Thursday, September 27, 2012

The air has that fall feel to it, not yet cold but cooler and clean smelling.

Fran picked a goodly lot of large red berries yesterday, it is our private lot where no others can trespass. I took a break from picking, the private lot is flat ground and my back was not up to it, slopes are better for me, but I kept busy on other things.

With the cooling comes some nice warm comforting meals, chicken vegetable soup, with dumplings for Fran, without for me as I had the left over Asian spicy dish with Yams to deal with.

I say Asian spicy dish because I used several counties spices, Indian, Chinese and curry with some raisins for sweetness.

Last evenings forecast called for 20 to 30 mm rain today. That has changed to 10mm for this mornings forecast, we can live with that.


Anonymous said...

I always enjoy your pictures of the food you prepare.I do the cooking in our household and every now and again take pictures of the final product.We in the south have been experiencing some good weather.Im still flabergasted at the prices you pay for stuff up there.I know first hand as I have been fishing the eagle river south of goosebay for 8 years and have seen firsthand the high cost of things.You being farther nor are paying more on top of that.Bob Wormington,kingston,ont

Shammickite said...

the chicken and dumplings looks awesome!

Brian said...

Was not bad Shamm, and Siutik had a left over dough boy this morning. I will be doing a taste test middle of next month on the F&C in sin jawns, and maybe the odd test on the stout.

Thanks for the compliment Bob. If you think prices are high here better not look at prices further north, beats me how they get by.

Ken said...

Love your blog and am also shocked at the prices you pay.

What is the cost per pound to ship by air freight?

Brian said...

Thanks Ken, the air freight from Goose Bay to Nain is around $1:20 a pound.
We have two airlines that don't offer comparative rates either for freight or passengers.

Canada post is not much help either with very prohibitive rates once goods get to Goose Bay.