Friday, September 28, 2012

Yesterday was overcast and light rain and calm all day. Today is mainly clear with a nice breeze.

I was not there in person
but through the magic of social media I know that the Clipper Adventurer visited Makkovik this week.

Makkovik always puts on a good show for visiting cruise ships, this time was no exception  by the look of it. Not sure if it is an exception but the entertainers on board the Clipper gave a concert in the school gym for the community, with some of the local talent joining in.

Picture at right shows some of the entertainers off the ship along with some local talent.

One off the ship was an Inuk lady from Greenland who’s name escapes me, she has tattoos on her face and hands etc, a not so lost Inuit tradition in same parts.

Margaret Atwood was also off the ship and in the audience. 

Many thanks to Lori Dyson for permission to use her photographs.

Earlier in the season two ships that were due into Nain and Hopedale respectively had to cancel there visit due to *being behind schedule*.

Bit of a bummer for both community cruise ship organizing committees, they put a lot of effort into getting some things to do in each town, for them to be cancelled almost at the last minute does not seem fair but goes with the territory I guess.

And the ladies name is  Aaju Peter now living in Iqaluit, thanks to MO for that info.


Mechtild Opel said...

The Inuk lady from Greenland with the tattoos was Aaju Peter, now living in Iqaluit, and recently was named a member of the Order of Canada for social service: her volunteer work promoting and preserving Inuit culture.
See also here:

Shammickite said...

Oh boy, I would LOVE to have been at that concert. Maybe one day I'll take a trip on that cruise ship. Perhaps I should have asked Margaret Atwood if I could have come with ther?????