to the ramp and the fuel pumps, another busy day @ YDP.
We were there  to put Fran on the plane, rather than just people watching,  going to see Carter in Goose Bay she is.
Plan is for me to go out Friday.

How about this for breakfast, fresh local blue berries with cream.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Some of the activity at YDP on Thursday. It has been busy times at the strip of late what with schedule flights and charters [there is an uptake in mineral exploration].

Yesterday Air Labrador had nine flights alone, then there is Innu Mikun added to that.

I have mentioned before the inadequacy of the  building that passes for a terminal.
Then there is the on going 'meetings' between several levels of government trying to come to grips with a new airport location.

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A bit of nostalgia: Meat pie and sauce used to be the old standby for lunch or smoko breaks back in the days of Oz.
There were specialty pie shops, take outs that sold sandwiches and pies and sausage rolls and the like and of course fish N chip shops. This was before the Americanization of the take-out fully took over.

Any way long story short, I still have hankerings for some of these things, meat pie and sauce [ketchup somehow does not do it for me] being one of them.

Fortunately BigLand grocery here has a nice selection of pies, sausage rolls and other finger food delights put out by Presidents Choice.

Last night I spoilt myself with a meat pie gravey mash and vegetables [Fran had roast pork chops].
Of course I smothered them with tomato sauce after the picture was taken, did not want to gross people out completely.

Friday, September 09, 2011

Temperature is down quite a bit but with the sun just coming out may rise again.

Took these pictures yesterday while Fran was picking blue berries. The fungi is self explaining but the drilling is going on for another rock quarry, the third of such, it is starting to look like an urban southern landscape.

OK that is an overstretch, but it sure has a dramatic effect on the overall look of the town, especially in an area that just a few short years ago was all but pristine.

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Thursday, September 08, 2011

The weather we are having is not unprecedented, except maybe for the balmy winds and the number of days into the 20's this time of year.
It was up to 22 yesterday, up to 14 at moment but with the winds off the land it feels warmer.

Some members of the International Grenfell Association  visited town this week, they are on a familiarization tour of the coast. You can hear an interview with the chair here.

The members were invited to an organ recital [a nice gesture seeing they supplied the money] at the Moravian Church yesterday afternoon. The church Chore did a few numbers as well as some prayers and reciprocal words from the chair of IGA.
Thought I'd add this little video seeing as the Rugby world cup in NZ starts this week. 

Maybe the Inuit could take a page out of their playbook.

Uperty date on the Duchess aka the Dutch aka the Dutch crawler aka the Dutch Runner.

She arrived Makkovik 1110. Made it to the dock at 1220 due to a bit of NW wind. (41KMS at 1200) She made 4 attempts before finally secured.

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

MV DUTCH RUNNER (Freight Only)

Wednesday, Sept. 7th

Arrived Nain 06:00; ETD 08:00 am

ETA Makkovik 10:00 pm

Above is taken from the CAI-Nunatsiavut update page:  The below picture was taken at 9 this morning.

Now at 1:45 pm she is sitting off the dock waiting for the Northern Ranger to leave [3:30] so she can get back in to finish what supposedly would take 2 hours.  Why oh why cant they get things going better?

Nice tasting burgers we had last night, then it was open face with lots of greens and simple tomato cucumber and beets.
The one above was a left over on toasted bread and condiments for lunch.

Uperty up date: The Dutch [Fran calls it the duchess] is still loading/unloading at 5:45 pm. Hope they are not expecting her in Makkovik any time soon.

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Made up a not arf bad cheesecake and added some nice bake-apples sent to us from relies in Hopedale.

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I went for a purpose walk yesterday afternoon so did not take the camera. Pity as I came across what looked like a pair of Solitary Sandpipers along the shore.
Watched them for awhile, Siutik paid them no mind as she was eager to keep going, which was strange as she could have easily tipy toed out o where they were.
She made up for it later with a pesky squirrel in the back porch.

Looks like the fish plant will close down completely today, the rest of the product is to go out on the Northern Ranger later.

Monday, September 05, 2011

Another nice windy day Sunday, up and picked blue berry's to send to Carters mom, wonder if carter will avail of any?

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The sun was out so it made for brighter pictures.There are a lot more mushrooms about this year than last year, we don't eat them but they make for some nice photography.

It is looking like the red berry's crop will be a good one after all, still early for them but sure are plentiful. Everything seems to be late this year which is OK. 

Some photos from berry picking on Saturday.

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