Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Looking lonely.

Susie, visiting from Quebec City, took this shot.

Musk ox has been rubbing his/her head on the rocks, there is hair all around that area I’m told. Wonder if animal is backed in there for defensive purposes, maybe too many people getting too near, too often, just wondering.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Musky runs for his/her life.

Seems the Quebec Government had allowed a limited subsistence hunt of Musk ox in Nunavik. So I guess the lone one over this way decided to take a pass on that.

The story in Nunatsiaq News reports the heard has grown from the 52 released in 1983, to about 2000 today. Eight tags were issued to the two communities closest to the heard; the hunt was in designated areas. The limited hunt will be held for a five year period. It may or may not lead to a sport hunt.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

It isn’t over till the skinny man sings.

I don’t think the latest Andy Wells saga is quite over yet.

Mr. Wells issued an apology to Ms Duff over his remarks to/about her at a so called private meeting some weeks ago.
Mr. Well’s apology came with some caveat’s, at least that’s what I got from his interview with CBC Here and Now and on CBC radio’s On the GO.
On the latest Here and Now interview Mr. Wells seemed unusually reticent, but earlier on the On the Go interview he seemed rather rambunctious, while at the same time seeming to apologize. Not sure why this would be. Could be he was playing up to the camera, the interviewer was male, way/type of questions put to him.
Radio interviewer was a woman, way/type of questions put to him.

Ms Duff seems to have accepted his apology, though with some reservations it seems to me, and rightly so.
Mr. Wells keeps on insisting that he is honest, candid with voters and the right guy to fight for the people of St. John’s. Yet, Mr. Wells stated on a number of occasions that he did not remember calling Ms Duff a stupid old woman, he bordered at times on saying he did not say these words, but then changed it to saying he may have said them but could not remember.
Now yesterday, Mr. Wells comes out and says he remembers offering Ms Duff an apology for saying the same words he did not remember saying.
Is that dishonesty? Bad memory? Selective memory? Sign of aging

One of the caveats Mr. Wells uses is the Quida Vida plan for redevelopment that Ms Duff is allegedly behind. It would be helpful for the public if one of the news agencies could explain what exactly this issue is about. It may help us understand better Mr. Well’s rationale, or may not.

As I stated, the skinny man has not sung yet.

Kudos to all those who voiced/wrote about their concerns on this very important issue. More voices, and louder voices, are needed to stop this paternal bullying style that is still rampart in many walks of life.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Musk ox pic, second try.

Tried the long way, it worked. Not sure who to credit the pictures, these via Stephanie and her buddy Val.

Lone one horned Musk ox.

Having trouble uploading pictures of the Musk ox, oh well. It sure is creating some excitement in region any way.

He/she is a stray from a heard over in Northern Quebec, about the 5th reported sighting in Labrador, last one was 12 years ago further north.
Seems the heard was established by the Quebec government back around 1968 near Kujjuaq. Plan was to harvest the under hair. Experiment folded few years later and the 12 animals released into the wild. Heard is estimated at around 2,000. They do not normally travel great distances. This one is on an island at moment so his/her future is not assured. Wildlife people are taking an interest from a distance, time and nature will tell I guess.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Animal tales, part 2

Well, our daughter and grandson did get to see the lone Musk ox, along with another hundred or so Nain residents. Word is it is an old guy with only one horn, amazing he has lasted this long on his travels, especially if he is alone. If he gets out in the open, and that’s the way he is heading, then wolves may be a problem, unless their too busy with the caribou. No pics yet, most don’t want to get too close to the big guy; not many around here know their behavior, so that is wise.

Caught old Andy Wells on ‘As it Happens’ on CBC radio last evening. Also unfortunate in seeing him on ‘Here and Now’. What a whining sniveling little toad he is……well big toad. On radio he sounded like the worst kind of self serving gutless wonder, trying [in his way] to justify his behavior by condemning all and sundry. I would guess he is on way out, thank Yahweh for that, he is an embarrassment to the Province.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Sun is splitting the rocks again.

It’s up around 10 plus at our house, just amazing conditions for enjoying life in the outdoors.
Over the past several months there have been a couple of unusual sightings up this way.
Firstly, two sightings of a wolverine [unverified]. A lone trekker walking from Natuashish to Northern Quebec had one come into his camp, the wolverine allegedly tried to steal his ax. Then there were three hunters sighted what looked like a wolverine, they had a camera, but due to the excitement, or flat batteries were unable to get documented evidence. Both sightings were west of Nain and north west of Natuashish.
Second unusual sighting is of a Musk ox. First sighted in Voisey’s bay area, the sighter was able to get some pictures of it. Now today it is rumored to be on the outside the Voisey’s Bay near Tabor Island. Our daughter and grandson have taken a run out, so with luck may get pictures.

Both these animals are a rarity in Labrador. Wolverines were thought to be extinct, but some track sightings last few years have some researchers excited that some may be in area.
Not up on my Musk ox history, never heard of them this way; have to take time to look em up.

Speaking of the unusual, seems [on CBC phone in at least] Andy Wells has no supporters for his Mayorship ways.
I would say it is time for the rest of the St.John’s council to straighten their spinal cords and deal with this issue like responsible elected officials. This guy is an insult to all men, especially of this province.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Easter Monday.

Yesterday was the best weather day we had here all weekend, man it was unreal.
Fran arrived home after 5 days in Hopedale visiting her mother, Matthew came up to spend quality time with his grandma and grandpa, also to pick up the gift.

So we spent some time on the ice just hanging around, watching plans get loaded and taking off, people 'going off' for the day, and going for a short ride up the brooks, my back objected to that, so cut it short.

It was the perfect day to purge ones soul of the likes of the bloke in previous post sure.

My condolences to citizens of St.John’s.

I have been catching bits and pieces of the latest fracas going on between the councilors for the capital city. To put it in the most diplomatic way I can, the Mayor is a disgusting individual who puts the worst light possible on the rest of the citizens of this province.
I do not know personally any of the councilors, and watching them over the years nor do I feel the need to, but this latest outrage in depraved public behavior by Andy Wells is way over the top.
Surly his differences in opinions and policy as to what is best for the city can be done in a more gentlemanly and less offensive way. I should not say surly really, I know it can. There is no need to abuse women, men, councilors, staff, and citizens in the disgusting way Andy does. One can get your point across in a much more civil manner. Andy brushes it all off as “just being politics”, and “these people are liars and manipulators” and “out for their own gain”. Well talk about the pot calling the kettle black.
Time to go Andy Pandy, and not to an appointment anywhere in any government, go try that stuff in the private sector, short shift will be yours indeed.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Good Friday, part 2

This is a pic of what it is like today. Yucky, but it beats the time we were in a tent for three days in very similar conditions one easter past .

These are of nicer days, when one appreciates what we have a little more

Happy Easter to all.
Spring used to be heralded in by flocks of migrating snow birds, robins moving in to make nests, trips up into the bays to fish for char and trout through the ice.
Not to mention the weather, sometimes sunny and an ideal -5 or so, sometimes flat in snow and freezing rain n stuff and around 0 or so.
Trips on the ice to anyplace one liked to hunt, fish, camp, a days boil up.
Well we still get those things, admittedly in more unpredictable patterns than yore.

Alas, from my point of view, we now have signs like this stating that there are no ore carrying ice breakers cutting across your route.
Planes like this taking fuel and supplies into mining exploration camps hoping for the next eldorado.

The status quo says that it is all about job creation, you can’t stop progress, and if we don’t get involved it will go ahead any way yadda yadda yadda.

Well I say bullshit to that. One would have to have their head in the sand to not know that the ecosystems of this world are under attach in the most serious way. Human abuse is showing its effects on the earth’s ecosystem in an alarmingly increasing way.
Labrador is still predominantly a pristine area. There is still time to turn things around and find sustainable ways to economic development. What is needed is leadership with vision and courage. What is also needed is for the people to encourage that leadership in a new vision for Labrador.

Taking the easy and low road is having its effects on this earth. Unless we start taking the more difficult high road, then I’m afraid our descendents will not have very positive memories of us.

Friday, April 07, 2006

No flipping seal pie for me mate ;-]

How about this recipe for seal flippers.
1.Take a bunch of flippers.
2.Place in wooden barrel.
2.Add some water.
4.Wait undetermined time until flippers turn white.

I’m told it is very yummy, but will take my wife’s word for it thank you very much.

Now here is some stuff I was weaned on;

Every body knows and luves vegemite right? I can remember the vegemite/cheese/lettuce sandwiches is if it was yesterday. Actually it was.
And who can forget the Anchovette on crackers, or toast on a hot summer morn.Well actually it is a mouzzy April morn now.
As for the Leatherwood honey; I had never tasted it till yesterday, man it is some good. It is about as natural as you can get, no heating or filtering, just creamy natural flavor and goodness. The aroma is powerful, like the smell of rose petals and wildflowers all wrapped together. The flavor is kind of overpowering at first, so many hints of things it is hard to nut down. The after taste stays for a long time, get’s your moneys worth with this sure.
I have always found that honey from hard wood areas of the world have more intense flavor than from soft wood areas. Not sure if it is just me or what. I thought Australian honey were the bee’s knees until I tried honey from the Greek island I spent 10 months on. A Definite hint of olives, and I thought that was the best until the Tasmanian Leatherwood arrived.
Another puzzle is; why is Anchovette not made in Canada? it beats the hell out of any fish pasts I have found here.