Sunday, September 16, 2012

While riding back from down the airstrip way yesterday I cam upon the four huskies (of previous posts) hunkered down in some tall grass (what I thought was three has now morphed into four).
 So I stropped with the intention of getting some good pics of them all huddled together. No such luck, as soon as I stopped and stepped off the ATV I had them all buzzing around my legs and pulling at the machine and such. Trying to herd huskies is worse than trying to herd cats. So in the end I only managed to capture three so you will have to take my word there are four.

The Newfoundland Mariner of braking down and being towed home fame has left the building departed Nain, she is being towed home by another vessel sent for that purpose.

The Abigail Grace of unmentionable fame was still at the dock as of 3 pm yesterday. She is supposed to be going back up to the fishing grounds to retrieve the nets left by the Newfoundland Mariner.

While on the water topic; The arrangements with freight and passenger service for the coast due to the breakdown of the Northern Ranger is not working out all that well for the end users.
This will all come out eventually, why it is not being dealt with now, well why?

The ferrying of NR passengers by air sounds like a plan, until you realize that the NR has a capacity of 131. Given that bookings may be down due to time of year you still most likely have at least 100 leaving Goose Bay on Monday departure.
Twin otters can only carry 19 max with minimum luggage, do the math.

There are reports of people calling to book on the NR for flights north only to be told there are no seats available. plus there is just one person handling the bookings for this service, good luck with it Peggy.

There is also confusion about the cost of the substituted air fare. Some are saying it is only 27 or so bucks to all ports of call.
Not so, the air rate is the same as the marine rate to each port of call. Example is: Nain to Goose Bay is $142:05 plus taxes. Still way cheaper than the 400 + bucks by scheduled air service.

Which raises the question, no one has mentioned (that I have heard) about getting the air service in lieu heading south, only mention to date has been heading north. Maybe the Wednesday in lieu service does that run.

Now on the freight issue: Even before the NR breakdown peoples personal freight was being left at the dock in Lewisport due to the heavy construction and building traffic. Things like boats and vehicles have been sitting there for over a month.

Now people are being told that any freight they intend to ship, this includes any thing, may well be left at the dock because construction and building materials and equipment will take precedence.  No first come first served.

With all this the Minister is still insisting that all is honky dory and things will come out in the wash. Well that may well be, but lets hope it is the minsters under draws because it does nothing to allay the fears that people have of getting the goods anytime soon.

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