Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Clear and crisp again this morning, -10 chills with -4 official to -7 at the house.

There is an update on the Nutrition North program via news from the north. Seems Labrador has a representative on the Advisory Board.

I managed to track down the Labrador Advisor who advised my she just recently found out of her involvement and there had not been a meeting between the group as yet.

I was assured that I would receive updates as they became available.

Speaking further on the climate change/ice research ongoing, I had a good chat with the researcher on the ground and contact from the lead guys on the project.

Fair to say that failure to communicate and some insensitivity play a role in mine and others reaction to the process and structure of the questions.
We will see how it plays out.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Not a bad weekend for the most part, cloudy Saturday clearing Sunday and dropping temperatures into the -6 area.
Still we are disgruntled there being no snow and the ice not forming on the ponds for safe travel.
A 90 year old in Makkovik lamented that this is the first time no snow was on the ground at Advent.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

I have had some [almost instant] feed back from my post on the climate change/ice condition survey in the form of personal contact.

It is positive feed back but highlights my expressions of concern regards the survey that we took and the processes used.

Discussions are on going so for now I will not say anymore except this survey is just part of a larger survey called- Nunatsiavut climate impact assessment project‏.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Kuviasugitsi Adventimi- Happy Advent

LA venue heureuse. Glückliches Erscheinen.
Avvento felice. Venida feliz. 幸福的降臨節。

Only a small total of stockings this year. Still Fran had fun filling them and enjoyed the patter of little feet when the two grand-kids [with one to come on Wednesday] dropped them off.

What a beautiful clear morning it is, -7 with -10 wind chill.

An unusual sight yesterday was people coming back in speed boat with advent trees.

This tune above was recorded locally by local artists a couple years ago, for most people up this way it brings a tear to the eye and the through tightens up.
Some stars are visible this morning, hope it is a good sign of better conditions.

We took the research study on sea ice yesterday afternoon. It took about an hour, quite long and if one did not spend all there life out on the land some of the questions put stresses on the memory.

The majority of the questions revolved around sea and fresh water ice and your reflections on how wind, rain, fog, temperature, snow fall fluctuations effect the condition of the ice.

Then again how does one remember the coldest day ever, or the average coldest month ever, or the most rain in any given month, stuff like that?

Then again these researchers are a different breed; still I think it will be worth the effort if someone takes note of the results.

Some questions covered harvesting of animals, fish, berries, who goes wooding, how much time you spend recreating on the ice, how the ice effects the condition of your ski doo, does your mood change when you can’t get out, does your mood change when you can get out.

Then a question “do you smoke”. Then “do you drink”, then “does not getting out make you drink more or less”.

Wait a mo, I fought this was about climate change, wots this then?

We took the ‘no response’ option from then on.

Word is that quite a few people were upset at these personal questions thrown in at the end. If they want to do a socio economic study then do and say so, do not throw these types of questions in under the guise of climate change. Very disappointed at the people responsible for drawing up these types of questions to say the least.

Then again these researchers are a different breed.

Thanks to all the folks who sent greetings on Carters arrival, all are doing well and will be home Wednesday weather permitting.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Walking to and from the shops we noticed quite a lot of 'advent' trees leaning up against homes.

Apart from them being soaked with the constant light rain they all had one other thing in common. They were all spruce and looking rather ragged and scraggly.

Most people here are quite fussy with tree gathering, this unusual warm wet weather has made it rather difficult to get to good stands of trees especially pine.

On the Carter front the initial bit of panic about breast feeding has disappeared with Carter feeding
away "His feeding ray good".

Foot-note: By fussy I mean in the positive sense. People take great pride in getting the tree that is just right.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Here is great grandson three Carter who was not long showing his true colors.

Now the battle begins, maple leafs or Habs. Cousin Matthew has already ordered Habs stuff I am told.

And here are the proud parents Aimee and Sheldon with carter. Mom looking a bit tired after the 24 hour battle to get the little blighter to come see the world. .
Whew, that was a long night. Carter born to Aimee and Sheldon at 8.37 am, 8Lb 8 Oz.
Long night for the mom too.

Update: Ullo ullo ullo, what is afoot ear?

Update update: Wot's this then? Danny goes out without achieving much of anything really, health care in chaos, no Loer Churchill Falls deal [only letter of intent no matter what spin CBC puts on it]. And he leaves the province in the hands of some very ordinary politicians.
Does your candidate effect you this way?

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

First Sunday of advent this Sunday. Kind of a big event still in the Moravian communities.

Much of it revolves round the church, some is consumer driven and another large part is "tradition", people just like it for their kids.
I have written about these traditions in last years, I will let Rose Pamak, who is originally from Nain, gives her memories of Advent when she was a child.

I took the picture above on Tuesday past when up in the hills. It shows someone on an ATV bringing back an Advent tree.
You wont get that scene now, all the snow has all but been washed away by the rain we have had since. Yuk.

L'arrêt, aucune entrée.

Pas sanglant probablement, or in English, not bloody likely.

The rocks, put there by the contractors and painted a nice bright orange, are blocking entry to the new Trouser Lake water line road. Lot's of work to be done before it becomes the towns main water supply.
Mean time it will provide a road into 'the country' if the citizens have anything to say about it. I have it on good authority that one or two of the rocks will be 'relocated' to allow ATV access to the road.

Yesterday was overcast with snow and freezing rain passing through all day. A great day for walking but not so great for photography.

At the height of the road there is a T intersection with a road going off to the right and up around a higher hill.

The side road goes nowhere, just ends. I am told that the pump house and reservoir will be located here, the water will then be gravity fed to the town.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Later; after returning from a walk [pictures tomorrow] I thought I would add the photo below left, very rustic looking in it?
No sugar or leavening in this bread, just flour water little yeast and very little salt. Takes up to 24 hours just sitting doing it's thing, then two hours for the second rising. You have to handle it very carefully but the result is quite good.

I got'a tell ya; this is the bestest super duper mega tasting no kneed bread that the Island of Newfoundland & Labrador has ever tasted.

And it is right at the back door, well actually the kitchen but who takes notes with these things.

Seeing as how we have an ongoing and close relationship with Mother Nature; an update on the weather of late.

On a serious note the weekend was cloudy and windy with wind chills down around -17.

The sun yesterday had everybody commenting on what a great day it was; the wind chills were up to -12.

Meanwhile the dweeb weather man on CBC Here & Now had a parka with hood up; the wind chills were -10 in Sin City, what a wimp.

With TB still being an issue in the north LGH has installed an X-ray machine at the clinic in Nain.

This week will see the first X- rays done in follow up work for people who had contacted TB in the past. The machine will remain in Nain with the technicians flying in to operate it when needed.

Two Labrador north coast volley ball teams had mixed results at the regional championships this past weekend in Churchill Falls.

Nain men Huskies won their 2A tournament and will move on to the provincials while the Hopedale girls Nanuks finished second in their group.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Taken to task

and rightly so.

pointed out by Table Mountains an oversight accured in taking the photograph for the lemon meringue pie shot. My humble appoligies and I lay my head at the feet of the 8th floor.

My only excuse, frivolous as it is, was that I had neglected to place my order for a bakers dozen of the commemorative plates shown at right.

I have zipped off a letter via Canada Post to the Royal Dannystan Fine China and Crystal Works who operate at-1 Dildo Road Come By Chance-asking for my order to be shipped post hast via Labrador Coastal Marine.

That should insure I receive the plates no later than next August.

Now to order those French only key boards.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Historical gastronomic event.

I got'satell ya, at the end of the day and on a go forward basis this is the best darn lemon meringue pie the Island of Newfoundland and Labrador has ever seen, said sources close to the 8th floor.

No longer will we be held hostage to the poutine and tourtere of Quebec.
With this new lemon meringue pie we will stand alone, master of our own destiny the sources added.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

At right is the result when two blokes getting together to make a birthday cake over a few jars and in a hurry. I'm sure it tasted great, the recipient wanted all blue but the main baker of the cake made an executive chefs decision and went maple leafs white and blue. Yes that is a maple leaf at bottom.

Then next day one sober cook came up with this lemon meringue pie. At the right of the pie is a double banger sausage roll.

Innu won't allow $6B hydro project yet
And by the time they do the deal will be exposed for what it is, all hype.

Some good news emanating from the Jens Haven Memorial School. Plus the school has announced a lunch program for those children who live .08 kilometers [ or is it.08 miles?] from their homes.
Which ever, it is a good move especially in the winter months, gets some cold walking into that wind chill.

Still no news coverage of the Nutrition North food mail program for Labrador. Further to the north there seems to be more interest and coverage, not substantial news but news non the less.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Boy, if only the brothers and sisters on strike at Voisey's Bay could find a cherubic Santa clause like the brothers and sisters down under.

The mind boggles with images of free 1500cc ski doos, two weeks vocations in Lab City with shopping sprees at Walmart or a weeks camping in Tornagt park with accompanying bear monitor and help with filling out all those release forms.

Wonder what is going on with that inquiry any ways? with all this background noise going on everyday life's happenings get lost in the chatter.

Some people are bemoaning the snow [too warm, ponds not frozen yet, slushy underfoot] and others rejoice [no dusty roads].
Me? I'm of two minds.

Later in de morning:

Nain had it's 55 buck water melon, now IkEA has gone one [or is it 999,999,999,046] better with a billion dollars to ship a couch.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Natures dust supresent

is very welcome indeed.

The snow along with the wind is not as bad as further south [yet] but many people are welcoming it, nice respite from all that dust.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Facebook is reporting that Patricia Kemuksigak is the new ordinary member for the Upper Lake Melville area of the Nunatsiavut Assembly.

The by-election was necessary after the previous member was removed from the post after violating assembly rules.

Ms. Kemuksigak received 266 votes and has two things going for here for sure, one is being a woman and another is new blood into government, congratulations.

Yesterday CKOK had an interview with the NG first minister on the consolations NG is having on the caribou herd.

After the first two meetings in Makkovik and Nain the FM reported a majority of the people who spoke to the issue are in favor of conservation measures being taken to protect the long term viability of the herd.

This is good news, now meetings will be held in the other Nunatsiavut communities and Upper Lake Melville before NG sites down and decides what measure to put in place.

The FM promised a speedy conclusion, rather a new trend for NG, a welcome one at that.

Updated later:

Get a gander at these carvings, bloody amazing.

I do not know the young carver but boy he has developed into some kind of artist for sure. I do know John Terriak who got him started in the game; I have a number of John’s carvings but will have to just look at Gauthier's given the prices.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Needs to get these bruvers down to Confederation building the once.

One Day Longer - performed by OB and Kill the Autocrat from Stuart Cryer on Vimeo.

Light dusting of snow overnight, road dust is down for the moment, praise Yahweh for that.

Nain had two information gathering sessions yesterday. From 1 to 4 Labrador Grenfell Health [LGH] held a teleconference and personal attendance session in the NG board room.

From 7 to ? NG had a session gathering thoughts on what to do, if anything, about the Caribou herd regulations.

I was planing to attend the later but after receiving a telephone call in the morning decided to attend the former.

Some people claimed that the meeting was not well advertised, though I thought it was, more so than the caribou meeting but that meeting drew a larger crowd. Horses for courses.

Any way the LGH meeting had a small but fairly vocal attendance, plus there were two other communities on the line, Hopedale and Makkovik who were vocal also.

Three hours was no where near enough time to touch on the myriad of issues that plague health delivery on the coast, but better than nothing.

For me it was evident that LGH is already cognizant of most of the issues raised.

What is needed is strong loud voces/voices to lobby on a continuing basis to ensure the concerns of patience are heard, absorbed and acted upon on a timely basis.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Saturday I took a walk up the new water line road to trouser lake. Overcast with the odd flurry, and windy especially where the road peaks, its barren up there and the north west winds hit hard.
Still an enjoyable jaunt.
Trouser lake is yet to freeze over, first pond has a good skim of ice but would not want to walk on it yet.
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Later update:

Lot of people grasping for air out there, the dust is murder. Pity those with throat and chest issues and other allergies, I find it very uncomfortable myself.

I know, I have mentioned this problem before, I have contacted the council any number of times, the last being last week. The squeaky wheel does not get the grease in all cases.

For my next bitch fest: mainly my own fault being a procrastinator. I had a staple gun for years, I lent it out to someone, can’t remember who now.
Been meaning to buy one on line but kept putting it off. So this morning I said to hell with it and purchased a good brand [Arrow] at a local store. $39:95. It is a small locally owned store so I take that into consideration. Much cheaper at Rona or Canadian Tire but by the time you add shipping well the difference is not that big a deal.

Now down at Northern it is another story; same brand only stainless steel for $85 99. Those yahoos out in Winnipeg Northern management still have not come to the realization that the Labrador coast is connected to the rest of Canada by sea and road. We are not in the north where air is the only way to get freight in.
Northern brings freight in here by sea and road but still price things as if flown in; I know this for a fact.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Following on from Trouser lake road post: These drums have been at trouser lake longer than I have lived here. There is another drum at the edge of the lake half in the water/ice.

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Kind of ironic dontha think that we go to great lengths and expense to clean up rubbish in the Torngat Park yet just 3 kilometers from us this sits for decades.

For the uninitiated; the drums had av gas in them, back in the day Trouser Lake was used for float planes and planes on skis during freeze up and thawing prior to the construction of the airstrip.

Bond was at the dock

the better part of saturday, lots of palettes of goods of all sorts coming off, little bit of chaos in the lay down area but not as bad as last years trip of the Bond.

Rumor has it there are two more scheduled trips for the Bond. If in fact that is true it is more evidence of the shear inadequacy of the m/v Astron's ability to handle the present loads being shipped to the coast.

And lets not hear any more talk about using the Bond on the North coast run shall we. No more bullshit about studies and what not, we need to get moving on a replacement NOW.

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The barge at the public dock had to 'reconfigure' it's load to allow the bow line of the Bond to be secured to the bollard.
The panorama at the bottom was taken form the height of land of the new water line road, and you can make out the rial tracks of the top picture, shows how old the Bond really is.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

The names Bond,

Sir Robert Bond m/v.

Arrived Nain earlier this morning for it's first trip to Northern Labrador this year.
Called into Natuashish on the way up.

Ze Russians are monitoring Bond as we write.

Friday, November 12, 2010

The northern lights were giving a majestic display last evening and into the early morning. I was feeling too lazy and my back was giving me agro to bother taking any photos.

The air has been dry and the sky mainly clear of late, this is not all good as the wind combined with traffic kicks up a lot of dust, very unusual to have dust issues this time of year.

The photos are of Noah Nochasak and his self made Kayak, self made paddle too.

The bottom photo was taken on his arrival at Natuashish, the top one was out in Nain harbour.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Lest we forget.

Anzac day is the big remembering day in Australia, but when in Rome as they say.

There are many audio and video versions of the tunes below, most very good. I always find the second tune a little throat blocking.
As to the first tune, well it speaks for itself.

Specially remembering me Dad today who will miss his first remembrance day.

Well the arse has dropped out of the George River Caribou Herd

big time it would seem.

According to government sources the estimated total population of the heard has dropped to a measly 74,000 and change. This is a dramatic drop from the estimated 385,000 in the year 2001 and a more dramatic drop from the estimated population some 20 odd years ago of over 700,000.

The minister responsible has issued some changes to the hunting regulations, but the larger questions still have to be answered. Those are: how will the aboriginal groups respond and how will the government act if/when the Quebec Innu come over the border [one the Innu do not recognize] to hunt later this winter.

Also there needs to be more staff and patrols both in the area of the Trans Labrador highway and in the air all over Labrador.

One thing the Inuit in Nunatsiavut could do is; introduce closer controls and patrols and have education sessions on wastage, plus possibly lower the amount each hunter is allowed.

Only 30 years ago it was with pride that Labradorians talked about the largest herd in the world, wonder where we stand now.

Monday, November 08, 2010

Sunday was like chalk n cheese compared to Saturday, nice and sunny, light to moderate breeze, very nice day indeed.

Spent most of it doing much needed little chores again then off for a pleasant walk around the older and lower part of town. Crunchy underfoot, with odd patches of mud interspersed with the ice and frozen ground. The old dam has a skim of ice, this does not stop kids ridding their bikes on it, watched one kid take some serious looking falls.

With the fall back in time I was feeling a little mauzy myself by the end of the day. I had just fallen into a deep sleep when the phone rang at 11.30 or so.

Fran answered, the phone being on her side of the bed, and in a half sleepy voice mumbled some words and asked “who is this”.

Turned out it was a local resident calling to say our missing box of frozen chicken was at their home and could we pick it up. So I did.

Not so bad as the evening was warmish and clear, lots of vehicular traffic on road, most going down to the dock to pick up their freight.

In the fall of the year the freight boat unloads whenever it arrives, two years ago I was down at the dock in the early hours of the morning in the sleet and snow and slush of the lay down area.

I try to organize any freight coming in to get here no later than October, but best laid plans and all that.

Today is looking good too, though it is clouding over a bit.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Yesterday was one of those mauzy gray drizzly days, only good for doing stuff around the house and chatting about penis sizes and the like with visitors.

Fran suggested she would like to try this asparagus custard quiche for supper. When Fran says try she means eating things, not preparing them.

The only variation to the recipe was the use of fresh asparagus instead of frozen and the addition of cheddar and Swiss cheeses instead of Gouda.

Non the less it was deep and creamy, oozing cheese and very delicious.

Note: I was joking about penis sizes being talked about; dicks and politicians did not enter our thought processes all day.

Friday, November 05, 2010

An interesting interview was aired yesterday with Noah Nochasak on CKOK radio. Not available to listen to [or transcribe] on the OK web site but I feel confident that these services are not overly far off.

Noah you may remember is the guy who constructed his own kayak and then paddled it to Natuashish and back. In the interview he described his fears and triumphs on the trip, plus the trials and tribulations during the construction phase.

Noah also talked about how two local elders provided invaluable help during the construction, plus a little recent history of kayak construction in the area, it has been some decades since any have been attempted, until now.

It is not my role to provide public service announcements to NG beneficiaries, none the less in the absence of any other service provider:

Brian Flowers of Hopedale is the new Property Manager [PM] for the Nunatsiavut Government.

The position had been vacant for some time due to the abrupt departure of the previous PM.

The interim role of PM had been the responsibility of the Deputy Minister to the First Minister, this changed this past Monday.

I came about this information quite by accident. Last evening while down at the dock checking if I had any freight on the Northern Ranger [I did not, nor did many people as she was almost devoid of freight, strange for this time of year]. Sitting on the dock for loading was a pallet of shrink wrapped filling boxes loaded with files.

The address label said, To: Brian Flowers, Property manager, NG, Hopedale.

I’m sure NG will have this and other news out in due course, or later as is usual the case, or not at all as is the case at times also.

For those wot have an interest in these things, the new PM is the brother in law of the Deputy Minister to the First Minister who was the interim PM after the previous PM abruptly departed.

Now to something fishy: I knocked up a different fish cake last evening.

I had the usual; couple left over pieces of fried char, a small tin of salmon but was hankering for a different twist.

So I puréed [mashed up] some chick peas, added an egg, some dried oregano, basil, Thai spice, green onion, chili pepper. Chilled the cakes before frying, turned out not bad either.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Not sure what the CBC rational for this story is. The first thing I think of though is; man this guy who is obviously an Inuk, seems to be doing it tough and without any visible signs of counseling or intervention, Christ a rap sheet 22 pages long. I also suspect there is something missing from the story; example, why was he in Gander? Worth reporting IMO.

The story here has broader implications for Nunatsiavut. If you look up the court docket for Nain you will see similar stories of people with rap sheets almost as long, the same people time after time for the same types of crimes. No intervention by the province but especially Nunatsiavut Government.

There are very serious issues that many Inuit are suffering, people who are in responsible positions know what these issues are but refuse for some reason to deal with them in any intelligent or meaningful way.

Since July Nain has lost four lives and three homes to fire with not a question or for that matter answers forthcoming as to the reason why. Everybody knows there are possible reasons for these deaths but no one is asking the right questions, or any question in public for that matter.

The first of latest fires drew a big hue and cry mainly centered at banning alcohol. All sorts of promises were made by council and NG representatives at an invited only forum, the council held a public meeting.

Now all we hear is the deafening silence of the zuper zecrete zociety.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

It's OK we are all mushrooms.

The sad saga of the mv Astron continues. the Astron was last in the Port of Nain on the 27th of October.
On it's run back down the coast the Astron was officially reported to be in Makkovik due to weather for several days.

We have wind but not that bad so it sounded like a load.

I wonder if it was due to having a rope around it's propeller and they had to get a diver in to cut it away?

Any way it is underway again and barring any break down with engines, steering, thrusters, crane failure, running into shoals and what have you we could see it up this way in a week.

Monday, November 01, 2010

Trick or treaters were down this year, not sure of the numbers, Fran still asleep.

G-Grandson #1 below and #2 at left.

Tried a different recipe for meat loaf, half pork and half beef but with some different additives.

If was OK but not as good as caribou and I will revert back to lots of thyme, basil and oregano, my favorite.


111 trick or treaters graced our porch last evening, down from 180 to 200 other years, could have been the icy slippery roads or others reasons.