Sunday, September 30, 2012

Across parts of the north the Polar bear is an endangered specifies. America has a sports hunting ban, in Nunavut there are subsidence hunting rights as there are in Nunatsiavut.

With the degradation of sea ice polar bears are more and more under threat.

But now we see the Canadian mint deal a death blow to this majestic animal of the arctic.

The polar bear on the two dollar coin (more commonly called the toonie) is to be replaced with two deer.

Two gay deer by the way (and will be commonly called (two fucking bucks).

But there is some hope, as you can see by the release from the mint, of the two bucks fucking only one has antlers (more commonly called a government fuck up).

So there should be a recall and all things being equal a return to the polar bear and the toonie.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Nain Safe House and Department of Health and Social Development were the sponsors of the Take Back The Night march last evening.

Starting at 6 pm there was  small ceremony followed by a march around part of the town then some eats and stuff.

Fran took part, I did not.

Fran and I took part in the first Nain Take Back the night march some years back, the participation back then was a lot smaller than last evening, a good eclectic crowd of what seemed to be over fifty souls.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Yesterday was overcast and light rain and calm all day. Today is mainly clear with a nice breeze.

I was not there in person
but through the magic of social media I know that the Clipper Adventurer visited Makkovik this week.

Makkovik always puts on a good show for visiting cruise ships, this time was no exception  by the look of it. Not sure if it is an exception but the entertainers on board the Clipper gave a concert in the school gym for the community, with some of the local talent joining in.

Picture at right shows some of the entertainers off the ship along with some local talent.

One off the ship was an Inuk lady from Greenland who’s name escapes me, she has tattoos on her face and hands etc, a not so lost Inuit tradition in same parts.

Margaret Atwood was also off the ship and in the audience. 

Many thanks to Lori Dyson for permission to use her photographs.

Earlier in the season two ships that were due into Nain and Hopedale respectively had to cancel there visit due to *being behind schedule*.

Bit of a bummer for both community cruise ship organizing committees, they put a lot of effort into getting some things to do in each town, for them to be cancelled almost at the last minute does not seem fair but goes with the territory I guess.

And the ladies name is  Aaju Peter now living in Iqaluit, thanks to MO for that info.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

The air has that fall feel to it, not yet cold but cooler and clean smelling.

Fran picked a goodly lot of large red berries yesterday, it is our private lot where no others can trespass. I took a break from picking, the private lot is flat ground and my back was not up to it, slopes are better for me, but I kept busy on other things.

With the cooling comes some nice warm comforting meals, chicken vegetable soup, with dumplings for Fran, without for me as I had the left over Asian spicy dish with Yams to deal with.

I say Asian spicy dish because I used several counties spices, Indian, Chinese and curry with some raisins for sweetness.

Last evenings forecast called for 20 to 30 mm rain today. That has changed to 10mm for this mornings forecast, we can live with that.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Long Dick does not dangle around when it comes to dealing with bureaucracy.

After many a tussle Long Dick seems to have achieved his goal of a nice crappy looking site nearer to the George St and Mile One action of St.Johns.
No link but  VOCM reported yesterday that Long Dick will have a new location on Gower Street.

Not sure why I am telling you this, perhaps because I like sausages or perhaps as a public service for tourists.

For me any visit to St. Johns would include fish n chips and a pint of Guinness before a Long Dick.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

View from the berry picking grounds yesterday.

Pity about the rock quarry, but that is progress some say, it used to be a great spot for berries. And the sand quarry follows the path of a brook that feeds down into the bay, great spot for fetching water especially in the winter.
Those days seemed numbered too.

Still lots of red berries that we were after and black that we usually don't pick.

The communication towers, what would we do without them, part of progress eh? 

The tower on right is the Coast Guard tower and on the left Aliant. This Holds the micro wave dishes, the lower one points to Voisey's Bay mine-mill and the top one sends signals through a newt work of like towers down to Goose Bay.

Monday, September 24, 2012

A nice bright sunshiny day today.

Weekend was nice, 19 on Saturday and 13 Sunday.

 Had some BBQ ribs and chicken with mushrooms,  tomatoes and home grown lettuce last evening.

The only locally owned commercial fishing boat returned to port yesterday.
Whats Happening spent the summer fishing for crab off Makkovik and shrimp off southern Labrador.

Finely an article on the
Goose Bay Capital corporation that I mentioned previous. 

It could well be that I have an oversensitive nose but there seems to be an whiff of something here.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fresh cod for supper Thursday night. Caught off Makkovik by a Hopedale lad, thanks Ian.

Never having had to fillet that many cod, when I do get the chance I shag it up. I made a mess of the first one but on the second it hit me how do do it almost correctly. 

When Siutik sits on her haunches the fur shape on her chest always reminds me of a snowy owl, or is it just my imagination.

This morning the first Nain 5 kilometer Marathon took place. Run, walk, hobble, no matter, you had to register and all were welcome.

Except dogs.

So we did a parallel walk about the same time, but we stopped and chatted and stopped at the shops and enjoyed the sun and the great morning.

We ended up walking 7.4 K over two hours, no hurry eh.

Friday, September 21, 2012

There was a sod sand turning ceremony in Goose Bay earlier this week. No biggy in the grand scale of things, exccept for a couple of things.

First up the only news coverage I have come across of the ceremony was a pre-sand turning interview with CBC Labrador morning.

Second is the fact that the Nunatsiavut Group of Companies (NGC) is a major investor in this grand vision for Happy Valley-Goose Bay. You may remember that NGC is the business arm of the Nunatsiavut Government.

I only know the above news from a couple of tweets that came in, one containing the picture, I can ID three players in the NGC management team.

I would not know of the NGC investment in this project by checking out the relevant web sites, no mention what so ever.

I guess if some one took the time to ask why such secrecy the answer would most likely be, it is propriety information.

That is all well and good but many living in the land that is covered under the Nunatsiavut Government may have questions as to why such secrecy and why such investment (whatever it is) outside the land claims area.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Wind up to 105 k at 7 this morning.

Numbers of tree down reported, took photo of two of them.

Garbage boxes blown over all over town with garbage blowing all over.

Could not keep the camera still with the first photo.

Oil tank blown over.

The harbor became fiery there for awhile.  The wind warning has been dropped for our area as of 10 AM, only gusting to 68 now.
My little sister Pam had some success with the moving of an orchid from our parents old home to her abode in Asquith NSW.

 Pam is very pleased with the results as seen, no easy job raising and caring for orchids.

Our late father spent many hours and lots of frustrations and some successes with his orchids, plus the trees and other flowers and lets not forget the lawn.
The orchids were grown in a small furn house (an open concept space with rattan type sides and a clear roof.
The fern house also acted as an enclosure around the outhouse for privacy from the road. So one could sit in there with the door open and enjoy the colors and smells of the orchids rather than, well use your imagination on that.

The guy who was my fathers mentor with orchid growing was Bob who lived just down the road. Bob was legally blind but boy could he do some amazing things with orchids.

Well the fog and cloud moved out, and why not what with the winds we have had overnight, she gusting to 92 at 4 AM, no planes for this morning.

Gotta love the Puerto Rico Coffee Shop down in of all places Puerto RicoI have become partial to Yaucono coffee beans (thanks to Capt Rick of the Wanderbird) and have made two orders now since the initial gift.

I make my order and in very short time receive my acceptance then in another short order the shipping notification and then in another short order a note saying thank you for your order and instruction to track it and assurances that they will keep in touch until I receive the order, which they do..

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Cutural Center Part 4.

I took these photographs last Saturday.

 They show the depth of the culverts that are being put in place to divert the brook-storm water away from the proposed Cultural Center site.

The diversion is to the south side of the site.

The trench depth is unique for such a diversion in Nain and the contractor has been at it for over two weeks, blocking off traffic to one of the busiest streets in town.

In the second photo you can make out the remnants of an old wooden and concrete foot bridge that was over the original brook many decades ago, plus part of some sort of motor sitting on top of the trench.

As of yesterday the trench was back filled up to the road way, it seems these projects are started without having all the necessary material on hand. It also shows the extent of the ground works and a small idea of the cost associated with same in diverting surface and ground water away from the site.

Still about three other water sources to go plus what has to be done from the sea side.

Some big news in town yesterday, at least for one couple but the whole town is excited.

The guy who was-is the gas pump attendant at the gas station and his partner won a million bucks on some scratch lottery ticket. 

Great news for both of them, maybe he is the ex gas pump attendant now.

Fog again this morning, this weather is disrupting air travel, planes in yesterday but everything behind schedule.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

We were accosted greeted again outside Northern this morning. This time by a very excited and friendly lady (one of three) who asked if I was Brian, and are you Fran.

I don't know why but she was excited to run into the author of this blog, said the town and surrounding area is just like I depict it in my photos and writing. Said she reads it all the time from Kingston, the other ladies were from NY and some place I forget.

The three are part of a group going into a tourism camp set up inside Nain over near the Quebec border, mainly a photographers tour I believe

After almost two days of RDF things cleared enough for planes to get in late yesterday afternoon.

Things are not going very well with the plan to plane people up the coast in lieu of marine ferry. The fact that weather plays a role in when planes fly adds to the failed effort.

Many reports of people being told that the flights flight is booked, put you on the waiting list.

As mentioned before this will all come out in the wash, meantime turmoil persists. 

Monday, September 17, 2012

Raty Sunday, fogged in with light rain or mist all day.
Same this morning with moderate rain.

Nice day to do up some dry rubbed ribs and satay chicken in the stove top smoker. Side of rice paella of some sort on a bed of wilted spinach.

 Below is a shot of the assembly meeting area (not sure of the correct term) of the new NG assembly building in Hopedale.

Table at right is the speakers chair ( it was awful pink in a January 18 posting of the first assembly meeting) and above the room is the observation area. Anorthosite tiles on the floor.

Dan Pottle photo.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

While riding back from down the airstrip way yesterday I cam upon the four huskies (of previous posts) hunkered down in some tall grass (what I thought was three has now morphed into four).
 So I stropped with the intention of getting some good pics of them all huddled together. No such luck, as soon as I stopped and stepped off the ATV I had them all buzzing around my legs and pulling at the machine and such. Trying to herd huskies is worse than trying to herd cats. So in the end I only managed to capture three so you will have to take my word there are four.

The Newfoundland Mariner of braking down and being towed home fame has left the building departed Nain, she is being towed home by another vessel sent for that purpose.

The Abigail Grace of unmentionable fame was still at the dock as of 3 pm yesterday. She is supposed to be going back up to the fishing grounds to retrieve the nets left by the Newfoundland Mariner.

While on the water topic; The arrangements with freight and passenger service for the coast due to the breakdown of the Northern Ranger is not working out all that well for the end users.
This will all come out eventually, why it is not being dealt with now, well why?

The ferrying of NR passengers by air sounds like a plan, until you realize that the NR has a capacity of 131. Given that bookings may be down due to time of year you still most likely have at least 100 leaving Goose Bay on Monday departure.
Twin otters can only carry 19 max with minimum luggage, do the math.

There are reports of people calling to book on the NR for flights north only to be told there are no seats available. plus there is just one person handling the bookings for this service, good luck with it Peggy.

There is also confusion about the cost of the substituted air fare. Some are saying it is only 27 or so bucks to all ports of call.
Not so, the air rate is the same as the marine rate to each port of call. Example is: Nain to Goose Bay is $142:05 plus taxes. Still way cheaper than the 400 + bucks by scheduled air service.

Which raises the question, no one has mentioned (that I have heard) about getting the air service in lieu heading south, only mention to date has been heading north. Maybe the Wednesday in lieu service does that run.

Now on the freight issue: Even before the NR breakdown peoples personal freight was being left at the dock in Lewisport due to the heavy construction and building traffic. Things like boats and vehicles have been sitting there for over a month.

Now people are being told that any freight they intend to ship, this includes any thing, may well be left at the dock because construction and building materials and equipment will take precedence.  No first come first served.

With all this the Minister is still insisting that all is honky dory and things will come out in the wash. Well that may well be, but lets hope it is the minsters under draws because it does nothing to allay the fears that people have of getting the goods anytime soon.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

A simple repast of multi grain pizza dough, fresh basil, spinach, thin slices of ham and pepperoni, red pepper, mushrooms for me and two cheeses. Accompanied by a fresh salad, not a bad way to end a stressful week.

Oh, and the two beers to wash it down help to relax too.

Here is the press release mentioned in previous post, it is still not up on the NG web site but was sent by a friend.
Next on agenda for NG, re vamp your communications department.

September 12, 2012 For Immediate Release 

 Northern Ranger has outlived its usefulness, says Minister First Minister Darryl Shiwak says it’s time for the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador to decommission the MV Northern Ranger and to immediately start looking for a replacement vessel to serve the long-term needs of northern Labrador. "The Northern Ranger was built more than 30 years ago and has long outlived its usefulness," says Minister Shiwak. "The vessel has been plagued with numerous mechanical problems in recent years and has failed to provide an adequate service to our people and our communities." Minister Shiwak has raised the issue of a replacement vessel with provincial Transportation and Works Minister Tom Hedderson on numerous occasions and was assured that a plan was in the works to improve marine services to northern Labrador communities. "The time has come for action, not for planning," says Minister Shiwak. "Our people and our communities are totally dependent on marine services, especially this time of year when getting necessary supplies for the winter is essential. We have no road links and many people simply cannot afford to pay for air services." Minister Hedderson has publically stated that there are no immediate plans to replace the Ranger, suggesting that repairs will be carried out on the vessel on an as-needed basis. This is totally unacceptable, says Minister Shiwak. "The Government of Newfoundland and Labrador keeps throwing good money after bad," he says. "What we need is a new, modern vessel – one that is capable of serving the long-term needs of northern Labrador. "What we have now is an inadequate freight service and an old and unreliable vessel," adds the Minister. "Our people and our communities deserve better." 

Has the warm trend come to an end?  Time will tell, -1 at the house and +3 official this morning.

Despite the warm temps and wind the colors are appearing on the hills, some brilliant reds up there so fare.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Several rainbows kissed the harbor yesterday afternoon, this is just one.

Well knock me over with a feather: I think the rainbow must have been shinning on the NG assembly, but they were in Hopedale meeting, so perhaps there was one there.

My excitement stems from a strongly worded press release from the First Minister of NG directed at the provincial minister for WST, you know the guy  who is bungling handling the Northern Ranger file.

Man I don't believe I have ever seen such a strongly worded statement on any issue, let alone one pertaining to marine shipping. Good for you all.

Alas the document is not up on the NG web site yet, I read it posted on the notice board of the post office this morning.

In lieu of that here are two interviews CBC -HV-GB did with Tom the minister and a representative from CAI-Nunatsiavut on the Ranger and the plans for flying people instead of marining them.

The more I think about this the more it is looking like a bad idea, and that is no reflection on CAI-N, it is a reflection on the minister and the provincial government.
How will they sort out who are legitimate users of the ferry and who are taking advantage of the cheaper air fare? it could cost many $, unnecessary $ that could have been avoided quite easily.
The latest news release and updates on alternative modes of travel due to the removal of the Northern Ranger and the failure in finding a replacement vessel is perplexing and confusing.

First WST issue this:

The following arrangements for chartered flights are now confirmed:

Mondays departing from Happy Valley-Goose Bay to ports north to Nain;
Fridays departing from Nain to ports south to Happy Valley-Goose Bay; and,
Saturdays to accommodate passengers for the ports of Black Tickle and Rigolet.
For passengers travelling throughout the week, arrangements can be made by contacting CAI Nunatsiavut Marine Inc.

Freight shipments will be accommodated by the MV Astron, the vessel operated by Labrador Marine Inc. currently providing freight service to coastal Labrador.

Then last evening on Here&Now Tom (ever bubbly and effervescent) Hedderson added some confusion. You would have to watch the video if it comes available for the full effect.

Tom assured Debbie that whatever aircraft are needed then CAI-Nunatsiavut would supply. That could work out at a lot of twin otter flights.

The latest news released and updates on alternative modes of travel due to the removal of the Northern Ranger and the failure in finding a replacement vessel is perplexing and confusing.

Then last evening on Here&Now Tom (ever bubbly and effervescent) Hedderson added some confusion. You would have to watch the video if it comes available for the full effect.

Tom assured Debbie that whatever aircraft are needed then CAI-Nunatsiavut would supply. That could work out at a lot of twin otter flights.

Puzzling to me is that Tom said it was CAI-N whose mandate it was to find a replacement vessel, with WST assistance. CAI-N found a vessel (cruise ship) but that was deemed inadequate for the job by WST. Maybe thoughts of the Dutch Runner of last year kept running through their heads.

Tom also said it was CAI-N role to supply the air transport.

Now it may be just the way Tom uses words, or it may be some convoluted contractual arrangements between the government and CAI-N, but I always thought that it was the role of the provincial government to supply the marine shipping to the coast of Labrador.

The province did take over the two vessels, the Bond and the Ranger, from the Feds, plus the wharf infrastructure, in exchange for a big dash of cash and with the understanding the province would supply marine transport to the coast in perpetuity.

Of course the big dash of cash has long since been spent, majority of it on the Trans Labrador highway.

Now the province is short on cash, especially for Labrador projects, the south (except Black Tickle), central and west of Labrador has a link by road (such as it is) and we on the north coast are without a reliable and modern ferry and freight service.

 Just being hypothetical for a moment:
What would happen if the repair on the Ranger is bigger than let on. Say like to remove the broken gear box a hole had to be cut in the hull of the vessel. This may delay the return of the vessel to service.

What could have happened if the ever diligent (according to Tom) folks who do these things had urged the powers above to pull the Ranger out of service weeks before the actual terminal breakdown.
After all it is common knowledge that there was something very wrong.

Imagine what would have happened if the crew were pouring 40 gallons of lube into the gear box the week prior to the terminal breakdown.
Why you most likely would end up with a terminal breakdown.

Yesterday I was humbly reminded of  the way the world works.

I discovered that it is OK for crew of the Abigail Grace (AG) to walk around town drunk and drinking in public and acting like immature teenagers in the streets because local people do it.

It is Ok for crew of the AG to be disrespectful to residence and the town because they, AG, bring a lot of money to the town.

It is not OK for me to write about these incidents that I see because I did not see the incident of some local folk untying the lines from the dock to the AG.

It is not OK for me to be proud and concerned for my community and write about it or go to the council and tell them my concerns of the immature and disrespectful attitude of crew of AG, of the polluting the harbor with empty beer cans and me pointing this out to crew of the AG.

No siree, if I do these things I will be accosted in the public streets by two crew of the AG and threatened to be sued if I persist in writing and expressing myself in this blasphemous manner.  

Thursday, September 13, 2012

I have been holding off on further comments on the plight of the Norther Ranger, or more precisely the plight of the people of the North Coast and Black Tickle.

Official unofficial word is now out that the search for a replacement vessel for the remainder of the shipping season has been abandoned by the provincial government. No surprise there for those that follow these things. The unofficial word comes from the member for Torngat Mountains Randy Edmunds.

Supposedly the government is going to fly any passengers booked on the Ranger to and from the coast. No word about all the freight that the Ranger carries this time of year, sure puts people in a quandary. The Astron is battling to keep pace with her normal freight business,  in past years the Bond has been brought in to handle the back load.
And by accounts the Bond is still in dry dock getting extra ballas put in her.

And no one knows how this flights for marine fare will work out, bloody logistical nightmare I would think.

Any way have a listen to this interview with Tom Hedderson the WST minister from back on Sept 7.

Be sure to read the comments section on the interview.

I am sure he said news on a replacement vessel should be announced early as possible, like in days.

Just like all the other untruths the guy sprouts, not only on the Northern Ranger but on the paving of the Labrador Highway.
Very little has been done on both ends, and why, well most likely the fact that the contractor doing the job was hauled off to re pave the airstrip at Churchill Falls. Only a coincidence that the minister drove from Lab City to Churchill Falls to catch a plane back to the center of the universe just couple weeks back.
Had slight increase in heart rate yesterday.

Siutik and self walking from dock up to visit the mom and pups mentioned yesterday. On rising the slight incline I noticed quite a lot of furry movement up where mom was tethered.

Lo and behold four adult huskies (all raggedy and one with blood all over her) were heading from the tethered area across the road and into the long grassy incline that goes down to the land wash.
My first fears were allayed when mom and the pups were spotted walking onto the road behind the pack.
My next fear, to get the hell outa a dodge before being spotted.

No such luck, one spotted us and they all abruptly turned and headed in our direction. Mom and pups bringing up the rear.
I pulled Siutik closer to me and started the old deep voiced hup hup dominant male machismo stuff.
Slowed them down but did not stop them.

Siutik was great with me controlling her with the leash at the same time hup huping and slowly walking up the rise and past where mom and pups (they stopped there) hang out.

All this time were where surrounded by the four adults, at least on large male among them.

After about 60 meters or so they dropped off and we continued down to the airstrip. The blood on one female turned out to be seal blood from breakfast.

Lot of activity at strip, 4 planes on ground, 3 commercial and one private belonging to Budgels, the contractor doing most of the civil and construction work here of late.

I let Siutik off the leash, she runs up to greet people. The nice first officer on one of the Air lab planes, on seeing Siutik but not recognize her, says to one of the off loading passengers, there’s a nice dog, you can take it back to California with you.

I do not usually mention my stats (hits) on my Blog, but boy have they been off the chart these past two days.

The main point of attention is Abigail Grace, Google hits all the way from Faroe Islands, Norway, Portugal, NS, NB, St. Pierre, Ottawa. Hits from Transport Canada, Public Works but not DFO.

Maybe DFO should take an interest judging by comments on one of the Abigail Grace posts.

They were transferring fish from the Abigail to the Newfoundland Mariner yesterday. Reason given is that it will make the tow easier back to the Island.

I am not up with fisheries regulations and quotas and the like, what I do know is the  majority of the crew off the Abigail show no respect for the people nor community they visit, nor the ocean they derive their living off.

I had occasion Monday to berate one older chap (one of three) who had purchased eight packs of beer and could not wait to get back on board to have the first swig of beer.

I did not berate him for drinking in public, something they had done on many occasion, but for throwing the empty can off the dock into the water.

If that is the attitude on land imagine what these guys are capable off out at sea.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

There are two litters of three husky pups around town, kewt cute little buggers all.
 One litter hangs around the hotel and they give Siutik what for when we walk past, of course Siutik just signors them.

The photos are of a litter further down towards the airstrip. Last week mom got free and the four of them were hanging on the side of the road.

As we passed mom hooked up with us and the pups followed. Spread all over the road they held up traffic both vehicular and foot.

The three are very gregarious and people stop and play with them and show their kids.

When I stopped to take these pictures yesterday they were asleep, by the look of mom she was not very appreciative of  the disturbance.

The tropical storm that hit the isand did had little effect here on passing.We did have NW winds to 77 early this morning but seeing as we are tucked in under the treed hill I did not feel or hear a thing.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

In the absence of any media coverage of the assembly opening in Hopedale yesterday I snagged some photos off Facebook to present to you. CBC-HV had an interview with the president this morning and CKOK had a video crew there, but nothing prior or during the event, except for CKOK. Big crowd at the ribbon cutting and after at the feast and entertainment in the school gym. Usual crowd of past presidents, some politicians, non from the provincial PC that was mentioned. So now will the NG assembly persons work on playing catch up with all the neglected files? time will tell.

 Second right shows immediate past president and present president Sara Leo holding the ribbon while a youth and elder from Hopedale cut it.

The other two photos show of some of the crowd in attendance.

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Monday, September 10, 2012

The boat mentioned previous post is at the dock this morning. Arctic Tern out of Waymouth UK she be.

The winds are gusting to 52 from the west and it is balmy for sure. Very busy down the airstrip with scheds and charters to Hopedale.

Today is the day that the Assembly Building for the Nunatsiavut Government is to be officially opened. It has been awhile coming what with building delays, then the water freeze up situation in Hopedale put it back a further several months.

                                                                  Photo by Air Labrador.
Fran has gone seeing as she is a former president of the NG predecessor LIA.

You wont see anything about the openingin the regional media, you see there is a storm coming to the Hisland and all forces are dispatched on that.
Well I did say unconfirmed: Seems my info on the alleged bear mauling was up the creek, always wary of scuttlebutt but the source is usually reliable. Alleged victim was ridding around on back of an ATV yesterday looking undamaged. Best I can ascertain is something happened between an animal and an ATV but no mauling.

Nice yacht hauled to over the south side of harbor yesterday, in out of the forecasted winds I guess.

Took this long shot of the turbot boats at dock, plus the two local boats on the left. They are the work boats for the Torngats park, transporting supplies and people to and from Nain and doing odd transport jobs from the base camp and to and from the airstrip at Saglak.
Rather a quite season for them this year, the base camp now has three faster moving boats of their own, plus they had some high end visitors in big boats and some with their own helicopters.

Very unsettled weather, yesterday a very fast moving warm front brought ever changing conditions throughout the day. It is mostly clear this morning but winds are up.

Sunday, September 09, 2012

One of those foggy days again yesterday, did not lift till around 12 then started rolling in again around 4. Down flat out there this morning.

Could not confirm or get a denial on the alleged bear attach, not that I dug deep, but it does seem odd that if there was an incident with a bear there would be more chatter.

The boyz (and I say that disdainfully) off the turbot boat were up to their old ways, acting like teenagers on their first booze up, walking around the towns streets with open cans of beer and generally making arse holes of themselves. 

Saturday, September 08, 2012

The Abagail Grace returned to port yesterday. Not for refreshment refill, though that was a priority and a bonus for the crew, no, she was towing another vessel that had broken down.

 Being towed was the Newfoundland Mariner with major mechanical problems.

The tow has been 390 miles to date (which puts them up near Greenland), they have another 900 odd miles to go to the Hiland Newfoundland.

The Grace is full of turbot too, the Mariner not so as she just got back from off loading in Makkovik when the incident hit.

Unconfirmed yet but word is that a woman was mauled by a black bear in town yesterday, had to be medi vaced out.
Middle of the day too.

Incidentally two bears were put down the previous evening down near the town dump.many sightings of bear this past couple of weeks, has people on edge especially those wanting to go berry picking.

Friday, September 07, 2012

They have these nice thick pork chops (on a regular basis) at BigLand, and a reasonable price too (not often you see that said here eh?)

So I did up a nice (as it turned out) stuffing with lemon and blue berry as the dominant flavor. Seard in a fry pan then covered and baked in the oven they came out nice and tender and juicy. Even passed the Fran taste test.

Topped them off with puffed pastry cups with a bakeapple jam and cream cheese filling.

Those tropical storms hurricanes are pushing warm air north by the feel last evening. Quite warm after an early cold front earl yer yesterday.

Which is going to win I wonder, the arctic ice melt or the hurricanes from the south