Friday, June 30, 2006

Summer Visitors.

Weather is not very summery today, and not supposed to be over the long weekend. Kind of predictable that, like it’s predictable that our politicians will always disappoint ya, collectively or individually.

So we have this cruise ship in for the morning, only about 40 odd passengers, it can take 122. It’s the Lyubov Orlova headed up to Kuujjuaq for summer cruises out of that port, if you can call it a port. Seems the powers that be are attempting to get some sort of mutual tourism gig going between the two Inuit areas. I took the shot over the deck of the mv Astron; she is on her second trip of the season.

The plane [Cessna caravan] is chock full of high tech gear, it does geophysics runs in an attempt to define further what eldorados’ lay beneath the earths surface. It is here for six weeks, does a run in morning and another in evening, weather permitting. The appendage aft is an add on………and you thought it was a male plane.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Pickling the pickled peppers.

What a pretty pickle we are in with this ever increasing scandal emanating out of the house of assembly in St. John’s. Actually we have been in the pickle vat for some time. Some of us suspected, some of us were sure, that we long had a very mediocre bunch handling the affairs of the province.

I’d say many people here in the Torngat riding will feel very let down by our member being implicated in the scandal. I think many many people all over the province will feel anger and disappointment, or maybe some will even feel vindicated. For once we have bi partisan participation, what a way to get it eh?

It’s clear that a public inquiry is needed, so let’s get to it as quickly as possible. The air needs clearing, no need for these yo bo's to have their summer break, surly it is clear they have not earned it.
Some blogs are speculating on who would be best to sit on the inquiry panel, one name rings true for me, Lynn Verge would be ideal IMO.

Coincidence or not, this link from a friend in the states is appropriate.
He is an old sin city hand, so I suspect it is not a big coincidence.

Monday, June 26, 2006

We was robbed mate!

Scum sucking near sighted referees of FIFA.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Tasted good too.

Made this pie using red berries [partridge berries] from last falls crop, baked it as usual and added some strawberries and blue berries from the store. Just the right amount of tartness overriding sweetness. A big dollop of Blarrrh ice cream toped it right off.

On the weather front, it sure has people baffled some what. Temperatures are on the whole higher for longer periods of time, we then get these south westerly winds most of the day and into the early evening that are more like fall winds. Yesterday this front threatened for some time, when it hit there was a loud, one crack of thunder, a big downpour, and then it was over.

The evenings have been nice enough to want to sit out side, alas usually the wind drops, so the mossies eat you alive. If I knew this weather pattern was going to go on for years I would invest in a bug proof gazebo or something.

Some people are even asking the question; where are all the hordes of black flies? My wife responds with, who cares as long as they stay there.

Friday, June 23, 2006

What a Wow of a day.

Wow, up to 26 at the house yesterday.

WOW. Aimee had her last day at Jens Haven Memorial yesterday. At least we hope it is, I’m still not up on how the system works, but it does look like it will be.

On the down side for JHM, fourteen teachers and staff will be leaving this year, that’s a big lose of experience, hope the new generation can adjust quickly, I’m sure they can with help from the community.
Bye the bye, that’s a nice flag up on the wall eh?

Triple Wow, Australia’s ‘socceroos’ are into the final 16. Did it ugly IMO. But then I’m not a big follower of football. I always enjoy the game every four years, but that’s about it. I think I do know enough to predict that the Pommy referee of that game won’t see much more of this world cup, not from the pitch any way.
Against Italy Australia will have to ‘finish’ way better than they have to date. They seem to be able to get the ball into the scoring zone but then it shuts down. They look like a reasonable team of ‘journey men’ with no brilliance that some of the other teams have, though Kewell is close to being in that league. It will also be interesting to see who the Oz goalie is for the next game, I’m sure the starter yesterday would have had to seek refugee status some place if the result was a lose.
All that said, I did get an emotional and physical work out, have to up the training for the next one.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Reward offered.

Town Council of Nain has notices up around town offering a reward for the return, or information on where a bouts, of two flags. The flags, a Canadian and a Labrador, were taken from the flag pole attached to the council building.

No reward offered for the Newfoundland flag………Narh boy, just joking on that one. Though it is telling that no Provincial flag was up at the time.

Please, no jokes about Wally having them squirreled away some place.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Ice Creamy diversions

Like many I like a scoop of ice cream at times. I have noticed that over the last several years the choice of available brands of tubed ice cream had decreased to the stage of just one brand [the same brand] in three stores. To me this brand is of inferior quality, I know other brands are available in Labrador
so last week I took around a letter to two of the managers asking why we are treated differently.
To the managers credit I got very quick responses, verbally. The rational was one of freezer space, pricing, and in one case, had not thought to request any other brand. Both mentioned that other brands come in smaller sizes than the one that is in stock. Both managers said they would approach upper management to see if other brands could be brought in.

I understand storage may be an issue, though not one that could not be dealt with by rationalizing other stock.

By trying to rationalize the lack of choice by using pricing and size of containers is one I take offence at. Sending in the cheapest of anything in the interest of the consumer does not wash with me, and I’m sure many other consumers.
I did a quick take on some food items in both stores to prove my case, these items have been available all winter, and have been selling.

Northern Store:

Sea scallops $58.79 a KG, in .275 KG packets.
Shrimp $56.49 a KG, in .210 KG packets.
Cod Fillets $22.79 a KG, in .507 KG packets.
T Bone $28.79 a KG.
Chicken Breasts $17.39 a KG.

Big Land grocery:

Price per KG not marked on any items, just the total cost of any item.
$3.50 for two very small chicken thighs.
$8.77 for 3 small cod fillets.
$8.50 for a small wing steak.
$8.28 for a t bone.
$17.12 for packet of pork ribs.
Much of the frozen foods in Big Land are of very suspect quality, lot of items look very much like it is old stock and or has been partly thawed and re frozen.

I know conditions are worse in Somalia, Darfur and other places in the world. We are in Canada and part of the so called booming province of Newfoundland and Labrador. Labrador’s resources contribute greatly to both governments coffers; all I’m hoping for is equitable treatment for the people of the coastal communities.

Upetydate: I just priced the Blarh brand of ice cream at "Big Land" grocery. $7.99 for 2 litres. $8.99 for 4 litres. So it's true, size does matter.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Mixed bag and on the streets.

It was a pleasant day weather wise yesterday, up to 17 or so, mainly sunny with a brisk west wind.
Did the usual shopping with Fran and Matthew. Then took a ride around town hoping to spot the black bear, no luck, or good luck, as only being on our bikes Matthew is a bit reluctant to get too close to where it was last seen, rightly so too. Then did a bit of gardening with Matthew ‘making something’ in the workshop.
On the streets was a different story. Couple of people complained about the fact that gas and oil had gone up [see yesterdays post] but before new supplies had arrived. We still have last years inventory, purchased at last years prices one would presume. After the price freeze is over we expect price to rise, or occasionally lower. This is not the first time that prices have gone up on the old stock. I wish people would put as much vigor into attaching the appropriate authorities as they do bitching about things on the streets.

Then while we were trying to enjoy the day in the yard our neighborhood was inundated with 20 or so youth, roaming around between several houses in the area, trying to get sorted as to what no good they were going to get up to for the rest of the day. I know a lot of them, from dysfunctional families usually; it’s unfortunate that they have not had a great start to life. It always puts me on high alert when they gather in such large groups, or pods as we are want to call them. I was especially alert as several of the males were sucking in tokes at a high rate. It’s no fun having a drug pick up joint next door to you.
Add to that the racket going on all day from about four loose male dogs hanging around a bitch on heat across the road. Added to the chorus were the dogs tied up in the area who wanted to get in on the action.

So a mixed bag, the good, the bad, the ugly. Oh for the days before ‘progress’ found this beautiful place.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Time to hit the woods.

Very un northern like yesterday. Day started off very normal with temperatures in the low teens. Then mid afternoon this front came in from west, warm winds, became very dry, and got up to 27.6 at the house. Then in the evening, out of no where, rain showers and a couple of heavy down pours, it reminded me of summer evenings back down under. Bring on more of those evenings I say, or should I be careful for what I wish for?
Thursday gas went up from 128.4 a liter to 143.3 a liter. Heating oil from 130.8 to 139.1. Alas with the heating oil you have to add the taxes and delivery charges.
I’m pessimistically optimistic that the increase in gas will curtail the idiot joy riders on their 4 wheelers, and in some cases cars. Seeing the authorities are incapable, or unwilling, to deal with things like public safety, not to mention public nuisance issues, perhaps gas gouging and government taxes may do the trick.
Not a lot of good happy news up this way of late, what with the Justice Minister getting involved with the latest case of alleged bad policing. Guess there is no sense of conveying happy news where there is none. Oh, I know there is lots of good things going on around town, sadly the bad news and thoughtless incidents are on the increase, no dought about it. Until this is dealt with in a pro active way by the majority, the negatives will continue eating away, making it very difficult to live a normal life. So it's time to hit the woods and clear the head.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Update on mv Northern ranger crane balls up.

I hope there is more to say on this, I always wanted to say ‘uppity date’.

Seems the ranger did not leave the dock until around 11.30 to midnight last night, some 8 hours + behind schedule.
Worse still was it took about 20 pallets of freight with it, freight that could not be unloaded due to crane breakdown.

I have sent e mails off to WST minister as well as the PC member for Lake Melville. Don’t see the point of sending one to our member, he never responds to written correspondence, and I here he is a lame duck anyway. Having said that, last time I criticized him in print he did contact me, only does verbal contact stuff does our member.

Mixed bag.

The mv Northern Ranger was in on time yesterday [12.30]. With the wind, and ice south of here, I thought it may be delayed.

She had a mixed bag of freight for the stores and residents. Not a lot of local passengers, I did notice at least six tourists.

She was also still at the dock 2 hours after schedule departure time, not sure the reason for that.

On the ice situation, it seems there are quite a lot of Icebergs around Makkovik area, some quite large. Tourism has a web sight up showing iceberg locations for tourists I’m wondering why the Bergs around Makkovik are not listed on this sight. It could be that the Satellites are not asked to cover Northern Labrador; if that is so one must wonder why not. I have been trying to use contact info on the sight to ask those questions, but cant seem to get mail contact.

Sunday, June 11, 2006


Jolted back to reality with temperatures normal, only 13 high yesterday.
Lots of people went off in boats; some were fishing along the shore.

Later in the day our granddaughter brought us a duck, all plucked and ready for the pot.

We went to the stores, down to dump to watch a black bear feeding.
Then I rode around town with grandson to try wear him out. I succeeded, but he recuperates quickly and had his grandmother on the go later in afternoon.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

I'm a lonely little tuka-a-tuka

Took this shot yesterday afternoon, Fran calls these boats tuk-a-tuka’s. When a kid Fran used to go off with her grandparents in their trap boat with single cylinder Briggs and Stratton engine. They do make a noise like she describes. I'm not sure what type of engine this boat has.

Back to reason for photo; when I first arrived in Nain back in 1978 the harbor was full of these trap boats, now there is one. Most of the boats back then just had a cover over the engine and maybe a little house up near bow. People used them to go to their summer fishing places from late July till September. Arctic char was the main fish then, with some salmon.

It’s sad to see the more traditional life style disappear, now it seems every body and his dog has a speed boat, not that there is anything wrong with that. It’s just that it represents a further erosion of a culture and way of life, more speed to get to less recourses to get to where???

It managed to get to PLUS 30.8 c here yesterday, put the old Hawaiian shirt on after work was done for the day, very appropriate for the temperature, bit out of place here sure.

Did I mention the roads are dusty and Council has not put dust suppressant down yet?

Friday, June 09, 2006

Oldie from Hopedale.

Group of Elders of Hopedale Labrador, says around 1900 on back of picture.

Heat hit out of blue.

Wow, got up to 24.9 at back of house yesterday. Only complaint I have is the dusty roads, council has not put down the dust suppressant yet. It was too hot even for the pesky bugs, until early evening that is. Great for my garden, I'm always impatient waiting for things to grow enough to harvest.
Pic is of some of last years lettuce in the side raised bed.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Yowza, hot or what?

Would not complain about it being up to 21 c at noon only for fact it is so dusty. Council has not gotten around to applying the dust suppressant yet, takes the fun out of hot days for many.

Garden is staring to show signs of life at least; can’t wait for the fresh lettuce, spinach, herbs, and the flowers will brighten up the front.

Can’t seem to get pictures to down load, so can’t show last years crop of lettuce, must be this heat.

Monday, June 05, 2006


My new/first scanner arrived late last week; good thing the weather was not that great as I would have felt guilty about spending most of the weekend playing around with the thing if it was sunny and calm.
It is a Conoscan 4200F, does negs and slides too.
Fran helped with digging out all the old pictures, man there is a lot.
This one is one of my favorites, taken at the Okalakatiget Society opening and of their new [old boarding school] facility in 1985. Not all the members of the Moravian Church Brass Band [of the day] were present, but it added a unique touch to the day. The dog liked it so much that he joined up on the spot, all-be- it, as their leader.

Sea Highways.

This baby is up for sale soon, any one interested?

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Morning person.

I have long been a morning person, much to the consternation of my dear wife. She be the other way.

I find a sort of calm, with a dose of apprehension of what a new day will bring.
Maybe too it’s the fact that most of the evil little shits in the world are asleep at this time of day. What ever it is I am usually in a very good mood in the morn.

So I use the above to explain my rational in adding my two cents worth to the post over at NL-Outsidethebox regarding a possible use for the GBS [gravity based structure] once it has [in NL’s words] sucked all the oil out of the earth. NL has suggested that the GBS could be put in the middle of the Straight of Belle Isle and used as part of a fixed link.
I think the Inter model cable car would be the best option; it worked well for North West River for years. Maybe they could resurrect some of the parts that are still there near the old HBC store.

Picture courtesy of Chris Waynes who resides in the old dart.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Speaking of boats.

Left is the mv Bonavista on my first visit in 1978. Had some great trips on her in the early 80's. A bunk up in the bow was something to experience.
Also experienced a trip in first class, just below the bridge, much quieter for sure.

Other one is the mv Northern Ranger heading to dock in 2005. Had many trips on her, bring back Marine Atlantic IMHO.

Answer to comments and addition.

Peter said,
Yeah, that's great to see. Congratulations to all. I like the look of the service in the church too. Seems like some good things going on with the church, local elders in charge.

I am told that this was the first time the graduation class had a church service prior to the dinner dance. If it is not the first, then it has been many years since the last.
All I spoke to thought it a very good thought by grads, and added something a little special to the day. I’m not overly religious, but when I hear that Nain choir singing in Inuktitut I always get a little tight in the throat. Plus I like the church interior, plain and simple.

Brian, sounds like you're really counting down the days till the Ranger comes in. Twelve more sleeps. LOL! -Peter

If you could see the shelves in the stores you would be counting the days too. Aside from that, it is always nice to see the ‘first boat’ come steaming up to the dock, even if it just has coke, chips, ice cream and perhaps beer. It is the sign of new stock for the larder and perhaps new household items to come.
The first couple of years after my arrival the ‘Nain Brass Band’ used to still play on the boats arrival, this legacy of the Moravian Church was another nice event IMO. Alas the band has disbanded due to no new blood taking up the instruments.

In my post yesterday I forgot to mention that a wood pecker has been sighted around town as well.

Thursday, June 01, 2006


lot of some what unusual wildlife activity in the near vicinity to the town of late.
Five moose have been seen close by. One cow and yearling are close to town, some times in outer fringes of town. Another cow and two your ones have also been spotted.
Also close is a black bear, it has been seen harassing the yearling moose, mother moose sent it packing, bear was seen sliding down a snow bank at high rate of speed.
A beaver is in one of the water ways, not sure which one.
A European starling has been seen, not unusual for up here, but not all that common either.
Earlier this week some one sighted some kind of humming bird, right in centre of town.

Seems the humming bird, if that what it is, has been coming back last couple of years.
Black bears have been hanging around near town last several years. They have been up on Nain Hill last several years, some times as close as near the back of our houses. Some have also been hanging around across the harbor; last year some people were even feeding one with fish guts, wildlife officials advised that this was not such a smart idea.

Only 13 more sleeps till the first arrival of the passenger/freight boat mv Northern Ranger. The freight only boat may or may not get here first, I think it is the mv Astron this year, but stand to be corrected.