Thursday, September 13, 2012

Had slight increase in heart rate yesterday.

Siutik and self walking from dock up to visit the mom and pups mentioned yesterday. On rising the slight incline I noticed quite a lot of furry movement up where mom was tethered.

Lo and behold four adult huskies (all raggedy and one with blood all over her) were heading from the tethered area across the road and into the long grassy incline that goes down to the land wash.
My first fears were allayed when mom and the pups were spotted walking onto the road behind the pack.
My next fear, to get the hell outa a dodge before being spotted.

No such luck, one spotted us and they all abruptly turned and headed in our direction. Mom and pups bringing up the rear.
I pulled Siutik closer to me and started the old deep voiced hup hup dominant male machismo stuff.
Slowed them down but did not stop them.

Siutik was great with me controlling her with the leash at the same time hup huping and slowly walking up the rise and past where mom and pups (they stopped there) hang out.

All this time were where surrounded by the four adults, at least on large male among them.

After about 60 meters or so they dropped off and we continued down to the airstrip. The blood on one female turned out to be seal blood from breakfast.

Lot of activity at strip, 4 planes on ground, 3 commercial and one private belonging to Budgels, the contractor doing most of the civil and construction work here of late.

I let Siutik off the leash, she runs up to greet people. The nice first officer on one of the Air lab planes, on seeing Siutik but not recognize her, says to one of the off loading passengers, there’s a nice dog, you can take it back to California with you.

I do not usually mention my stats (hits) on my Blog, but boy have they been off the chart these past two days.

The main point of attention is Abigail Grace, Google hits all the way from Faroe Islands, Norway, Portugal, NS, NB, St. Pierre, Ottawa. Hits from Transport Canada, Public Works but not DFO.

Maybe DFO should take an interest judging by comments on one of the Abigail Grace posts.

They were transferring fish from the Abigail to the Newfoundland Mariner yesterday. Reason given is that it will make the tow easier back to the Island.

I am not up with fisheries regulations and quotas and the like, what I do know is the  majority of the crew off the Abigail show no respect for the people nor community they visit, nor the ocean they derive their living off.

I had occasion Monday to berate one older chap (one of three) who had purchased eight packs of beer and could not wait to get back on board to have the first swig of beer.

I did not berate him for drinking in public, something they had done on many occasion, but for throwing the empty can off the dock into the water.

If that is the attitude on land imagine what these guys are capable off out at sea.

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Anonymous said...

Good on you for not letting the Abigail Grace pass through without comment and for giving a place for these guys to call attention to what is obviously a bad situation. - OBT