Monday, August 31, 2009

A leafy repast on this balmy late summer eve.

Actually no one seems to know what to call this warming trend, is it a late summer, a warm fall, very baffling but we will take it.

Now for something less palatable.

50 years ago the Newfoundland Government and the Moravian Church asked the people of Hebron to assemble in the local church for an announcement. That announcement and the ensuring relocation of the people of Hebron have received wide publicity this year.

There was an apology issued by the Newfoundland Government, a plaque laying ceremony in Hebron to honor the relocatees and it is recorded that at least one of the Moravian ministers had regrets about the way the official parties conducted themselves in that sad part of Labrador History.

Fast forward to 2009 and we seem to be repeating history, or at least some misguided souls are gung-ho on doing so.

These past couple of years and specifically this year Nain has had several groups of Christian fundamentalists [CF] visit. These CF are usually the guests of an ensconced Nain based Christian fundamentalist [NbCF].

This spring one group of these CF along with the NbCF asked the local Moravian church elders if they could do a service and prayer in their church. This was agreed to, along with one of the elders agreeing to read a prayer.
The elder who agreed to read a prayer asked to see a copy of the prayer prior to the service; this was denied by the CF/NbCF.

So the service and prayer went ahead. During the prayer reading I believe the elder started to have second thoughts, but proceeded anyway.
At least one elder left the church during the reading, I am not aware of any other protestations made in public; though that does not mean that there have not been any.

The prayer read was titled Strategic Prayer Strategy: I have page one listed below and will put up the remaining three pages in later posts.

We are getting a late kick at the cat with some warmer weather. Nice over the weekend with some sunny patches, up to 14 Saturday and 16 yesterday. The down side is: I was outside watering my meager garden and the little blighter sand flies made a mess of my forehead and neck. It was Ok walking as long as you faced into the wind.

We did a recon into the hills yesterday to check out the berries. Still not much sign of blue, there are some red but small. By the look of things this will be a very poor year for berries, except maybe the bake apple. Even the mushrooms are scarce for picture taking.

Check out Wayne’s blog, his latest post showing the overturned trailers, mobile homes and the like.

What chance have we up here with just over 30 thousand voters when the totally incompetent/inept/corrupt Newfoundland government can’t see the rational in putting up signage on the main road entry point to the Island?

I just came upon this discussion; can you imagine any Nunatsiavut elected members participating in this sort of dialogue, or them allowing any bureaucrats partaking? I can’t.

Natan was the unsuccessful candidate in the Last NG presidential election.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

On de boat 3.

The early morning of the 25th the weather became really rough, lots of rocking and rolling though not as bad as our trip south two years ago. Had trouble staying on feet at breakfast and had to keep a good grip on the breakfast tray and dishes etc.

After Makkovik it was a little smoother, even the turbot boats were leaving port while we were there. We were told that the boats were heading home south but this one was heading north east.

The couple who celebrated there 63rd on the boat must be getting tired of the Ranger by now. The latest is that she was due in Makkovik [weather permitting] at 7 this morning. That will have here well over 24 hours late getting into Goose Bay.

We left Hopedale late evening and arrived in Natuashish around 6am. Very quite and still with calm waters while there.

The three huskies were loaded on in Hopedale and I only noticed them when venturing out on deck after a good sleep. They were very interested in all the sounds around them, at times all three would be out of sight in the box, the slightest whistle or the crane boom overhead brought them up for a look see. I whispered some calming and encouraging words but resisted petting them.

The final leg into Nain I was hoping to get some more rays on the top deck, alas the wind was too strong and too cold so we went down to the lounge to watch the wide screen TV.

OK it is just a mural, fooling around with the camera helped pass some of the time.

Friday, August 28, 2009

More from da boat trip.

Site of the new NG assembly building, cant complain about the lack of a solid foundation can one?

Hopedale [old part] on a rainy soggy day last week.

Fran’s stomping ground from her youth. Tikigatsuk was the site of Fran’s grandparents cabin, it’s between Hopedale and Postville.

Sunset on Lake Melville, taken on return journey, the only time we had sun was that Friday afternoon.
We may have had issues with getting a confirmation on a cabin, with a grumpy purser and the vessel leaving late due to crane problems, but all was forgiven [but not forgotten]] while sitting out in the warmth of the sun for an hour or so, [it’s the little things].

The only two tourists on board celebrated their 63rd wedding anniversary on the Tuesday. The kitchen crew got wind of it and made a cake, it was rough that night so more power to them for making the effort.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Some scenes from da boat trip last week n this.

Fran had the time catching up with old buddies and acquaintances n the like, spent most of time up in lounge or down on the dock hav’n da smoke. The rumor that all the smokers were taking an illicit puff at da back of da boat is just that, rumors.

On the trip down [or up depending on who you talk to] the fog and drizzle was intense, it did not clear up until we passed Rigolett. The early arrival in Hopedale did not deter one of Fran’s sisters walking over to pay a short visit, Fran urged me to take a picture of the lonely figure as she walk back to work.

I can not pass up an opportunity to show the carpet of our first class cabin # 202.
It costs $444.40 Nain to Goose Bay for that cabin, quite disgraceful really.

The total cost for Fran and self one way came to $757.77. Plus meals of course, if you could call them that, but that is another much longer story.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I am taking a break for a week or so, recharge and refresh ready for the fall. Alas it may be here already, fall that is; lots of people mentioned that ‘feeling’ yesterday.

I leave you with some more text from this document called “Strategic Prayer Strategy”. I am told that this [4 printed page] prayer was read out in the Moravian Church some time this year. A group affiliated with the Shinning Light Ministry [SLM] asked for the use of the church. Some one did not exercise due diligence it would seem, or as is their want, are overly trusting.

I confess the sin of committing and the removal of innocent people from their own land.
The theft of property and the theft of the dignity and freedom people took place. In particular, the removal of the Inuit people from Hebron, the land of their ancestral heritage. I acknowledge on behalf of myself and my family that this involved the sin of usury, exploitation, control, manipulation and intimidation.
We repent, and reject and repent the sin of cannibalism.

I am no theological scholar, why I have trouble even attending weddings and the odd funeral, though when I do attend I enjoy the sound of certain hymns when sung in Inuktut, they have a certain peaceful relaxing sound to them when sung in that language.

But I digress; it seems to me that the confessions of the above and the condemning of past sins run parallel with what the SLM and its affiliates and partner ministries are doing in this modern day. That is: “the sin of usury, exploitation, control, manipulation and intimidation”. One just has to read any of the literature and web sights dedicated to fund-raising to come to this conclusion.
The exploitation and manipulation of the Inuit continues, Yogi Berra was correct, "This is like deja vu all over again."

It is possible, but highly unlikely, that these people are in the know as to what is really going on behind closed doors and hidden away in the bush, what with the mention of cannibalism and you should read the stuff under the heading IDOLATRY. Bloody hell!!!!!!!

Another bit a bad news before signing off: OK Society will be without am Executive Director far an unknown amount of time.

The [just] past ED left town yesterday, sorry to see her departure but thems the breaks.

It was thought than a new ED had been hired and would arrive in short order.

Alas Monday night the ‘to be ED’ called and pulled the plug.

Monday, August 17, 2009

I was not going to blog today, very busy you know. Alas I was very disturbed by some rumors [at the time] going around on facebook and some personal contact about a proposal to build from Ray Whalen and or the Shining Light Ministry and or True North Aid. Hard to know who is who in the big scheme of fundraising scams these people are involved with.

So I checked out building applications at the town council office. Low and behold Ray Whalen has had an application in to build a large building of around 7,000 sq ft costing some 1.2 million dollars for some time.
It is claimed to be a “community center” by the above mentioned shady bunch of religious zealots.

When I first heard this I thought it can’t be true. Nain has a community hall, a sportsplex, a ball field, a day care center, a community resource center. Nain has many organized activities for youth of all ages in summer and winter. There are activities for the older folk; Nain is like any modern remote community anywhere in Canada.
It certainly is not like these zealots portray it in there misguided PR blurbs and facebook propaganda.

Sure there are kids who don’t fit with these activities and some who just don’t care. But for anyone to imply that kids are starving, unclothed and Nain has the one of the highest suicide rates in Canada is just plain lying through their teeth.

Any way back to the building applications. It gets involved and time is short, suffice to say that Nain council wants Ray Whalen or SLM to pay for all that is involved with having hearings and engineer involvement that comes from their application to acquire 30 feet of land adjoining the lot intended for building zoned “Environmentally Protected ”land and change the zoning to “general use”.

I am also reprinting input from the comments section from what seems like an informed concerned citizen.
You all judge for yourself, my mind is made up.

Its good to see someone commenting on this group. They certainly are someone to be questioned for their motives, practices and beliefs. Many of the comments on some of the various sites are quite blasphemous and certainly insulting for Nainimuit. Circulating in Nain is a paper titled “ Strategic Prayer Strategy” which was read in the Moravian Church in Nain, by a group sponsored by SLM. This prayer’ has certain comments such as ‘I forgive my ancestors for the effect of their sins on my descendants. We confess that my ancestors we involved in the sin of idoltry. We repent the shedding of blood through assisted suicide of the elderly and sick of our ancestors. We repent that my ancestors and I have been involved in the sin of bloodshed. We repent the shedding of blood of the Moravian Missianoaries… more particularly John Ehrhardt..We ask for forgiveness for any illegitimate births that have taken place within our ancestral lineage. We pray that all curses on the land that exist due to our and our ancestors sine be broken and nullified..”

To think this is the same group who are planning on setting up a building in Nain and who are canvassing donations in the outside world is sickening. I hope many residents of Nain read this and become aware of the truths, and to those outside hear the real story. Nain does have problems, but it is also a normal, average, modern community, who does not NEED these people with their distorted views, bribery and beliefs.


Sunday, August 16, 2009

Yesterday was nice out except for the flies being ferocious. Today is nice out and the brisk wind is keeping the little blighters away.

CKOK, the for the first time in many weeks, had the Moravian church service on this morning. The broadcast quality was much improved.

Earlier in the week the mixer box was repaired and then new and relocated wiring was done to accommodate three mikes instead of the original one.

At the moment there is a new mike location, it hanging from the ceiling pointed at the choir and organ at back of the church. Another new location is a small wireless mike up at the alter, the person doing the sermon and the organ were very discernable compared to before.

When the new mikes arrive another one will be placed hanging from the ceiling above the congregation and a mike stand and goose neck will by placed at the alter replacing the wireless mike.

That should give a much improved broadcast for all those interested along the coast and Lake Melville region.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

If there were any inebriants roaming around in our neighborhood last night then they were much quieter. No knocking, bashing, kicker of doors at 1 and 2 in the morning.

Praise the lord, maybe this crowd got to them and saved the bejasus out of them, though more likely a bad headache or lack of funds played a larger role.

What a load of balderdash contained in that shameful fund raising spiel.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Oi, where the bloody hell are we?

And you think Air Canada does badly by you eh?

I have never been to the capital of Cape Breton Island but from what I read it does not stack up all that well to the capital of NSW. Harbor aside there are no toxic tar ponds and the population is some what larger in the Sydney I grew up in.

There are some similarities between the region of Cape Breton and the Dutch folk’s final destination Wollongong. Well similarities in the past tense at least. Wollongong region has a thriving coal mine industry and the largest steel mill in the southern hemisphere. Cape Breton did have a steel mill and a thriving coal mine industry.

Positively balmy last night, +22, good wind out of North West keeping flies away.

Great night to be out for a walk if you could dodge the inebriated. They are harmless [to most] but it is annoying. Not that I have never been inebriated, but I always remembered any discretions I may have perpetrated, so I changed, comes with age and experience, at least for some.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Down to the dock to meet a passenger on the Northern Ranger. She arrived on time; the disgorging passenger count was way down for this time of year. Less than a handful of tourists and less than four handfuls of coastal folk.

Our passenger on disembarking pointed out a large brown scare on the port side of the ship starting near the ships name. The brown scare was about 15 feet or more long. At the start of the scare were two squares of fresh blue paint. I look at our passenger, he says she rammed into the dock in Cartwright and punched a hole in the steel. Seems a computer glitch caused the malfunction.

Meanwhile, the flies were at their seasons worst yesterday. I have noticed a new phenomenon around the streets this year. People walk around with what look like orange table tennis bats waving them in the air.
Electronic bug keeper a-ways are what they are, wonder if they work? By the amount of waving that was going on maybe not. At least the bug juice I had on lived up to it’s name, they loved the stuff.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

We have finished the coast to coast challenge. Congratulations Team Nain. They are going to have another challenge to participate in soon, just getting warmed up we are.

This is only anecdotal as I am busy with other things for couple of days, but the informed word is that the mv Aston arrived yesterday on it’s regular run with 4 to 5 pieces of construction equipment, 1 pallet of unknown freight and sweet bugger all else.

Now this is the second week in August [for the stupid barstards who operate our shipping: see NL government and the Woodward Group] and the stores are yet to be the receiver of any new dry goods and food of substance.

There are still overpriced items in Northern from when they flew in all the freight for the grand opening in April. The variety is small and the stock is getting old in all stores. Sure there is enough that we should not starve, but that is not the point.

My little dig at Junos yesterday had a couple of nibbles from out of Labrador journalists, but the reality is the jab was centered on Labrador media. No nibbles in that area. Now we have more fodder in the transport file but apparently no interest in covering north coast stories of substance.
Why CBC did not even send any one up to Hebron to cover the premier and the relocates memorial plaque laying.

CBC GB should have a CBC reporter interviewing an Okalakatiget reporter who was at Hebron aired this morning. CBC GB is short staffed it being summer holidays and one reporter gone on education leave.
The Labradorian, who knows? CKOK, well they are doing there best with limited resources and trying to cover all issues but not having much luck getting people directly involved to do an interview.
Maybe that is the problem, the people who are responsible for the disaster that is transport in Labrador just do not give a rats arse what people think, you take it or leave it.

Well Mr. Vise President of Nunatsiavut Government, now may be the time for that promised change of tactics in dealing with these gobshits.

Some little tit bits heard around. The bath rooms at the airstrip were miraculously back in working order late last week. One wag quipped “just in time for the premier to run in to take a leak”.
Up in Hebron while inspecting the renovated church a certain minister had a shrew run up his trouser leg. Said minister gave a big shake of the leg and the shrew went flying. Apparently only Labrador folks saw the funny side of that.

Peter Cowan [CBC] interviewing Sarah Abel [OKS]

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Walkers need their sustenance. Pea soup made with salt pork riblets, vegetables and doughboys.

Team Nain is about to hit the BC border, the 7pm meet at the ball field seems to be paying off. Having more time on our hands we do our walks earlier, I did several laps of the ball field yesterday mainly to try and catch any breeze off the water, dem damn flies.

The do at Hebron tied up lots of aircraft yesterday, at least at one airline, a story there for any energetic enterprising journo.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Today is the day of the laying of the memorial in honor of the Hebron Relocates.

Weather looks fine at the moment; most locals are up in Hebron at this time.
Some went by boats of differing sizes and some went by plane, and some went by boat and plane, about 10 people were on a boat that had to turn back to Nain due to engine problems.

To the uninitiated the people who fly in [fixed wing] have to fly to Saglek then transfer to boats for the final leg to Hebron. Well not all folks, some fly in fixed wing to Sagalek then fly rotary to Hebron.

Actually August 10 does not seem to have any significant connection with the closure of Hebron.
The real anniversary of Hebron’s closure is October 5th 1959, the day the last people left.
The Moravian minister left Hebron on August 13th, a feast day in the Moravian cycle. The first Inuit families left in early July to get to their char camps.

Perhaps it is to accommodate certain people schedules.

The politicians fly in today one would presume, can’t have a memorial laying without them can we.

Team Nain is getting closer to the left coast in the Small Steps Big results walk across Canada challenge.
Way out in front would not be an understatement. Then with 52 members Team Nain is way larger than the 8 members of the second placed team.

It’s a good thing the registration closed before more people became aware of the challenge; there are many people who walk 10,000 plus steps in the every day course of their lives up here. Not everyone is benefiting from the ‘new’ economy.

Friday, August 07, 2009

Some summer like squally showers while on our walk yesterday, nice to feel the warmth of rain instead of bone chilling.

The wind seems to have kept the Aston from berthing; she made an attempt but ended up anchored off.
Modern ships have bow and stern thrusters I believe.

This little number motored into town on Wednesday; she is on her way to Nunavik. A crew of three has motored up from Montreal; the boat is originally from the US of A.
A 2003 model she has twin 55 hp Yamaha stern drives suped up to 75 hp. Not a lot of power for the size but she only draws 21/2 feet and is easy on gas.

I have always been skeptical about twin hull boats vis a vis interior space, these 34 ft Passagemakers seems to be quite roomy and comfortable.
This one is a first of its type for the region I believe.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Reality soon dampened the joy of watching the sunrise yesterday. Clouds rolled in and then light rain to heavier rain for an hour or so.

Fortunately I had taken wet weather gear with me on our walk so it was no big deal; Fran had bailed out early to go to a meeting. Siutik and I had just arrived home when the heavy rain started.

On the return journey I spotted lights in the distance just as plane flew over.
The lights belonged to shrimp trawler that had come in to pick someone up.

The fish plant is becoming busier with a lot of cleaning of boxes and racks going on; I think they are gearing up for turbot later in the season.
Meantime some big orders for smoked char has necessitated an extra shift, they have 21 on staff at the moment, a far cry from days gone by but better than the plant being closed.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Yesterday the fog lifted early, then shallow fog came in engulfing the harbor and shoreline until it too dissipated leading to a very pleasant warm day, 24 for a high is nothing to sneeze at.
The shallow fog did not prevent planes arriving and boats a going off.

A friend sent me this interesting….[well very funny actually] search results of cottages in Hebron from ‘Cottage Country’ web site.

I just so happen to have some of the latest pictures of the cottages available in Hebron courtesy of Stephanie McIntosh/John Angnatok.

Getting away from it all and plenty of nature to explore Hebron has in abundance. Excellent private cottages to choose from…..not even Visa can get you that.

Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
Hebron is an excellent travel destination when looking to get away from it all and head out to Cottage Country. Hebron is full of nature to explore. When you visit Hebron be prepared to take advantage of all the excellent activities Hebron has to offer.

When planning your trip to Hebron note that there are many excellent private cottage rentals to choose from. Make sure you browse through the Hebron listings and pick the one that is right for you and your family.
Map of Hebron

I can see the sun rising over the hills this morning, a rear and pleasant sight in these unsettled times.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Try as it might the fog failed to lift beyond the tips of the hills yesterday. Another no flight day, in the afternoon light rain fell, people wanting to travel are getting antsy.
Today promises to be cloudy once the fog lifts.

Monday, August 03, 2009

Pea soup again this morning, getting used to it [relatively speaking].

Yesterday it cleared off mid afternoon leading to a nice evening. I was reminded that it has been 13 years since we have had weather similar to this summer, without looking it up I would guess this one is a little warmer than 1996. The temperatures are not bone chilling; it’s just the constant fog and light rain that is annoying.

I was heading out for a brief walk in the afternoon when a couple of ladies stopped and warned me that if I was heading up to one of my regular routes I should be aware that two ‘big ol moose’ were in that vicinity.
We did a different route not knowing how Siutik would react stumbling upon a big ol moose or two, not sure how I would react either.

Team Nain has taken the lead in the cross country challenge in the Small Steps Big Results program. We are just over half way with 4,631,624 steps = 3,508.8 [Kms].

Team Nain now has 52 members, the next largest team has 32, the team with the second most steps [3,504,165] has only 8 members so they are doing very good considering there size.

Fran, Siutik and I are doing our small part for Team Nain, if we keep up this overall average we should be in Victoria well before the dead line of September 25.

Thar be a big bad world out there some place.

Down the dock this morning the Matthew was re fueling and taking on water [through a hose] while this barge was taking on fuel and other sundries to take up to Hebron.

Those crated blocks of polished anorthosite are for the Memorial that is to be constructed there in honor of the relocates.
There is a big bash to be held at Hebron next week, the 10th , that is to include the Premier and other [not sure how to refer to politicians these days] lets just say persons interested, weather permitting.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

This weather sucks big time man.

Friday we had a break with just high cloud allowing planes to get in but then back to this light rain and very heavy wet fog. On the plus side it is a natural dust suppressant and it should be good for the berry crop, depending that is on the sun gods doing their thing later on.