Friday, December 31, 2010

While down the airstrip seeing Carter and Co off I took some photos with my [Xmas gift] 70-300 [140-600mm equivalent] lens. The top zoom sure brings things closer than anything I have had before, takes some getting used to.

Only way to hold her steady really is to have something to rest the camera or arm on, ideally a tripod should be used but cant bother lagging it around all the time.
Today is the deadline to register your oil tanks outside Nunatsiavut. Inside Nunatsiavut you have till September 2011 and August 2012.

If you want to figure that out then go here.
Carter and Co left for Goose Bay Tuesday.

Sad to see them leave but happy for them moving into a rental house and setting up a proper household.

You can tell by the shot of Sheldon he is overwhelmed with joy at leaving.

Then a shot of a sleeping Carter, Aimee, Stephanie and Fran in the airstrip waiting room.

Fran and John in the smoking room killing time till the plane arrived.
Having to play catch-up. Another wide spread 'internet down' situation, this time ours was down over 28 hours.

People were getting internet back up in stages, we came back up just after 4 pm yesterday with little blips in the service for several hours.
Seems normal this morning.

Not sure what the cause was, have seen nothing official just several conflicting rumors and twitter chatter.

One thing for sure the lack of 'capacity' within Aliant's Labrador network has to play a role.

So by popular demand we have the ever growing sausages at one week old.
Then a shot of the very brief snow fall last evening, along with the little snow came the wind. You can see the surface of the road still in this shot.

When the pups are not sleeping they are tearing at moms teets ravenously. Siutik takes it all in stride, she is starting to come inside and do some 'normal' stuff, she even is aware when we are getting ready to go out so has come on several walks, amazing instincts dogs have.

On the walks we do not go far till she is looking back and hinting it is time to return. When we do start for home it is all out pulling on the leash.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Need a magnifying glass to check the snow fall of yesterday. Enviro Canada also need to refine the forecasts for the north coast, they could do that by having forecaster based in Goose Bay.

We had the lightest of snow fall here. As has been the norm over the past couple of years all these 'winter storm warnings' seem to pass south of us. We are still effected by the lack of planes flying except for the odd occasion.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Five days old; relocation day today, have to see how that goes.

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It is cloudy out with moderate winds, temperature is about -8 and on the upswing, could be we will miss the brunt of the storm again but will wait and see.

Monday, December 27, 2010

December 27, 2010,

will it go down in history as an anomaly or the start of a trend?

Whatever; it is starting to feel weird, people should be thinking about how thick the ice is for snowmobile travel, at least along the shore.

No snow to speak of, seals are whelping three months early, people in Hopedale and elsewhere going out in boat to get a duck or whatever, weird I tell you.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

I'm here

Their there

And your getting too close.

Carter at 4 weeks on Christmas day. He came up for dinner with his parents, grandma and uncle Matthew. Carter was very well behaved even as controversy surrounds him

Some deliberate baiting going on with Carter receiving several Canadians motif gifts while his dad is sporting new Maple leaf gear. Interesting times ahead, mom may have to intervene.

We missed the forecast-ed snow, Hopedale received some but also wind, Goose Bay had some snow and some freezing conditions at higher elevations.
One cant rely on the forecast models at the moment, they change from day to day and hour to hour in some cases.

I see another big storm is working its way up the eastern seaboard, will we receive anything out of it? Not if recent history is a guide.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas to one and all

here's hoping the festivus goes well.

But I ask you, does this look like a northern Canada December 25? More like a southern Victoria.

Inside it is more like the season.

Siutik does not take many breaks, when she does she barges out and back in all business.

Poor girl was torn last evening when visitors were here, wanted to come out and mingle right bad but the duties of motherhood won the day.
Clear and cool, -14 at the house this morning.

I won the puppy pool [sort of]. I was predicting Siutik would have here pups late last week early or this week. Fran said my math was out and after Christmas was more likely.

Well after a long labor, about 30 hours, she did what she did the first litter, that is start having the pups while we were out in for supper.

Came home just after 9 and from the end of the hall I could hear the little squeals from the berthing room.

Picture on the left is last evening and 3 pups. On right is this morning and 5 pups.

Still very protective mom is so not bothered her too much except place two at her tits when they wandered in the wrong direction.

The plan was for her to have the pups out in the back porch, Fran insisted.
Well mom had other ideas I tell you, she chose a spot in a spare bedroom and that was that, no manner of having her check out other spots, especially the back porch, made a bit of difference.

Have to set 5 more places for tomorrow.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Some shots of the crowed building up then of the tree then lighting of the tree last evening.

T'was three nights before Christmas before the tree lighting took place. The ceremony took place about 6:30'ish, beautiful night, quite a big crowd in attendence.

I am not positive but I think I inadvertently captured Mr and Mrs. Clause in civvies checking out the scene when I took this picture.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Some more photos of the Northern Ranger model.

A friend down in Australia sent these photographs of a 1/80th scale model of the Northern Ranger.
Terry Byrne and his wife Lois have visited the Labrador coast on three occasions, we met them here on there first trip. We have been here to meet them on subsequent trips and hooked up with them twice on trips down under.

Terry used to own a metal fabrication business and always has to be doing something when not traveling.
This is the third model of a ship he has traveled on; he managed to get hold of some drawing of the Ranger for accuracy when doing the model.

It’s not a bad job eh?

Looking like another nice day, clear and in the minus, nice dusting of snow on the ground but need several more feet before we will be happy.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Precipitation in the form of white fluffy flakes this morning. Not sure if the white stuff will stick around with temperatures hovering around -1.

Busy day at the post office yesterday with backlog of mail being picked up, we scored well, we now are all set for the big gift unwrapping.

Two pictures of the tree before most of the presents put under.Of course waddlely wanda has to get in on the action.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Despite forecast to the contrary the weather lifted and precipitation ceased long enough to allow planes in yesterday. Apart from some unlucky folks on the afternoon Innu Mikun flight most people got in and or out of coastal communities.

Mind you it was iffy all day with threatening clouds and fog drifting all from the east, but the visibility was sufficient for safe landings.

Fran was itching for a walk so we did a short jaunt [Suitik waddled] down the northern point.

On the way back we were caught up in the Santa parade that left from the airstrip, lots of vehicles this year.
Maybe the fire trucks could get noise suppressors for there horns and sirens for parades, just say’n.

Being a CBC radio fan I thought yous all might like to sign this partition so I don't loose my favorite listening pleasures.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Rain with wind this morning. Another not very Christmas like day. Took the pictures below yesterday afternoon just after 3.

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Inside it was smelling like a bakery with the warm to go with it.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot less like Christmas
Ev'rywhere you go;
Take a look at the sky, glistening once again
with rain n fog and silver lanes aglow.
It's beginning to look a lot less like Christmas,
ice n water in every road, but the prettiest sight yet to see is the snow that will be
on on it's way if we will hard enough.

The above photos taken at 3:08 pm yesterday, a short dark day indeed.

It is precipitating liquid out there again this morning, same for tomorrow with a possible cloud covered brake Monday.

Friday, December 17, 2010

The Aussies are coming to Labrador. Well we are already here but these Aussies mean to despoil the landscape as to Canadians despoiling it.
Notice what a bloody cheesy web site Aurora has?
Live updates: almost. Took these shots just after 8, you can make out a dog on the right and a kid on the left. The dog rushes across, jumps on the kid [in friendship], kid falls to ground, truck driving up road does right thing and stops to see if all is copacetic.

Like I said, it is treacherous out there.

Temps steady at +1 light drizzle and fog, visibility down to 2 k. surprisingly similar to same day last year and a little like 2001 except for the strong winds that day.

Roads still look treacherous for walking and driving, road outside our house looks more like a skating rink glistening in the street lights.

Here is a little background on the video posted below. While watching it I thought that hill in the background looked familiar, most of the commenter really got it screwed up didn’t they?

I don’t have the fine details but thought a mention is worthy.

Next week [weather permitting] there will be a delegation from a section of the Innu from Quebec in town to present appreciation certificates to the members of the Crises Response Team.

It is specifically for the work the team carried out back in 2000, a bad year for suicides and natural deaths.

More updates and corrections if necessary when I have access to them.

Update of above: It wont be next week but the following week, a community feast is planed for the 29th at which time awards will be presented to the members of the Crises Response Team of the year 2000.

The organization giving the awards is called;

First Nations and Inuit Suicide Prevention Association of Quebec and Labrador.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Table Mountains has an update on those who choose to run the gauntlet of the "wreck-house" when the winds are up to 120 clicks and above.

Further to speaking ones mind in a blunt fashion, makes me look like Mother Teresa.

Update 2: At left taken 12:10pm. Fog is right down, a goodly part of the road system has been sanded/graveled but not our section as yet.

The school is closed for the afternoon, it would take many kids about 1/2 an hour to walk home to the newer homes up the 'Quebec' end of town, then the same walking back.

We went to the shop this morning, curtailed going to the shops because it is too treacherous.

Update: Picture at right shows people doing it tough on the way to work and school. Some doing the skating thing, some doing the sliding thing, some picking the route from snow at the side then sliding on the road and one had one grip on one foot until they could get to the store and buy a pair.

Yeeew; its 2 degrees and light rain, not good at all.

Last year same day temps went from -13 to -3 and it snowed all day. In 2001 -6 to -3 and we had blowing snow all day.

Yesterday was cloudy overcast and up to +2, not bad enough to stop the planes getting in.

I missed the second of the seniors Christmas lunches, this one put on by the NG department of health. Fran went and brought home the goodies, some real practical stuff like warm mitts and a small tarp for me, Fran had some good stuff too. Thank you to all those involved in putting these events on.

The reason I missed the lunch was an urgent call for bread, had to mull it over hard before deciding to spend a good part of the day close to the oven.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Gun be hard walking, it is not like ice, it is ice out there. Lousy weather right across the board by the sound of it.
Temps are hovering around the 0 to + 1 mark.

On second look after first light it is not that bad out there, not as icy as it looked in the dark.

Little bit of historical reference; same day in 2009, temperature from -23 to -15 with clear sky's.

Same day in 2001, temp range from -4 to -1 but we had a big dump of snow that day.

Update: Yesterday Tony Dawson the host of Labrador Morning was sort of boasting about the great sunrise they had in GB yesterday, he posted a photo he took with his 'blackberry' on their web site.

On looking at the photograph I thought that I could one up him with one I took here on December 3.

I sent an e mail stating, that is not a sunrise... this is a sunrise, with the picture attached.

Tony took it all in good stride and posted my picture alongside his own.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Here is the tree at 2:20 pm today. Not a big bit of difference to yesterday.cloudy low overcast, snow is melting right fast. No rain as yet.

Still it is slushy as seen in the below picture.

Fran is just getting home from the Health Clinic seniors Christmas dinner with the goodies handed out. Thanks to the staff and all the helpers for the great dinner and for inviting Santa to give out the stockings.

I attended too but on the way home picked up some gas with my shanks's pony komatik, helped to digest the big meal.

Notice the swollen belly of the dawg, any time now.
Good dollop of snow on the ground. From -13 yesterday at 5 am temperatures have risen, almost by the hour, to +1 at 5am this morning.
It is foggy and +7 in Makkovik, hope that front is not heading this way.

Lots of people are rejoicing, maybe prematurely, the ski-dooabilty [I think I will patent this] of the roads. Lot's of people are also bemoaning the hoons who only know one speed when on a ski-doo even in town limits.

Transparent and accountable: I think there are many who would argue [with good reason] that these two words should not be used in describing the Nunatsiavut Government as it is today.

Yet it come as no surprise that the Minister of Finance would couple those words in defense of NG's auditing practices.

I have no idea if appointing an auditor general would help in the transparency and accountability aspects, but for sure something is rotten in the state of Denmark with the overall operations within NG.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Later update: Some purdy out there boy. Lets see what it looks like same time on the morrow.

Just back from picking up some fish from the fish plant, smoked char and frozen cod. The plant reopened last week to smoked char for the Goose Bay market, they ran out it seems. The plant will be open all this week for sure.

Later: A rarity for sure......snow is actually falling, yippee yi oh.

Then with projected + 5 temps tomorrow we wont get our knickers in a knot just yet.

Turns out I was wrong about it warming up some yesterday. It stayed quite chilly with wind chills from -19 to -23.

Still the day was sunny, on our walk we took the shore route and up some brooks so we were out of the wind most of the time. Even without sufficient snow it is still a beautiful invigorating place.

My stats were up for a Sunday, for some reason getting lots of hits from Vermont.
Totally unrelated; I have not been able to capture happy little children eating Erins holiday cookie recipe yet, but have anecdotal evidence that two grandchildren and two 60 somethings enjoyed them immensely.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Arhg, that not be the bite of some smiling little children sure, that be the bite of a big oh male cookie loving monster.
Darn fine chewy and tasty cookie it is too I am told.

Here are preliminary results of the big north American test kitchen cookie bake off.

The challenge was issued by Gale in comments here.

The taste test is yet to be done, will have to get a group of unbiased taste testers for this one.

Baking time was 14 minutes and I used glazed cherries instead of dry and I did not have any raspberries.

It’s warmed up a tad from the minus mid teen to minus 9 this morning. Wind chills are up too from minus 25 Friday to minus 19, they will rise further as the sun comes up. Other than that the last several days have been nice and clear.

Not looking forward to the projected rain come Tuesday, now that ill make the roads treacherous.

I usually refrain from commenting on peoples lives around the hood, but when other peoples behavior infringe on your privacy and wake you up and you are subjected to noise and loud swearing in the wee hours then bugger the rules.

I was just commenting yesterday how quite the nights have been in the neighborhood of late. Well I should have kept my mouth shut, if you count early morning as night that is.

Cops just paid several visits to the house diagonally across the road. People coming and going into and out of the cop’s car.

As a rule the people in the home are normal nice folk, alas the scourge of booze has a realy negative affect on some.

F-wit was outside for some 45 minutes or more banging and kicking on their door, bawling out, swearing at the top of his voice, meanwhile the lights are all on inside and no one is going to open the door. All the while F-wit is outside in just jeans and T shirt.

This type of behavior was very common at one time, and like I mentioned earlier; how quite it has been in the neighborhood at night lately.

Some folk just don’t change with age and experience.

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Bit of a big drop, + 3 Wednesday and -14 with -25 wind chills this morning. But we asked for it.

So some pictures to warm the soul.

Thursday is white bread making day, Wednesday is multi-grain day.

But this Thursday a was on final stage of some sourdough rye as well.

We had wing steaks the other night, served with German potatoes, tomato and asparagus.

What I admire about Elizabeth Penashue is that she has backbone and heart and cuts to the chase.
Unlike Inuit and Innu politicians and this new group who used to be Metis but are now not sure who they are so they call themselves NunatuKavut. One thing they are and Inuit are not, very vocal.

Sure the thee groups can argue that they represent all their membership/"beneficiary" best interests for the future, but the essence of it all is that these groups main reseon for being is the realtionship with the land and the environment and their respective cultures.

Destroying their essence of being is not way to look after the future.

So pussy footing around and saying you want to protect the land when all that statement is is a bargaining chip in levering more money and jobs is just a little bit too much to take.

Wahoo, first minus temps for awhile and the first minus wind chills in 7 days.

Still it is getting late for any decent ice formations, not looking good for ski doing.

Some people are going out in boat now to get their Christmas trees.

I heard a whisper that the large Christmas tree that was ordered from Nova Scotia for the community tree lighting was delivered to Nova Scotia. I guess that helps explain the mystery of why we don’t have a community tree this year.

Our MP in Ottawa has come up with a novel idea; Todd has a questioner out asking Labradorians their opinion on the recently announced ‘term sheet’ deal the recently departed premier fostered on people.

You can get the questioner in four languages.I have mine printed off and filled in ready to mail.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Nice partly sunny morn and I am stuck in the kitchen for a bit.

Big batch of multi grain bread to make, second stage of a sourdough rye and Fran says “could you make some chocolate chip cookies for me to take to senior’s bingo”.

Fran always knows the catch word to use, in this case senior’s bingo. Besides letting Fran in the kitchen is like letting loose a mini Igor, stuff all over the place, not good when I am in there too.

So I just finished three dozen cookies now for the bread.

Oh and there is yet another study being done; socio-economic effects on coastal Labrador as a result of possible future offshore oil and gas exploration. Just what we need at the moment?

This one is being done by private enterprise, the only upside I see s that it will get baseline facts before the fact, unlike the Voisey’s bay project that did not do any baseline studies before the fact.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Not that I don’t like the stuff but to date I have not had a hankering for fish n brew’s or brewis.

Others seem to have a hankering for it though going by the urgent calls sent out for hard tack. Since the Purity factory lock out hardtack has been almost impossible to buy in most locations.

In that light this recipe posted by an anonymous poster on OKS web site could come in handy. Try it and let me know how it turns out.

Of course you could Google hardtack recipe but I have saved you the problem.

Hardtack - makes 4 sheets
Preheat oven to 400 F

2 cups whole wheat flour
2 cups white flour
1/4 cup vegetable oil
1 cup milk
1/4 cup molassas (could substitute honey)
1/2 Tablespoon salt

Mix all ingredients well. Divide into 4 equal balls. Roll each ball as thin as possible on a floured surface using a floured rolling pin. Place sheet onto a lightly greased cookie sheet and bake in a 400 F oven for about 10 minutes or until edges brown. Turn gently and continue cooking until edges turn up and center is stiff, about 10 minutes. Cool on cooking rack. After cooling break into smaller pieces and store in airtight container. Cooking times will vary depending on type and color of cooking sheet and number of sheets in oven.

I will add if the product is not hard or dry enough to allow further drying on a rack or dehydrator until very dry to prevent spoiling and to have your homemade hard tack last for future meals.

It is 2.2 degrees going on 4 am. Last year at the same time same day it was around -14.
Just say'n.

Update: The fog lifted a little bit there for awhile but down again now.

I do not know much at all about Qaanaaq except that the Americans have an air force presence nearby.

But listener to this audio on CBC overnight some of the guys comments ring true for the Inuit here, even though the Inuit of Labrador are further along with assimilation.

Monday, December 06, 2010

Safe to say weather conditions are on everybody’s mind and lips. One cant walk the streets without stopping and having a chat about the anomalies, even people who once walked by with just a nod or a cheery hello now extol the “crazy weather eh”.

Yesterday was the pits with fog and drizzle and up to +2, like it is supposed to be in the high minus single digits, and snow should be on the ground, any sort of snow fer Christ sakes.

2009 was all the talk for its unusual warmth strange snow fall patterns and even stranger ice forming patterns.

So using 2009 as a baseline I compared the days November 1 to December 5 to the corresponding days in 2010.

Total days are 35.

Totals days in 2009 that the mean high temperature was higher than 2010=8.

Total days in 2010 that the mean high temperature was higher than 2009= 23.

4 days there was little to insignificant difference.

The 8 days in 2009 ranged from +1 to + 8 higher than corresponding days in 2010.

The 23 days in 2010 ranged from +1 to +12 higher than correspond days in 2009.

A good number of days in 2010 ranged in the +3 to +9 area higher than corresponding days in 2009.

At no time in those 35 days have we had any significant run of days in the minus high single digits. Even then at no time has the temperature dropped below -6 or -7 for any length of time.

No way will sea ice or any ice form in these conditions.

So is this weather out of the ordinary or not? Memories have similar events in single years, but no one remembers a two year cycle.

The forecast is saying that temperatures could drop into the minus high single digits later this week. Until then we will receive more of the same cloudy drizzly weather.

Update: Seems the guys who get paid big bucks agree with my assessment of the climate.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Lucky buggers.

Contrast this photo taken yesterday in south western Germany to those taken here yesterday.
photo by Karl-Heinz Raach.

Looks like the warm trend is to continue into next week for us.

It is +1.1 with fog and light rain at the moment.

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Calm as calm as can be

on the 4th of December 2010.

Un-bloody real.