Tuesday, March 31, 2009

It’s another grand day in Labrador, sunny, calm, we are part of Canada, sort of, some times little small minded piss ants get in the way, but that is life.

Posted by PicasaWith the excitement of opening day out of the way we spent an hour and a half at the new Northern.
People still excited, especially Boyd the manager, but then he is always smiling and up beat.
Happy Confederation Day Labrador.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Le grand opening.

Top right: some of the crowd waiting for the opening.

Top left: At 9.30 and no sign of any Northern staff part of the crowd decided to make a run for the door..... it was locked.

Second right: The rushing of the door got the staff and Honchos out, short speeches by the manager.

A ribbon was eventually strung across and some local dignitaries cut the ribbon and were given plaques. At least that's what I think happened as I was looking into he sun.

Then all entered the store in an orderly manner.
Inside is like any other southern super market, without some of the frills of the bigger stores.
All in all it was and will be a very different shopping experience for us.
I took a couple of inside shots but then my batteries died. Later.

I guess the highlight for the day will be the opening of the new Northern Store. Festivities get under way with a ribbon cutting at 9:30 then it is everybody for themselves in the rush for all the specials.

Great day yesterday, even though the high was only -8 the heat from the sun reflecting off the fresh snow from the day before helped in the removal process.
It is looking god for the rest of the week too.

I was just joking about the rush for the specials…………………..or was I, time will tell. One thing for sure, it will be a joy after all those months where one could not swing a cat.
Any one who has not sent there protestations on the proposed cuts at CBC Labrador is a dirty rat, so get your arse in gear and write to Denise.wilson@cbc.ca

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Urgent action required, please help us.

It is looking bleak for CBC Labrador with cuts that could leave just 4 people to serve all of Labrador in both radio and TV, and that includes a technical transmitter person.
How in god’s earth can the public broadcaster with a mandate to serve all people of this country equally justify that sort of behavior?

So any one who supports democracy, free speech, public broadcasting, openness, accountability, equality etc please write [urgently] the acting head of CBC NL at Denise.wilson@cbc.ca and voice your discontent.
You could also go here and sign a petition on the same subject on a national level, and go here for a petition protesting cut backs to CBC overall.

Than you very much and have a nice day.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

My little Fran├žois hit the big six five yesterday. Now for ten days I get to live with an older woman.

Fran’s special meal usually consists of caribou [this time ground] meat with duff on top, and I don’t mind that as one of my favorites is meat pies, meat pies without the bottom works.

The accompanying vegetables are plain, don’t want to take away from the taste of the meat, and it was very good indeed.

In lieu of a cake we had shortcake with strawberries and whipped cream.
A warm front took the temperature up to +4 yesterday, it was cloudy at first then some very light rain turning to very light snow later when the temp dropped to -7.

Friday, March 27, 2009

I was listening intently to CBC Labrador Morning as I was of the understanding that we would be informed of how the show would be impacted by the latest round of staff and funding cuts.

Listening to CBC morning, noon and afternoon shows is an integral part of my day. Even when it’s bad it is still better than any other……………..OK it is the only MSM we get other than on the internet.

Any way I was a little disappointed when the CBC honcho from St. John’s finely came on and all we got was information already available. That is that Labrador in HV-GB and Labrador City will loose 2 to 3 positions and the format of Labrador Morning will change.

We have to wait until May to find out how the format will change and until September until we find out how many positions will be lost.

On the upside of that is that the positions are around a little longer, but the people working there will I guess be on tender hooks for a little longer.
And, with any luck the Conservative Government in Ottawa who has perpetrated this travesty may not be in power by then, though by looking at the opposition in Ottawa that is an outside chance at best
I am not sure if this is a serious bit of news or what. But I can imagine the uproarious shenanigans that would go on in the city hall of St. John’s if something like this was allowed in that city of potholes and drive throughs.
Starbucks filling pot holes outside Tim Horton’s, Burger king outside McDonalds, KFC outside Mary Jane’s; it would be a laugh a minute down in the bunker on Gower Street, or whatever street it is on.
On thinking about the potentials maybe some version of that could work up here.
This collage is just some of the garbage boxes round town, the condition when the photos were taken is the norm rather than the exception during winter.

Perhaps NICG could construct new boxes and make it known to business that they could buy advertising space on the boxes. It would be particularly helpful for those outside businesses that continually send paper flyer's in the mail, most of which end up on the post office floor.

Sort of like killing two birds with one stone [inside joke in there somewhere], you eliminate all those flyer's, reduce the need to cut down trees, help the community with their finances and at the same time contribute to a cleaner user friendly environment for the towns residence.
OK there are more than two birds there, but who’s counting.
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Thursday, March 26, 2009

My old buddy Kitora Naeme is retiring from CKOK radio and the Society today. This is taken from OK web site:
This is a fairly emotional week for staff members at the OKalaKatiget Society.
A long time staff member is retiring. K. Naeme Tuglavina the Interpreter/Translator will be working her last day on Thursday, March 26th.
She's leaving OKalaKatiget after being with the Society twenty years or more. She has worked in all the departments within the Society, including kinatuinamut Ilingajuk Newspaper, the television and radio departments and as the Interpreter/Translator for the whole Society.
The staff at OKalaKatiget would like to take this opportunity to thank K. Naeme for all her hard work and hope she enjoys a long and happy retirement.

Not mentioned are the couple of times Naeme took ;sabbaticals' over those years, this is not a criticism but a testament to her commitment to her language and people, Naeme always came back to her second home.

I first met Naeme for the first time down at the dock on my first visit; she was funny, spoke openly and to the point back then as she does today.

A very unique lady.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Man it is an amazing day out there, not a cloud in sight, -7 or so, no wind yaba daba doo.

Meanwhile down in the capital, makes you wonder sometimes why they put that place there some times.

We were at the shops this morning when a chopper flew over the town, naught naughty, could not see who it was.

Later on egressing the post office a Canadian Forces griffon landed down at the airstrip, so we decided to walk down for a look see.

On the walk down the RCMP twin otter came in [court is in town] so it was quite busy when we arrived at the strip.

The cops had lots of ‘supplies’ for their people come in and the full contingent in the griffon gave Siutik quite a lot of affection and attention, so they are forgiven if it was them that flew over town.
There was no emergency or invasion, just some guys going up to the school doing some recruiting work.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Air Labrador discontinuing its Dash 8 service eh? Bit of a bummer for laid off workers and the traveling public.

There still is Provincial Airlines. I have never traveled on Provincial, and I doubt that fares will drop anytime soon, more likely go the other way. Ever check out their [Air Lab] Montreal to Goose Bay fare, bloody hell.

My choice of using Air lab [the odd time I travel] is somewhat sentimental I guess, when I first arrived in Nain it was in a Labrador Airways Beaver on floats. When I left that fist time it was in a very overcrowd [people and freight, mail in the aisle] single Otter on floats.

Some people complain about the uncomfortable and rough rides they have had in Twin Otters, boy you should have been around pre airstrips. Not to mention getting to and from the plane in each community in the different seasons.

I hope the company does not fold all together, I hold no great brief for them or Provincial/Innu Mikun who also service the coast, but two is usually better than one in the travel business, or any business for that matter.
While neither airline gives coastal people any breaks like seat sales both do some good charitable work with discounts and the like to worthy causes.

I had heard that Air Lab was in negotiations with Nunatsiavut Government last year, maybe something like the arrangement that Provincial has with the Innu [Innu Mikun] was in the offing. What ever was discussed it did not work out, or I have heard nothing if it did. Over the years both parties had talks several times and nothing came of it, except at times preferential fare arrangements.

Some say that neither airline would survive without lucrative government contracts, things like Canada Post contracts, Food by Mail contracts, Labrador Grenfell contacts and the like.

The Air Lab spokesperson mentions empty seats on it's Dash 8 service, well there are lots of empty seats on it's coastal service too, ominous or what?

Sunday, March 22, 2009

This is the latest from Alex on Michel Andrews epic walk, I get the feeling it is not the last we will hear of this Giant of a man.

Alex Andrew wrote at 9:09pm on March 20th, 2009
Giant touched down at home at 12.25 pm. People were estatic when plane touched down. There were tears of joy and pride amongst the hundreds of people coming to greet Giant.It's been a good ride lots of up and downs but he's finally here, now i can continue my story which i have neglected, this part will be such dramatic ending called If i could write, i would write you a story. Giant's mom saying.

We took the two dogs for a walk yesterday afternoon, Upik was a handful at first but he learns quick, forgets quick too especially with the influence of mom, but things calmed down after awhile and the hour and a half was enjoyable. Both dogs came to us when I called them, looked like they were ready to go home for sure.

It was a great day, little windy in unsheltered areas, the wind died right down later in the day.

Siutik and Upik racing back to me at right.

The winner is?......................................a dead heat!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Well according to all the weather gurus and pundits we will have a cool windy clear summer [tell us something we don’t know].
At 9:14 yesterday is was sunny, west winds at 54 giving blowing snow and wind chills of -33.

Nunatsiavut Government issued a press release yesterday announcing some re alignments of minister’s portfolios.

What is it media say about moving ministers around regularly? Something like when you are losing at cards you shuffle the deck.

Well it is not all bad: Todd Broomfield of Makkovik moves from being the Speaker for the Assembly to the Minister of Lands and Natural Resources position.

I do not know these two too well: Danny Pottle, the Ordinary Member for the Canadian Constituency is now the Speaker, and Keith Russell is the Deputy Speaker.

There was also some realignment with the Executive Council: Diane gear from Finance and Human Resources [FHR] to Health and Social Development [HSD]. Greg Flowers from HSD to FHR.
I think the dealer lost control of the cards here, but when there are only so many players at the table your options are limited.

Having a Minister at Lands and resources can only be a positive move. What was happening since the previous minister was removed six months ago was a total sham. He was not a minister but advising the President and attending meetings and functions concerned with that portfolio, looked a bit like what is going on in the world of big finance, you do something wrong and get bonuses and perks instead of paying a penalty.

The down side I see is that there are no Inuttitut as first language speakers in the cabinet, and they are a small minority in the whole assembly for that matter. Not that speaking Inuttitut should be the sole consideration for cabinet posts, but seeing as being proficient in the language is {allegedly} a priority with NG then it does seem an uphill battle for those few who are working on maintaining and strengthening the language.

NG also handed down a balanced budget at the same assembly. The news release gives a basic outline of the 2009/10 expenditures.18.6 million for admin of government and ‘30 million for programs and services to Inuit and other persons living in Inuit communities at levels comparable to those generally prevailing in communities of similar size and circumstances in Labrador’.
Now that looks like comparing one self with one self to me.

In presenting the budget Minister Gear mentioned that “Openness and Accountability are cornerstones of responsible fiscal management”.

I won’t comment of the accountability part but openness is definitely not a strong suit within NG in general and with the members representing Nain in particular.

I don’t see any mention of the 20 million hiccup in the investments made by NG, maybe it will be dealt at another table.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

So Michel Andrews walk came to the grand finale yesterday, Lot's of celebrations with more to come when he arrives back in his home community on Friday.
Lets hope his efforts have a lasting affect.

We have something to celebrate this month too, Bigland are having a ‘midwinter sale’.
Lot’s of grocery items on sale, from March 18 to May 2 all dry goods; electronics etc are 20% off.

Why is this to celebrate one may ask, well we don’t get many sales in stores up this way, yes we do get lot’s and lot’s of flyer's in the mail from outside stores, but by the time you pay the postage then the advantage is some what muted.

There may be more to celebrate too, contained in the first Bigland flyer are “congratulations to Northern on the grand opening of their new store” [pending opening that should read].

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Looks like a big day in Natuashish is in the offing.

Alex Andrew wrote at 4:48pm yesterday
Giant and the two women from mNatuashish are so close. They have made camp 5 kms away from Natuashish.They will walk into town 11 am or so tomorrow. Lot's of excitment in town. Giant gave his Mom a huge hug kissed her on cheek and said i told you so i will make it to Natuashish. he's coming in tomorrow morning.

A fine effort all round from Michel his family and supporters, well done mates.

Weather has been good and is OK for today as well. I was just looking at the forecast, it gets a bit weird when it says “giving cold wind chills of -25” and you think, what wusses, that’s not cold.

Update on Michel

After a long walk from Flowers Bay yesterday, Giant(Sheshatshiu) and two women from Natuashish are camped 4 kms from Natuashish and will walk in to town at about 12 pm or so to a large group of family and friends from Natuashish. The dream has taken him far because he cares about people. It will be a large proud day in Natuashish today and abroad,the finish line is so close. Giant will fly home on plane on skis and lands along side his hometown of Sheshatshiu on Friday at around noon time.Big celebrations when he is back home where he started from. Great job, Giant.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Nain Moravian Church Brass Band [circa late 1980’s].

Playing opus unitas fratrum #8 in g minor, guest conductor Rissiger Ingwerknirps.
Michel Andrew is very close to his destination now. He most likely spent the night close to or in old Davis Inlet leaving about 20 k or so for the last leg to Natuashish.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Some more scanned slides of the early 1980’s

The robins nest was in a tree adjacent to the mobile home we were in at the time; I climbed up on the roof to get this shot.

Meanwhile inside the mood was somber and moody. The top picture is for KNT who still calls me baby face.

Yesterdays weather was sort of strange with light snow falling with light to moderate winds, but the ceiling must have been OK as the number of flights in almost boggled the mind.
I do not know the total but there were lots. Playing catch up with the back log of passengers and freight I guess, plus there are still the extra freight flights to get the Northern stuff in.

The only news from the Michel Andrew walk is that he left Hopedale yesterday and may get to Natuashish Tuesday. Weather is looking good for the last leg so that is encouraging.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Fran was going through old files and boxes of stuff yesterday and came across loads of old slides and negatives.
Singled out were several for me to scan, her are just some.
GD’s mum could be mistaken for GD at same age, except for the fashion statements that is. Not sure who the other kids are in the pictures, the building is Jim and Susie Andersen’s store in Makkovik, no idea what the sign represents.

This is Verona, Fran’s mum, and one of Fran’s sisters outside the Hopedale church.
On the walking front it seems the regional media have underplayed not only Michel Andrews walk but also Elizabeth Penashue who is in the second week of her annul walk into the wilds of Labrador.
Mind you it had slipped my mind too since her departure, received this reminder in my in box yesterday evening.

Dear Friends, Elizabeth asked me to share with you all that her Spring Walk is going well. As of today they have been walking for a week. Though there have been some windy and snowy days, they are all doing well. Eleven people started the walk, including my wife Jennifer, an Elder from Manitoba, two young men from New York, a young woman from the Toronta area and local friends and family. Right now there are not as many people, but Elizabeth says that maybe more will join yet, especially more young people. Please keep them in your thoughts!

We are in a sad state when people of such strong character and self reliance play second fiddle to stories of drugs in children’s luggage, booze related incidents up the ying yang.
Not that should not be covered; it’s just that they get way too much coverage compared to the positive goings on out there.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Nice to see the blizzard warning ended, just ordinary bloody snow/cold/windy for next two days.

Yesterday was a great day to rest up the joints and a slightly sore big toe [shades of Michel A], even Siutik was not that keen to go out just lazing around most of the day.

Just my speculation but I doubt that Michel Andrew would leave Hopedale for Natuashish before Sunday.

The latest on the GD and her flying machine has “her boy” [her words] in the F/O seat.

Looks like they are having fun somewhere over eastern Ontario.
Photo credits to the GD and "her boy".

Friday, March 13, 2009

A dramatic change in the weather from two days ago sure.

Snow and blowing snow all day yesterday and last night.

More wind this morning with gusts up to 82, Temperatures are low at -24 mean and -42 wind chill.

Similar conditions and forecast down Hopedale way, this should give Michel Andrew some more rest. I hear he has a rather bad blister on one foot. Conditions are such that he may not be able to leave for Natuashish until at least Sunday.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Memories of yesterday.

The sun bubble has burst with light snow and blustery SSE winds this morning.

We took a walk up around the dam and to the hill to the left of it yesterday, no sign of the machines that left there marks; just us and the silence.

Some smart person made the right choice here.

I'm no expert but to me this looks like it has potential as a ski hill.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Michel Andrew arrived in Hopedale just before 3 yesterday afternoon. By the look of it lots of people out on the ice to greet him, there was an event in the school gym where the Junior Rangers drum dancers did their thing, not up on what else took place.

Another grand day here yesterday, lots of sun again, busy doing some chores around house so only did a short walk, with one dog.

Trust the idiot factor to get the media attention when Michel Andrews walk gets scant coverage.

The latest is that a young child had ½ a K of marijuana confiscated from his/her luggage on arrival in Natuashish.

It comes as no surprise that drug runners and bootleggers would scoop this low, I am sure it has been going on for some time, just the first time a young kid had to be put through the horrors of public humiliation.

I often wonder how the runners get their stuff into this town, things busy again in the hood last night.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The weather may have been iffy down Hopedale way but man yesterday was fantabulous up here. Sun, nice breeze to prevent overheating, perfect for outdoor activity.

Me bones were resisting none the less I partook in the first 2xK9 stroll up into the hills. As predicted it was kaos at first, tangled lines, Siutik and Upik sounding very alike to untrained ears.

When hearing her name Siutik gave the usual look of superiority, Upik on hearing both names came back and collapsed on his back at my feet.

Things calm a bit once all the distractions of loose dogs and over spilt garbage boxes were behind us.

The action really started when I let them loose, Upik runs faster than I thought he could, and of course being larger he buried Siutik several times in the softer snow.
Conditioning came through in the end though with Siutik running him ragged overall.

Then came time to contain them, that was fun [not] with Upik being easier to con, had him on the leash for quite a ways with Siutik having non of it.
As is her want, when she was ready she came to me as we hit the built up area again.

Michel Andrew Update: is due into Hopedale around 1 pm, lot of excitement there and lot of relatives and people from Natuashish waiting to greet him.

Alex Andrew wrote at 11:13am
Giant is 12 km away from Hopedale , he will walk in at 1 pm. i am ready with my camera.

Monday, March 09, 2009

The chatter on facebook is that Michel Andrew was prevented from walking yesterday due to high winds out on the open ice, and we cant blame him for that.

Michel will attempt to leave early this morning for the final 30 k to Hopedale. Looks like sunny but the winds are to gust to 50.

Updat at 5.55pm

From Alex Andrew on Michel walk: It was too windy to walk today,winds have died down and will make his attempt tomorrow morning at 4 am, should be in Hopedale around noon.We will arrive around 9 am to greet him in Hopedale, can't pass up the time to take moving pictures. Inuit drummers is awesome too.See you there.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Michel Andrew is well on his way to Hopedale; 6 March ticker shows his local as of 5:30 ish last evening. He is heading for the dock and grave yard marker.
Nice weather at moment but some snow forecast for later today and next couple days, temperatures will be warmer.
We are now proud owners [temporarily] of another K9. He is one of Siutiks boys, he has been nutured, is big, friendly, great disposition and smart.

Alas Upik, according to his owners, was always getting loose and then getting into garbage. He was often seen lopping around town, came and visited us often, some times he would accompany us around town but would always go his own way when we got back to our house.

So any way I was starting to worry about him maybe getting caught up in the pending round up of loose dogs as council hopes to hire a new dog catcher soon. Add to that; I had heard that his owners seemed to have tired of him and were talking having him put down.

So couple days ago we ran into him down town, I borrowed some line of a bloke and brought him home. Had him tired up outside, him being too big for inside, and we are a one inside dog family.

To form he chewed through the line overnight, but came lopping back when I was outside yesterday morning. Now he is on a chain and double line.

Had quite a few comments directed at us as we walked the two dogs yesterday.

So if anyone is looking for a nice friendly dog???

Friday, March 06, 2009

Integral part of the province

unless you be in Labrador, and especially if you be of the small community of Norman Bay in Southern Labrador.

CBC Labrador Morning had an interview with one of the citizens of Norman Bay this morning, it was a chuckle but at the same time sad. There was no podcast of the interview at time of posting, hopefully it will be up later. Updated link to interview with George Andrews of Norman Bay.
I have been corrected, it is George Roberts of Norman Bay, sorry bout that.
Mr . Andrews was also interviewd on On the Go, CBC's afternoon show.

For 16 years the folks there have been trying to get provincial and federal governments to take seriously Norman Bay’s plea for a road connection to Charlottetown that happens to be connected to the Trans Labrador [cow path] Highway.

So fed up with all of the buck passing and such and in frustration the folks have written a letter to President Obama of the US of A in the hopes he can become involved some way.
If that does not work then Putin of Russia then Brown of Great Britain will be next to received letters from the good folks of Norman Bay.
Michel Andrews latest is:

Alex Andrew wrote at 1:11pm
Hello friends, Giant left Postville early this morning bound for Hopedale, if weather cooperates he should be in Hopedale on Monday. I had a call from Hopedale saying the walk on ice should be very good, hard packed. Giant will like it and should be faster. I would like to thank Ron Pilgrim(Postville)Randy Edmunds(Makkovik )and Clarence Vincent, Hopedale for letting Michel Giant Andrew using their cabins as sleep over places. Thanks so much.Hopedale ,it's your turn, have fun.Alex

Thursday, March 05, 2009

The latest from Michel Andrews walk is below. School is closed in Hopedale this morning, weather is still not great down that way.
For us we have sun and -21, chills are still in the -30 range.

Alex Andrew
March 4 at 8:42pm
Before we go our separate ways tomorrow morning,him to the North, ours to the south. Giant wants to say a big heartfelt thank you to the residents of POSTVILLE.As i quietly slip away early tomorrow morning,i will always cherish the thoughtfulness and hospitality you shown me and my friends from home.You have given me strength to walk tall and proud.As each step i take in my snowshoes, i will remember my fellow people battling diabetes and try to keep strong.Together we are strong people who can overcome mountains in our way.I am not a great talker but my actions will speak for themselves because i care for all of you.GiantTranslation Alex Andrwew

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

We seemed to be missing the brunt of the storm again; bit of wind and some blowing snow, not too bad really, wonder what the rest of March and April will bring.

Latest from Michel Andrews walk:

Alex Andrew wrote at 1:42pm yesterday
Giant reached the Kaipokok Bay at 9.30am and raised his walking stick shouting,"I have reached the sea, I have reached the salt water."He paused, took his breathe and moved on towards Postville 15 kms away.

By 11 am 6 to 10 women walked towards to meet their inspiration for the battle against Diabetes.When they met they hugged and praises of pride. Some freinds came by ski doo to Big Point and walked back with him towards Postville.When he came close, loud cheers and applauds came from 100 or so people waiting.More hugs and words of encouragement.
Albert Winters (84), brought his daughter who is diabetic had made a placard for Giant and Giant said this is the moment he will never forget and will have the placard framed.He also met Tom, another elder from Postville. Giant is very attached to elders from all over.His diabetes awareness walk and research has also developed some close frienships.
We thank the Postville residents for their genorosity and wonderful supper.

Northerns new store is tentatively scheduled to open at the end of this month. Along with relocating the inventory in the two temporary stores there is 80,000 lb of freight to come in via Goose Bay.

That’s a lot of freight to move for one order; twin otters can take about 3,000 lb a shot so that is about 27 flights.

I enquired about who would absorb the freight charges on all this, I was told the head honchos in Winnipeg had not decided that as yet. I know where my guess would be, but then surprises do happen at times.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

New sheriff in town.

To explain; all around town there are garbage boxes and in some areas 45 gallon drums painted up nice for people to put garbage in [this does not always happen but that is not the fault of the Community Government who put the receptacles there in the first place].
Add to that loose dogs, particularly 6 pups who are the offspring of a mother who is always loose just 4 doors down from us.
Add to that the fact that the garbage boxes seem to constantly become damaged or vandalized, thing like broken of missing lids, holes kicked in them etc. Add to that winter snow piling up around and inside the boxes.

So with all of the above mix, lately every time we go out the front door with Siutik she makes a bee line over to the garbage box, with me in tow I might add, for inevitably there are from one to six pups in the dam thing.
Siutik has no intent on hurting the pups [though they don’t know that] but she is intent on getting them out of the box for some reason. No matter how hard I pull or yell at her she goes hell belt to the box and sniffs around until all the pups are out and running down the road as if their life depends on it.
Same thing with any of the boxes along the road if she detects anything in them.
So that explains the title of the post.

Of course it does not explain the biggest issue with the garbage boxes and the dogs. That would be the garbage constantly scattered all over the town buy the dogs and to some extent ravens. It as its worse on Mondays after the weekend, man it can be messy. The collectors usually clean up around the boxes when they come along, but by then stuff is down the road and all over the place.

The photos show a before and after on garbage collection day.

From Alex Andrew on March 2 at 3:22pm.

Giant was met by thirty people on Big Ponit and walked back with him,it was a quite an emotional sight were another 100 people met them at the town entrance.
There was much hugging and picture taking, there was lot of cheering,Giant Giant Giant.
Also an eighty year old man from makkovik brought his daughter who wanted to meet Giant in person. He had a big hug from him and was quite powerful to look at.

Quite the do by the Postville people for Andrew, congratulations to them and to Andrew and all his supporters on the walk.

Monday, March 02, 2009

It is looking like Michel Andrew will arrive in Postville some time today. Lot of people in the community are geared up to great him, some will walk out a ways to walk back to the community with Michel and some of his family and friends from Sheshatshu are getting in to give him a warm welcome.

Word is that Team Thrashers won the hockey tournament held here over the weekend. Grandson Brian is the goalie of the Thrashers, I wonder if that new spiderman mask had anything to do with it?

Sunday, March 01, 2009

The latest location of Michel Andrew was at 7:30 PM last evening, not 5:30 as indicated on the map, marker 28 02.
Cold and windy conditions here all day yesterday [down to -45 chill overnight and still -43 this morning]. I think similar conditions down Postville way, maybe not quite as cold but none the less not comfortable.