Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Technical update on CKOK radio.

From a radio technical perspective all is ready and waiting at the studio for a phone-in show and or a debate of all candidates in the upcoming NG presidential election.

Alas to date there are only 2 phone lines to the new building, old one had four at least.

To have a phone-in there would have to be a designated line to a special phone all hooked up to the board, that phone is there waiting.
To do the phone-in without the special phone OK would need more than the two lines there at moment.

Only way a debate could be done is get all the candidates into the studio, easier said than done with them traveling etc. It would seem most if not all of them will be in Nain by the end pf this week or the weekend, most likely a little late, but then who knows.

From a radio production perspective the crew are disappointed, they have been getting phone calls asking if there was going to be any of the above mentioned.

The latest from Aliant is that a crew will be in on Monday [weather permitting] to see how many more lines can be re routed from the old building to the new, and then there is a congestion problem up around the new building area. This is not a critique of Aliant, just explaining the facts; the Labrador division of Aliant has been very co operative with OK Society to date.

As you can see in the weather for Nain the yellow circles with pointy bits are dominant for our area, boring in it? Unlike the Avalon Peninsular who just seem to complain all the time about RDF, I guess if I lived there I would complain too.

Also for those CKOK listeners in the Lake Melville region, I hear there is a little problem with noisy reception there. I have it on good authority that technicians are working on fixing the problem, it's a telephone ;line issue again, hopefully it will be sorted out soon.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

In the spirit of conversing.

Some more links pertaining to the upcoming NG election. Kinda fun all this 'conversing', must make the status quo and past regimes hoping to be again cringe.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Martin outfoxed by wolverine!

There have been on going stories of sightings of wolverines in Northern Labrador over the last few years, this one is the latest, sorry about the humor Martin.

Dog whisperer, spring run off, noisy ski-doos..

Another short video from Sunday. Someone fancies them-self as a dog whisperer, not going to work.

The run off is from the land, runs out under the ice for a way then usually finds a spot to surface and spread out, those little rivers are all around the harbor at moment, got up to +11 yesterday and heading that way again today.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

My back has been giving me hell again since I lifted some heavy stuff on Friday, stunned is as stunned does.
So excuse my croustyness while I bitch slap some of the idiots in the world:

"Some are here for the thrill of the kill. "It's a super adrenalin rush. It's incredible," said Mark Beeler, a 49-year-old bow hunter from Milwaukee, Wis. "A polar bear is almost mysterious. Before this, I'd only ever seen a polar bear at the zoo."

I sure hope trophy hunting goes the way of the doddo. What sort of philosophy is this crap?

If they want to get a real “super adrenalin rush” then put em in a fenced off area with the bear, level playing field n all, more like a multi orifice rush then eh?.

Then there are these dip sticks who attach anyone who protests uranium mining and or refining or nuclear power. Jack Hicks has a good healthy view of those people, people like some of the NG members and particularly one of the ORDINARY members for HV-GB who get down and nasty at anyone who does not agree with their parochial view of life.

On the up side the weather has been amazing the last week, lots of walks, even yesterday under great pain.

I took a little video or two, this one below of a super charged husky with no muffler.

The noise of the ski-doos did take some of the enjoyment off the walk, but everybody has to have their fun, except those shit heads that ride their machines with no muffler, should be a ban of those.

The kids are playing ball hockey on the dock, soon some will be jumping the ice pans.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Spring walk.

A really great day yesterday [again] so we took a walk on the harbor. Real spring conditions, ice

was firm, crunchy and slippery in parts, typical thaw/freezing conditions.

Today, Friday, is another great spring day, heading for about 0 or maybe just above, now if we could just figure out how to grow spinach and other vegetables and fruits in these temperatures.
Or maybe we will have to go revert to eating flesh only, and relying on what grows naturally in season, been done before.

Tuesday is Inuktitut only day at CKOK.

A little impromptu video, no commentary: It is of K Naimee at the board and Maria reading the news.

Other goings on.

At the moment three candidates for President of Nunatsiavut have Facebook pages up. Not much dealings with the issues stuff, mainly fluff, but that’s what Facebook is all about.

Talking to folks around I get a real sense that change in approach and direction in government is desperately wanted. Also people want to be informed of what the candidate’s platform on day to day issues are. I have not heard/seen any of that to date.

Food security is one that comes to mind. Further to that we have not had any feed back from any level of government from previous meetings on the question; how much does the consumer benefit from the two levels of food freight subsidies.

I have not seen/heard anything from the candidates on the environment, how to better protect it, is it possible to introduce renewable energy into Nunatsiavut, what about those plastic bags eh?

Gas [petroleum] is 140.6 cents a liter on the North Coast at moment. There are some comparisons here of prices across the country, some out of date
Iqaluit has a price of 128.0 as of February 08. I think the government subsidizes fuel in Nunavut, but can be corrected.
There is a large discrepancy with what you get with the link here to what you get by going directly to the PUB of today's prices, seems we are paying less now than in 2005, you would think Bourque would have up to date information on his site.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

GG Enrique.

Great grandson Enrique and his mom had their first visit to our house yesterday. They were heading home from Enrique having his first needles, he cried a little bit but no big deal.
Enrique would not share his biscuits with Siutik, very adamant about that.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Nunatsiavut Election 2008.

To date three candidates have been interviewed by Okalakatiget Society radio, Jim Lyall, Johannes Lamp and Natan Obed [I got Natan correct this time]. I would assume that Zippy Nochasak will be next but not sure when.

To date I have come across two on-line sites that are promoting the candidates the platforms and the PROMISSES.

I am sure candidates are going door to door and it seems Jim Lyall is having a public meeting and an open house in Goose Bay.

Personally I would like to see more public meetings held by potential and present politicians. Nain with a population 0f around 1300 should be large enough and eclectic enough to warrant that sort of a forum.

With such a large group of Nunatsiavut [the B word] living outside CKOK listening area now maybe the time for all those who give a hoot to lobby and come to the aid of Okalakatiget Society to get up on line.

Monday, April 21, 2008

The Makkovik Canadian Junior Rangers had a wilderness remote first aid training session last weekend.
A group of Junior Rangers along with two instructors took to the woods for some what looks like bloody work.
Unknown faux injuries had to be treated and victims calmed looks kind of real too.
Accidents on the menu included snowmobile accidents with cuts and fractures, Seizures, chain saw accident.

Barry Andersen of Makkovik and Sgt. Wheeler of CFB Gander carried out the course.

Thanks to Barry for the heads up and the pictures.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Mystery solved.

I have not spent a lot of time in Toronto but looking at the GTA from the air it always gave me the impression of neatness and order.
I have spent a little more time in the Ottawa Valley and Ottawa itself, again neatness and order comes to mind. Those parts of Ontario always made me feel uncomfortable. Not threatened or that something awful was about to happen, but just uneasiness, and when passing the burbs a queasy feeling in my stomach [but I get that in burbs anywhere].
Now I know what it was, and it was such a simple thing. Cant wait until the washing and carpets are hung out to air from all those high rise balconies.
Peace of mind at last.

I have been browsing through some of the Hansard of the Nunatsiavut Assembly meetings. One thing that stands out; it seems that votes on legislation are done by a show of hands, yea or nay.
No record in Hansard as to what member representing what district voted what way. All there is now is how many votes for yea and how many for nay.
Now that seems a little strange in it?

Also, another thing that stands out is the fact that it sure is a government in development. Some basic things like; if a minister or ordinary member was asked to fill in for another minister who’s portfolio had a higher salary than the filling in member was already on, then that filling in minister would not automatically received the higher salary. Now you can come down on either side of that, but it seems strange that there was no provision to address that situation.
As it is now the member’s service committee deals with finances and salary issues of the assembly members. Also, as it is now a member can bring forward a motion to the floor if they are unhappy with any decisions the members service committee makes regards salaries and benefits, and without any notice to the assembly.
A vote is then taken after proper proceedings are followed, but anyone who was not in the assembly at the time has no way of knowing who voted how.
Seems strange in it?

Friday, April 18, 2008

Is that glass in your window?

Why yes it is.

Now we have a professional studio with glass in the window. Some toes may have been stepped on in getting the replacement glass here and not three months from now, but hey.

One of the producers jokingly said, "I just got used to talking to the people through the hole in the wall, now I have to get used to this way [head phones] again."

The studio door hardware supplied has also been replaced with a the correct type of hardware and a closure, man was that an unnecessary long battle too.

Not surprisingly

language or the ability to speak a language has come up in the campaign for president of Nunatsiavut.

Candidate Zippy Nochasak has lodged an objection as to candidate Nathan Obeds eligibility to run based on his Inuktitut speaking abilities.

Nochasak claims that the president of Nunatsiavut should be fluent in Inuktitut. Obed admits his Inuktitut is patchy, but he is taking lessons and does not think that his lack of fluency should be an impediment in him being a good potential leader.

Jack Shiwak the chief electoral officer for Nunatsiavut says that all criteria has been followed in the nomination process. Shiwak adds that if Nochasak wants to protest Obeds eligibility to run for president it would have to be through the courts.

The wording in the Nunatsiavut constitution is ambiguous at best, it says that the president should be able to speak and understand Inuktitut.

No mention of any proficiency. This seems to have been changed from the old LIA constitution where I’m sure it said the president had to be fluent in Inuktitut.
Lesson here is; you gota pay attention and read the fine print.

It’s good that a debate is now taking place on language retention and its importance or not. Sadly the debate should have taken place before people voted on accepting the self government proposal put before them. Politicians in their self serving way blinded many people with rhetoric, lack of information sharing and throwing tax payers money around like drunken sailors.

CBC had good coverage on the story on both radio and TV. People in the street were asked their opinions. It is evident that confusion is there, but others are very adamant and informed, coming down on one side or the other.

One sorry individual said “I don’t thing the president should have to speak that language”. No wonder many INUIT despise the term beneficiary.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Buddy Danny and the other fella.

I sometimes listen to VOCM call in shows during the day when time permits, or I’m at the computer.
Yesterday Bill Rowe outdid himself with making me laugh, unintentional as it was.
We all make mistakes, even Rhodes Scholars. Yesterdays calls seemed equally split between the cancer receptive testing scandal unfolding and the seal hunt and seal hunt protests also under way.

So Bill says to one caller that he thought it a good idea than Premier Danny Williams has formed a coalition of sorts with the Premier of Nunavut Paul Okalik. Okalik has proposed that Canada ban the Hackapick used for generations in the carrying out of the seal harvest. Okalaik’s rational is that if this tool is banned from the hunt then the Europeans Union might go easy on Canada with any sanctions presently being discussed over there.
So Bill gives his usual anti rest of Canada anti Globe & Mail spittle and then says, “if think Premier Williams should go ahead with this coalition with this chap, argh, argh, the premier of Nunavut Paul Hookapick, after all he gets some good coverage every time he goes over to Europe with pro sealing activity”.

I could hear Bills spittle hitting the mike every time some one called about the seal hunt protesters and how badly Newfoundland has been done by them over the water.

Later: I meant to say earlier that I was expecting Bill or his producer to pick up on the little Hookapick slip, but no, and then I thought perhaps some caller would pick up on it as is their want at times, but no.

My opinion is that the hackapick has some bad optics, but not as bad as all the other optics out there, either legitimate of faked, so whistling in the wind comes to mind with the hackapick issue.
Paul Okalaik should also be careful who he jumps into bed with on dealing with the effects the bans on seal products are having on Inuit.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Another blustery morning,

light snow fell a lot of yesterday and last night, winds up to 83 KPH, not as strong as predicted though.
Conditions here are not good but south of here has more to do with planes being on hold or cancelled; schools are closed in some places.

CBC Labrador Morning had a very good piece on the museum in Hopedale this morning.
Reporter Kate Kyle did a tour with Museum curator Dave Iglolorte. Dave is usually a quite bloke, but his verbal enthusiasm and knowledge of the large and eclectic collection in the three story building almost put one in there with them. Great stuff Dave and Kate.

Against my better judgment [again] I have posted some Anonymous comments, not all though.
I put these ones up because some of the words are not directed at me alone, and to show that we all have our imperfections.

I would also like to address
Windowless rooms...very depressing...we need daylight/ there windows in the ceiling ??? or is the studio designed that way to get away from outside noise ??????
for the uninitiated.

The new studios are far from depressing, lots of light from two artificial light sources. The staff do not spend all day in there; the radio office area is very bright and airy with south facing windows.

As pointed out many times, the studios are designed to be sound proof. Most sound proof areas are designed to have the least amount of sound leaking material included. I know of some city based radio studios that have windows facing spectacular scenery; stations in Sydney Australia come to mind.
With very tight budget constraints OKS could not afford that type of glass window at this point in time.
As it is there will be some sort of noise leakage, with the right wind the building is under the flight path of twin otters landing and taking off.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Things I have noticed of late.

We were walking with the dog yesterday when the grandson hinted he wanted to go see his mom at the airstrip, she works there. While at the strip we noticed a large group of men [about 8 or so] and an awful lot of camping type gear along with tool boxes, generators and the like.
I speculated to someone that it looks like the “mineral exploration season is starting”.
Not so was the reply, “they are going up to dismantle the plane that crashed landed” two weeks ago. The plane was based in Nain while ferrying fuel to a remote airstrip.

Supposedly the group of folks are going to strip the plane and ship it out bit by bit, there is also speculated that the plane is only good for parts. Emphasis on speculation here, but it is strange this lack of media coverage, then we would not have to speculate.
The only media report I came across is this. I have noticed several Google searches of late with the words ‘Twin Otter, crash, north of Nain’, not much comes up. Out of sight out of mind maybe?

Afternoon Update on the plane: CKOK news brief reported a spokesperson for Innu-Mikun saying that mechanics are on site and working on the twin otter, no mention of the future plans for the aircraft. Also mentioned was that there were three crew on board when the incident happened, no injuries.

Randy Simms of VOCM was true to form this morning. He had the mayor of Labrador City on for an interview on things Labrador.
Randy’s first words after the formal greetings were “I hear that Aboriginal hunters in Labrador who hold caribou license can give their license to some one else who will then get the caribou for that license holder”.

Yes says Mayor Letto, “but that applies to all hunters in Labrador, not just aboriginal hunters”. “Oh” says Randy, “how come Labrador gets all these benefits and stuff” [I’m paraphrasing here] followed by a big hearty he he he he he.

“Don’t get me started” says mayor Letto. And the topics changed.

Now if that had been some phone in host from the rest of Canada, and the host said similar to a mayor of some large Newfoundland town about Newfoundlanders all hell would break loose from the phone in show crypto separatists groups, not to mention certain politicians jumping in making out they give a darn.
Randy is a long time councilor and member of the combined councils, at present is the mayor of Mount Pearl, so would one be unfair in thinking that Randy would be better informed, or at least get correct information before sprouting off on the air waves.

Also noticed while at the airstrip was candidate for President of Nunatsiavut Jim Lyall boarding a plane. Jim is going on a campaigning trip down the coast. In his hands was a briefcase full of Gravol. Jim does not fly well, and the winds were up all over the coast yesterday.
Just joking about the Gravol by the way.

Also noticed on Google searches are the words “Astron schedule Woodward group”, all inquiries from down in the states.

All air traffic is on hold or cancelled today, gusty winds and light snow and as usual it’s way worse south of here.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

As we all know misinformation and ignorance

can lead to very dangerous areas as pointed out in this well researched post. Lots of graphs to prove his point and some of the comments on the comments are very interesting too.
And it does not have to be mistakes by people from afar, I have heard similar diatribes by people who have worked [short time] in Inuit communities. I guess prejudices become ingrained and also it is a lack of accepting the cultural differences or the history of the peoples and area they temporarily reside.

Don’t get me wrong, I have my prejudices too, but before I go off on any ranting and raving I attempt to do some research or look back in time to try and balance things out a bit, use some perspective.

Some readers of this blog may have come across comments made by an anonymous person. Or it could be three people going by anonymous, Wejitu and Phil. I have no way of knowing [well I do but I am not going to bother]. Who ever and how many, it seems they/them have got their knickers in a knot to the extent that they are doing the same thing I am being accused of.

I do not feel I owe anyone an apology for my sentence of “my wife is Inuit”. I’m sure not many Inuit would be offended, and if they were some would not say anything about it and others if inclined to correct me would do so with respect and calmness.

Now I am not obsessed [a surprise to no one] with syntax and synonyms of the English language, but “my wife is Inuit’ while it may or may not be correct to some Inuit, it is definitely not a slur or a derogatory word [in that context] as suggested.

My argument is that it identifies my wife as being of a certain race or peoples as she would want to be.

I know the deference between singular and plural, many people who live outside [and many inside] of Labrador would not know the difference. Many think Inuit and Innu are one and the same, saying “my wife is Inuk” could be interpreted as “my wife is Innu” by some.
Or when writing that post I may have become lazy or sloppy, who the hell cares really, except Anonymous or Wejitu or Phil.

One incorrect synonym used often by many people is “the Inuit people”. This drives my wife nuts. It is like saying Canadians Canadians, of Newfoundlanders Newfoundlanders.

Inuktitut or Inutut is an evolving and living language. Inuit cover all of Northern Canada, Greenland, Alaska, Russia. There are county, regional and even community differences in meanings of words, structure of sentences, and pronunciation of words.
English is similar, just look at Newfoundland for instance, or England.

I have been privy to more arguments and discussions of what certain words or sentences mean in Inuktitut and how to convert same to English and reverse than I have had hangovers. I have listened to Inuit from different regions, different communities argue their case, I have listened to linguists speaking to Inuit, and yes even Inuk’s, and visa versa.

So spare me the uninformed and angry critiques will ya?

Friday, April 11, 2008

Gray weekend weather wise.

A few more still shots from last Thursdays "first day" on air at NMC. Left to right rotation.

K.Naime at the board and Joana and Lorne looking on. KN and J practice with the new player. J at board and KN in host chair and the view from host chair into control room.

We have re assurance's that the sound proof window will be installed very soon, the $ clock is ticking.

So all the Inuits [hi Dan the man] will be able to listen in to their own laungage being broadcast without too many technical interuptions from now on [touch wood]

This is not official, and I am not an official of OKS, non the less having been intimately involved with all that has gone on over the last couple of years I would just like to put out some heart felt thanks to some individuals and entities.

Atsanik Lodge has been very giving with special rates for the technical crews stay, as they have in the past.
Air Labrador were very co operative with special freight rates and some fare rates as well.

Ulapitsaijet has promised 2 grand towards the cost of technical installation.

Lorne Burry, Baxter Mackay and Bob Gosling did outstanding first class workmanship in design for the furniture and schematics for the wiring of radio control and broadcast equipment, building the furniture and installing same.

It has been trying to make the people at Environment Canada look good, the weather watch keeps going up and off.
It is light snow then low cloud, bit of wind, not as bad as south of here, but that has been the story all winter.

Interesting in it?

One makes a casual observation about the cost of a food item and some unknown with a pineapple up their arse {you are supposed to remove the green part} goes ballistic with all sorts of bigoted ill informed trash.
I’d thank you for the congrats but considering the first part it may be just facetiousness.

My wife who is INUIT loves Leeks in soup; many INUIT have asked me how to cook leeks as well as other fresh vegetables they are unfamiliar with. We have not had leek soup for a long time because we can not afford them at that price.

We all live here together; for years now I have listened and overheard people complain about the high cost of various consumer goods and services. Do I tell them to go back to Hopedale, Webb's Bay, Black island, Hebron, Lake Melville? No I do not, because I think I am more understanding and tolerant than that.
What I do do [most do not] is go with any concerns I have to the appropriate people or entities to try and effect change that benefits all.

On more pleasant things. CKOK won’t be going on air again until Monday. The radio department office area needs organizing, computers set up, other office stuff to put in place etc. Four women of various ages can only do so much, way too many boxes to unpack and the like. But it will come together.

Thanks for the offer Ex Sham. You are correct about Canada Post, but let’s not complain, something might improve.

Well I watched

for two days but never did see it. Not that that is a bad thing. I think we can do without a winter storm in April.

I was in one of the stores yesterday morning, one of the assistance mentioned to me that they had some fresh leeks come in and would be out on the shelf shortly, [we love leek n potato soup]. I mentioned that I had been resisting buying leeks of late due to their high cost. The assistant agreed that everything is going up expedientialy of late.

I asked how much were the leeks now, she pointed to three skinny wilting [just a little thicker than my thumb] leeks on the shelf and the $3.09 label below them. I asked "is that a pound or Kilo"?
"Each" was the reply. "Ouch"

Nuff said. After discarding the dirty and green parts I figure the price would more than double for the usable part.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

I'm as happy

as a pig in mud.

A quick video of the first on air practice @ NMC, CKOK 610AM in Nain Labrador.

The actual on air went really well, just a few new headphones and couple other things [like a sound proof window] needed and they have the top of the line studio.

Pleasant surprise

but it could have been bitter disappointment. Nunatsiavut assembly members voted for a three year ban on development of any uranium mining, exploration can still take place. So what's all the hoopla bullshit about.

A 8 to 7 vote means that the pressure got to about 5 members, I have to wonder was it pressure or other considerations.

A strong lobby of interests all outside the Nunatsiavut area was very vocal, this crowd and this incorrectly named bunch being just two. I heard nothing locally, not a promise or any arm twisting by mining companies, airlines, supply companies, not a hint of consultation of constituents by our members.

So lets hope that decisions on issues that effect the lives of people in the area stay with people in the area.
I understand that this uranium mining issue has world wide ramifications, but it is up to the people who control the land the mine will be on to make the final decision, so all those outside money hungry f---s should hold their tongues, after all Nunatsiavut residents don't go around shouting out what is best for Goose Bay, or any other place for that matter.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

NMC update, April 08, part 5.

The radio control room coming together, it should be up for broadcasting tomorrow, that is the plan anyway. Just some tweaking and cleaning up to do.
Photos show the board, the interview room and couple mikes, staff getting familiar with the system.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Lets hope sanity and common sense prevails at this government sitting.

A few jobs for the locals does not justify presenting the whole area, and the world, with this ever persistent danger.

Below is a media release [not sent to me :-] from the Nain RCMP.

2008-04-07On Sunday, the 6th day of April, 2008 at 01:36 a.m. the Nain R.C.M.Police received a complaint of a house fire. The incident was reported by a neighbor who could see smoke coming out from the residence situated on Middlepath Road, inNain, NL. The Nain fire department was called to assist and the R.C.M.Police attended the scene, where two males were observed assisting the occupants of the residence exit through the Master Bedroom window. The two victims were transported to the Nain Clinic and were suffering from smoke inhalation. They were airlifted to the Happy Valley Goose Bay, as a precaution where they are being treated. The victims are a 67 years old man and his 54 years old spouse, their names are not being released at this time. The R.C.M.P. officers at the scene were able to confirm no other people were in the residence and put out the fire using a fire extinguisher. The investigation into this incident is continuing and foul play is not suspected at this time. The fire was limited to the living room area and is believed to have started on the couch. It should be noted that the quick action of local residents and R.C.M.Police may have prevented more serious injures and damages in this matter.

I know the people rescued, seems like NLHC will be looking for a local interim maintenance person. Also it seems like some lucky people, and some quick thinking ones too.

Candidates, Nunatsiavut.

The official candidates list for the position of president of Nunatsiavut is:

Johanas Lampe of Nain.

Zippy Nochasak of Happy Valley-Goose Bay.

James [Jim] Lyall of Nain.

Nathan Obed [not sure of his local, could be 'rest of Canada'] Update: is a resident of Iqaluit Nunavut at the moment.

Back is a pain in the .......

So the weekend was amazing weather wise, today is same and for the near future. It’s up to +7 already, great for hunting fishing, just getting out.

For me not so, Saturday morning I was rappelling down this 200 foot cliff……………………….

OK, I was going out the front door and not paying proper attention when I tripped, not sure how, but my head was heading for the edge of storage draws in the front porch [it’s a 2 foot drop from the inner door to the porch floor]. I managed to put my left hand out to stop the head hitting, this worked, my left knee hit hard on the floor stopping any more forward motion, and my back gave out an awful pain filled protest.

After resting and getting over the initial shock I accessed the damage, left knee just scratched, pants ripped, left thumb badly sprained at the bottom joint and my back giving major pain preventing me from walking more than a few feet for two days.
Some self administered chiropractic has eased the pain and the pressure on the nerves [I think]; another few days should tell if I have to go out for treatment. I have the thumb taped to the hand leaving my typing finger free, so all not too bad.

So not long after my fall the council managed to get the water back on, about 11.30 I seem to remember. The hole has been filled in and all is left of the hole is shown in the picture. It will get messier this being spring n all.

Nominations close at noon today for the election of president of Nunatsiavut. At the moment there have been three people nominated, I will wait till later to put them out.

This will be the first time the people of Nunatsiavut will have an opportunity to vote for the position of president. The present incumbent [who is suspended] was a roll over from the LIA days.
It will also mean that there will be a change at the top for the first time in over 25 years. Two people took turns in being elected as president of LIA, and by extension Nunatsiavut, change is as good a holiday they say.

An uncle of mine, [lets call him Dave] who lives in the burbs of Brisbane recently visited my Mom n Dad down in the burbs of Sydney. While in Sydney Dave and his wife took my mom over to a family reunion of of the Cavanough ‘first fleeters’ clan. Dave has been doing quite a bit of research into the family genealogy the last several years so he wanted to see what he could find out about our ancestors.

My mom met another Cavanough descendant who was raised in an area in rural Queensland where me mom went to boarding school [they moved around a lot my Grandfather being an old bill]. They had a long chat reminiscing the good old days in that area.

They also learnt that we also have some connection to the Turnbull family shown in the other picture, more work needs to be done on that Dave tells me.

Bottom photos by K. McMahon.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Here’s mud in ya eye.

Finely Bombardier Recreational Products has issued a recall notice on the exploding ski doo case.

Rigolet can’t seem to win for loosing with there fuel issues.

Mean while just up the road we have a bloody big pile of mud, and a bloody big hole whence the mud came. Council had the good intentions of fixing the leak [bubble] at the intersection on Sandbanks Rd.

Council [nicg] workers dug and scrapped and shored up for about 11 hours yesterday, they got close to fixing the leak, but no cigar.

Not sure what the problem is now, at 6.30 last night they had the leak identified and were working to clear the area around for a patch to go on.

So we have been without water since 9 AM yesterday, no big deal except we have a boiler heating system and it needs water pressure to be able to work correctly.

A long day for the workers who were out in light snow and flurries all day, temps got up above 0 at times, but still not all that comfortable.

Friday, April 04, 2008

NMC update, April 08, part 4.

First picture is of the interview table, the mikes will be suspended from the hanging wooden circle at top of picture.

Next is view into the control room, the other two guys got in this morning and are busy at the wiring.

Then there is the edit suite all hooked up and operational. A couple of phone lines are working and the Internet is all a go.

lastly at right is the archive room with the first tapes being archived.

The good news is.

I would imagine some pressure is off students and staff at the school our GD is attending. After some months of not knowing if the school was going to stay open it appears that the Ontario government has come up with funds to keep the school open until 2009 some time. Let’s hope that the various levels of government can do better than that in the future. Alas when you have dip sticks of this ilk in government, then that is sort of whistling into the wind.

The water is off in town for eight hours today, council are going to have a go at repairing the “bubble” at the intersection near our house.

Weather is sort of clearing, planes are flying but it is still overcast with light snow, up above 0 too.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

NMC update, April 08, part3.

Top left we have one of the three TV edit suites [partly set up], next one of two views of the TV crews room and last on right a view of the kitchen from the end of the board room. The double doors slide shut.

Aliant has some phone lines up and working, still some work to do with them.

No let up in the storm yet, NNE gusting to 80, no planes so the technical guys for radio cant get in, work carries on non the less getting things clewed up furniture wise.

Responce and weather update.

A brief and neophyte response to PD in comments: CKOK radio 610 AM transmitter [40 watts] in Nain. Distribution to coast and Goose Bay via Aliant micro wave system.
Re-broadcast in Goose Bay by AM transmitter 1340 AM [1,000 watts] and in the communities by Community Radio FM transmitters.
The new system being installed will have all sorts of abilities, people are asking for live broadcasts [21 hours a week] to be on internet site, which does not mean it will be. CD’s can and are being made on request, songs, interviews etc.

OK TV does not broadcast live. Use Sony DVD cams, edit and transferred to DVD and sent to Winnipeg for broadcast on APTN. Again DVD’s are made upon request.

We are getting hit by the fist big spring storm of the season. Wet snow and strong winds, the school is closed at least till noon.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

NMC update.April 08, part2.

Here we have one of three edit suits for TV. Executive Directors office [or not?]. Board room with assembly still going on. Reception area all cleaned up.

The rest of TV area is still being organized so I did not take any shots of those areas today.

Unfortunately the deficiencies work has been held up due to an illness in the contractors staff.

The way things are going it would seem inevitable [all things being equal] that some serious monies will have to be held back on this contract. It is an average building, esthetically pleasing, if it was just an office complex, but it has certain technical attributes were required, in that area the building is below average in design [at best] and in the deficiencies.

NMC update, April 08, part1.

Three views of the radio control room as at April 1. More equipment to go in and and wiring to be started later in week.

A view of one of the general offices.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

K- 9 + 1

What a great day then, -7 or so, not a cloud in the sky, very little breeze.
Twas a great day to introduce the latest executive valet service to the town, to and from the airstrip.
The new venture, K-9 + 1, had one outgoing and two incoming this morning. Of course the owners of the luggage have to walk, but on days like this who cares, and it gives them time to take pictures.
Maybe I can sell some carbon offsets?

Picture by A. Johns.

April is here, only 5 more sleeps???

This is one cool mumma, and the father of the revolution would be rolling in his grave.

Another fine spring day in the offing, sunglasses and light attire mandatory. Snow and wind on the way though, so it is not all joy.