Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Cutural Center Part 4.

I took these photographs last Saturday.

 They show the depth of the culverts that are being put in place to divert the brook-storm water away from the proposed Cultural Center site.

The diversion is to the south side of the site.

The trench depth is unique for such a diversion in Nain and the contractor has been at it for over two weeks, blocking off traffic to one of the busiest streets in town.

In the second photo you can make out the remnants of an old wooden and concrete foot bridge that was over the original brook many decades ago, plus part of some sort of motor sitting on top of the trench.

As of yesterday the trench was back filled up to the road way, it seems these projects are started without having all the necessary material on hand. It also shows the extent of the ground works and a small idea of the cost associated with same in diverting surface and ground water away from the site.

Still about three other water sources to go plus what has to be done from the sea side.

Some big news in town yesterday, at least for one couple but the whole town is excited.

The guy who was-is the gas pump attendant at the gas station and his partner won a million bucks on some scratch lottery ticket. 

Great news for both of them, maybe he is the ex gas pump attendant now.

Fog again this morning, this weather is disrupting air travel, planes in yesterday but everything behind schedule.

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Pamela Williams said...

Congratulations due to the scratch ticket winners.
I hope they use the money wisely to improve their quality of life and possibly that of family members.