Wednesday, September 12, 2012

There are two litters of three husky pups around town, kewt cute little buggers all.
 One litter hangs around the hotel and they give Siutik what for when we walk past, of course Siutik just signors them.

The photos are of a litter further down towards the airstrip. Last week mom got free and the four of them were hanging on the side of the road.

As we passed mom hooked up with us and the pups followed. Spread all over the road they held up traffic both vehicular and foot.

The three are very gregarious and people stop and play with them and show their kids.

When I stopped to take these pictures yesterday they were asleep, by the look of mom she was not very appreciative of  the disturbance.

The tropical storm that hit the isand did had little effect here on passing.We did have NW winds to 77 early this morning but seeing as we are tucked in under the treed hill I did not feel or hear a thing.

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