Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fresh cod for supper Thursday night. Caught off Makkovik by a Hopedale lad, thanks Ian.

Never having had to fillet that many cod, when I do get the chance I shag it up. I made a mess of the first one but on the second it hit me how do do it almost correctly. 

When Siutik sits on her haunches the fur shape on her chest always reminds me of a snowy owl, or is it just my imagination.

This morning the first Nain 5 kilometer Marathon took place. Run, walk, hobble, no matter, you had to register and all were welcome.

Except dogs.

So we did a parallel walk about the same time, but we stopped and chatted and stopped at the shops and enjoyed the sun and the great morning.

We ended up walking 7.4 K over two hours, no hurry eh.


Pamela Williams said...

AH yes, I can see the snow owl!!

Darren Robertson said...

Definitely an owl there. Just curious. Are there folks there who kayak or unimak?

Brian said...

No Umiaks. There are some who kayak, Noah Nochasak makes his own and does adventure trips testing himself.
There is a program for teaching safe kayaking and they have about a dozen kayaks.