Thursday, September 20, 2012

My little sister Pam had some success with the moving of an orchid from our parents old home to her abode in Asquith NSW.

 Pam is very pleased with the results as seen, no easy job raising and caring for orchids.

Our late father spent many hours and lots of frustrations and some successes with his orchids, plus the trees and other flowers and lets not forget the lawn.
The orchids were grown in a small furn house (an open concept space with rattan type sides and a clear roof.
The fern house also acted as an enclosure around the outhouse for privacy from the road. So one could sit in there with the door open and enjoy the colors and smells of the orchids rather than, well use your imagination on that.

The guy who was my fathers mentor with orchid growing was Bob who lived just down the road. Bob was legally blind but boy could he do some amazing things with orchids.

Well the fog and cloud moved out, and why not what with the winds we have had overnight, she gusting to 92 at 4 AM, no planes for this morning.

Gotta love the Puerto Rico Coffee Shop down in of all places Puerto RicoI have become partial to Yaucono coffee beans (thanks to Capt Rick of the Wanderbird) and have made two orders now since the initial gift.

I make my order and in very short time receive my acceptance then in another short order the shipping notification and then in another short order a note saying thank you for your order and instruction to track it and assurances that they will keep in touch until I receive the order, which they do..

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Pamela Williams said...

Thanks for reposting these! Dad had many ferns in that fern-house, including one we called Nanna's fern, as it came from our grandmother's house in Norfolk Street. In later years Dad kept quite a few zygocactus which are not the prettiest of plants but in summer have the most delicate almost see-through tubular shaped fluted flowers in orange, red, pink, mauve. I have some of these too which are cuttings off Dad's plants, so wait for some pics of these :)-