Saturday, March 31, 2012

Thin crust garlicky spinach feta pizza.

House still smells a little like a pizzeria the morning after, that spinach feta thin crust pizza was some good. No meat and Fran still loved it, as did Siutik love the garlicky crusty edge bits. Must do that again soon.

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So nominations closed yesterday at noon for president of Nunatsiavut Government. Election will be held on May 1st.

At the close of nominations there were three candidates:

Susan Nochasak is from Hopedale. Ms Nochasak resigned on March 8 from her role as minister of education and economic development of NG citing personal reasons.

Johannes Lamp is from Nain. Mr. Lamp is taking leave without pay from his role as minister for culture, recreation and tourism of NG to run. Mr. Lamp is a lay minister with the Moravian church in Nain and was a former translator with the Dept of health of NG.

Sarah Leo is from Nain. Ms Leo is taking leave from her role as executive director of Okalakatiget Society to run. Ms Leo was formally Mayor of the Nain Inuit Community Government before being defeated in the last NICG mayoral election.

So the snow did not let up all day yesterday. Became light and intermittent from about mid day, the winds dropped and there were enough gaps in the cloud cover to allow planes to get in by mid afternoon.

Aimee and Carter were anxious to get home, and they did, but not without many anxious delays in their departure time. Finely took off about 6:30.

Friday, March 30, 2012

We be hunkered down in snow and blowing snow this morning.

Made a path at front to get in-out and a path at back for Siutik to get to the bathroom. Had to push her out into 2 feet of it early

Not much use doing any more till the wind drops. Just as this storm worked its way up the clearing seems to be doing the same.

Goose 1 man 0.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Doing some tooling around with the new Picasa 3 photo editor.Actually I prefer photos untouched, but at the same time trying to be hip.

The cherry smoked ribs, spinach and mushrooms, root vegetables and cord were delish.

Weather for Carters week has been amazing. He spends a good portion of it put with his cousins and mom and grandad, either riding around on ski doo or being pulled on a sled.

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I was sent this news article on the winning class in the MyParksPass contest.

To say anything negative would seem like sour grapes, so congratulations to the winner team from PEI.

Argh screw it. The JHMS received over 2, 000 more votes [in the second go around] than the winning entry.

A democratic voting process was undertaken which was overturned by a plutocratic process. I know it was in the 'rules' but when the voting was so one sided one has to ask, WTFIT about?

I am no judge of video production but it could be argued that native people have been screwed once again by Parks Canada and the the dominant society.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Place was rocking

last evening. Frans birthday see.

Had Aimee, Carter and Matthew up for supper. Of course Enrique and Terrence stick to Aimee like glue when she is in town so they were here, though not at the same time.
Then Andrew, Stephanie and a relative from Hopedale came up for cake.

All in all a very exciting time especially for Carter who in his rush forgot he likes pup pup but is still very wary of her.

Fran wanted caribou with duff [pastry] on top and I made a very large muffin. I used my favorite red berry muffin mix but put it all in a cake pan. Came out AOK by all reports. 

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I took all the photo's with my tablet, too busy to bother with the Olympus.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Northern Lights

Finely have some shots of northern lights [Jonathan]. Alas I had to borrow them from nephew Andrew, who took these sans tripod up at their cabin last week in Okak Bay.

Eleven days in a wildlife filled people free peaceful paradise, how does that sound Jonathan?

I had to enhance the photos for clarity, shows up dirt on the lens, but I am sure it comes close to capturing what the eye experienced.

The bear paw print photo is untouched, mom and a very young baby not long out of the den. They took a stroll past and headed off unharmed.

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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Vegemite/crackers/soup &YDP

Vegemite/crackers/soup &YDP: Vegemite/crackers/soup &YDP
Our spring has sprung a leak, winds to69 clicks, drifting snow and wind chills down to -31.

While in church yesterday afternoon I did see my first snow birds through the window.

No I have not had an epiphany, was attending another funeral, Carters other Anansiak [great grandmother]. So very close to his Atatsiak who passed away just before Christmas.

Having Carter around in a way distracts the the extended families grief.

A reminder to those that may have missed the Fifth Estate "Lost on the Ice" repeats on CBC News Network on Sunday at 7p.m. Eastern, 8 Atlantic

Saturday, March 24, 2012

After watching the 5th estate program last evening one thing seems clear. False information was given to the public by the rear admiral in his press statement. The situation was exasperated further by statements of support to the rear admiral made by the minister of DND and further again [though not in the 5th estate program] by the minister for intergovernmental affairs and member for Labrador.

So clearly, at a minimum the rear admiral has to step down while a full inquiry is called into the handling of the Burton Winters incident and further expand the inquiry to look into SAR capabilities/inadequacies within the Atlantic region.

The province can not be let off the hook either for their role in the inadequacies of SAR in Labrador.

Peter Penashue may hold onto his role as MP for Labrador until the next election, but that will be it for him. PP may hold onto his ministership, but that would only be because he is the only conservative from NL.
It still stuns me that so many people were fooled into voting for him. They were not paying attention, they were voting for the PP of years ago, not the PP of today.

Had a care package arrive yesterday with some goodies, two pictured here. Also some dehydrated peas and chocolates.

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We are down into the minus teens again this morning, minus 29 wind chill earlier.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Afternoon Update:  CBC the fifth estate will air tonight [check local listings]. Tonight's subject is 'lost on the ice' a call for help unanswered, the story of Burton Winters demise outside Makkovik Labrador.

The weather delayed open house/meet and great/information session/questions and answer meeting between Air Labrador and NGC took place yesterday afternoon.

Tim’s coffee and pasties were enjoyed by all [even me who prefers home made muffins] followed by a short video [produced by OK society] for NGC giving a backgrounder of the company.  

This was followed by a presentation by James Thorbourne of NGC and then Philip Earl of Air Labrador.

More on that later.

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Cain's Quest is over for another year. The teams at the finish seemed extremely tired and worn out, little wonder.
!8 scratched overall, mechanical problems all, even the winning team was nursing a broken body frame at the end restricting speed to 70 to 80 KPH [no wonder human bodies were warn].

The big story for northern Labrador is that 2 teams from here finished in the top 4 places. Natuashish in 3rd and Hopedale in 4th. It was the first time in the race for Hopedale guys.

An offshoot from all the excitement up here is the big overshadow of the non coverage of the event by CBC NL TV as it wound it's way through the area and into Quebec.

Some nasty things are being said about CBC NL TV, and rightly so. CBC Labrador Morning did a fine coverage of the event, but in this day and age people want to see video.

Some folks are [in half joking manner] saying that next time they are going to buy a camera, take some training courses and video it themselves.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

With less than 150 kilometers to go for the leader of the Cain's Quest snowmobile race the excitement in Northern Labrador must be palpable.

Palpable because teams from Natuashish [160] and Hopedale [168] are in second and third.

Judging by Facebook many have stayed up all night watching the progress of the racers.

It should be all over by mid day to early afternoon.

The finish line has been relocated due to flooding in some parts of Lab City.

No thanks to CBC NL television for the atrocious coverage of the race. Some people are calling for cuts to CBC NL, but that would only cut our nose off to spite our face. You know who will get cut, and it aint the center of the universe down on the Avalon.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Had this pasted on Facebook wall from a friend. It describes Fan to a tee.
I admire her for sticking to the hand written communications except for one aspect.

You see there are oodles of e mails that come in for Fran, these days from several volunteer groups she is involved in.
It falls to me to vet and organize the incoming into appropriate files and I then reference Fran, and some times badger Fran, to respond.
So in some weird way I take some credit and satisfaction in Frans old world charming ways.

 Had a hard time picking just the right photo from Aimee's latest batch of I phone pictures of Carter, so many cutesie ones.After a little editing I chose this one.

Carter is becoming quite the little boy now, out ridding his bike in the puddles of melting snow and doing what 1 year old's do, making a mess and teasing his mom.

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Things should start moving again soon with the racers in Cain's Quest. Live pictures of the final lay over area are here.

News Flash from Cain's Quest: All racers are being held in Kuujjuaq for an extra 12 hours to ensure a daylight finish in Lab City.Daylight finish for the leaders at least.

This means the leaders will leave Kuujjuaq around the 5 pm  mark this afternoon.

It was the intent all along to hold the racers at some check point to ensure daylight finish. But while in Kuujjuaq it was agreed by all to hold there now. Nice to have comfortable accommodations eh?

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Some collages of the Cains Quest machines and some of the racers taken yesterday. Did not have a lot of time to spend out watching but did what I could.

Above is the lay down area at the dock that served as the machine rest area [taken in the morning], team 20 came in while I was there. High security, no work can be done on the machines during the 10 hour rest time.

Then we have the lead teams leaving around 12: 25. The big guys in the black and white are team Natuashish #29 followed closely by Team Main #22. On leaving the area I believe both teams headed off to get some repairs done on machines.

At right we have the support team for #35 outside Northern. Later in the afternoon they were all down at the airstip waiting for some parts to arrive for one of team 35 machines.

 About an hour after they left the rest area team Main #22 gassed up in front of me at the infamous Nain gas bar. Extra stainless steel tanks at the rear and gas containers of all sizes hanging off the machines. .                                                                             

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On exiting Nain the teams took different routes to the next check point of Wedge Hills over the Quebec border. Some headed more south and some more straight in before turning north. I guess gambles were made on the safest and quickest route up onto the height of land. With names like pearly gates and devils hole one can understand why the caution.

This morning 22, 29 and 31 are battling it out for the lead with about 160 K to go to Kuujjuaq. Team 39 is west of Nain yet to turn north. Unfamiliarity with the area seems to have cost some teams time and distance.

Once in Kuujjuaq there is a mandatory 16 hour rest period before heading straight down to Lab City.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Boy those Cains Quest riders are flying. Lead teams started arriving into Nain around.2:22 AM. That is under three hours from Hopedale.

The team from Natuashish [29] is leading, having taken over 1st from Team Main [22] in the run up from Goose Bay.
Should be quite a few teams here by now, the weather cleared and it is -10. 12 teams have retired so far.

Now for a 10 hour lay over then off again to Kuujjuaq.

Up date in the afternoon:  Mild temps but rather blustery winds most of the day, makes it hard to hold my camera still.
I missed team 39 arrival Wayne, could have been them arriving when I was at the airstrip.

The lead teams [29/22] left the hold pen just a few minutes late but headed to get some welding done on machines.

While I was heading for the gas station another of the Main teams beat me over there and filled up all there tanks, even 1 gallon bottles slung over their seats.
They then asked for directions out of town for heading up the ponds.

While at the airstrip team 35's support team pulled up, all four of them with lots of gear and gas. They are waiting for the fright plane for parts.

Will get some pictures up later, other things to do.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

By the looks of the weather forecast from Makkovik to Nain the Cains Quest riders will be having a hard time of it tonight. Light snow then clearing but winds gusting up to 60 and 70 in the area with blowing snow.

The lead riders are on there way to Postville, leader is about half way there. Local teams should have a bit of an advantage being home turf, as long as machinery and human bodies stand up to the strain.

Seven teams have pulled out from Lab Ciry to HV-GB, and the race has not started yet [so to speak].

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Always remember to forget
The troubles that passed away.
But never forget to remember
The blessings that come each day.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Balmy + temps this morning as well as overnight.Brooks are starting to bust open inside Hopedale making it hard for people getting out of the country.

Amazing these days that some family members of hunters can sit at home and keep track of the hunters progress through SpotMe.

The warming trend, then back to freezing should make for an interesting ride for the Cains Quest participants.  

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Fran wanted her last nights meal featured. Caribou and three vegetables. Nice and colorful as well as tasty and healthy.

I would be negligent if I did not post a link to this news release by the provincial government.I would not have know about it if not for the MHA for Torngat mountains having a link on his Facebook.

It was released unceremoniously, not a word from Transport minister not Labrador and aboriginal affairs. No explanation why the lengthen of the contract is now 15 years from the usual 3 or 5 yeas.

One could speculate as to why, but why should we have to. Now there will be all sorts of speculation in the negative.
I can hear speculation now that it is a set up for one particular company who owns one particular ship that fits the 3 year condition of 15 years and over.

This government first came to power in 2003 I believe. I have lost count of the ministers who have said that they are monitoring the Northern Labrador situation and when all the stats are in the they will get down to designing a new vessel for the Labrador coast.

Well most of us knew that that was a load of codswallop. 

I await some sort of response from Nunatsiavut Government now, and no, I will not be hanging by the short and curlies while waiting.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Another spring like day yesterday, up to -12 and the sun was bouncing off the snow making it feel warmer when walking.

Back in September 2010 I posted about this nice husky a neighbor had and our adventures. Well Amaruk is still alive, but has not been as fortunate as Siutik, to my way of thinking any way.

Amaruk is tied up outside 24/7, which is what is the norm for huskies here, but she always looks underfed and has had at least three litters of pups.

We still interact very well when I stop by, she nuzzles her head into me while I scratch and pat her and say comforting words to here.

Her five pups from recent litter were out soaking up the rays yesterday so I took some pics. As usual there is always one pup who is more curious than the others, the black one was out chewing on my foot and following me around while the others were more comfortable staying back in a protective huddle.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Very spring like day yesterday, mostly sunny and temperature got up to -9.
Today is cooler, in the -20 range but sun is bright and winds are calm.

Noah Nockasak and the other buddy [Jerry] are now on the Quebec side and resting in a cabin before carrying on their walk up the George River.
They reached the cabin over the weekend sometime; Noah had some nasty frostbite on his face [that restricted his smiling] plus an injured knee sustained on the decent from the barrens, nothing major.

Giant Andrew has finished his walk, cut short as they were going to come to Nain originally. None the less another great feat for Giant Andrew and the people who accompanied him on this walk. 

Now for the noisy mechanical inclined adventures to take the stage. Cain’s Quest gets under way Saturday; the organizers are issuing warnings to any one on the proposed route to watch out for speeding snowmobiles.

I wonder if the Nain council should not issue a similar warning for Nain residents, particularly on Sandbanks Road just prior and to and near the end of the school lunch break.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Para skiing, sail skiing, kite skiing, snow sailing, you take your pick what you want to call it.
For what the instruction will be in Nain I think kite snow skiing is closer than the others.

Whatever you choose the sport of being towed along on ski’s behind a parachute like sail has arrived on the coast of Labrador, at least in pilot project form.

This first “instruction module” had a few hick ups with weather delays on Thursday and Friday, then there was little wind Saturday. This moved them indoors for some basic sail instruction and up into the hills for some ski skill set testing.

 There was a core group of about 7 who came forward to receive instruction with the aim of them then becoming instructors for others in the community, and perhaps in other communities down the road.

The gear purchased for the “pilot project’ [six sets of everything needed] did not arrive until Saturday evening, again due to weather’

Sunday things were still a little blizzardey but not enough to stop some sailing runs.

Instruction will resume in Early April for about 10 days.

Not mentioned are some important facts. The “pilot project” is being funded by several Nunatsiavut Government departments.
So to say that it does not cost anything to ‘catch the wind’ is a little misleading.

Ski/bindings, helmet, warm clothing, goggles, kite, lines and pulleys, harness and whatever do not come cheap, or free.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Nice weekend after the late week blizzard on Friday.

I noticed this chap doing it tough with two heavy green junks of wood on hand drawn komatik. 

Got in a couple of shots before he was too fare down the road. Don't mean to invade his privacy but it reminded me of something persons from away mentioned recently.

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The conversation was along the lines: they seemed amazed that they saw a guy carrying wood on his shoulder quite a ways from town heading back to town.

I reiterated that that sort of scene is quite common here. People hauling wood by hand on komatiks, in fish boxes and on shoulders, and not only men.

I figure they are either training for the worlds strangest person competition or are at the very bottom of the stream in the trickle down economy.

There is a prize for the correct answer.

I found this letter to the editor very moving, Regular lives in Goose Bay and has an adopted daughter who is from Nain.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Cain's Quest teams

 from away are starting to arrive in Labrador. This photo shows the Main team no not Nain after arriving yesterday. Cain's quest start March 17, vroom vrooom.

The photo was taken by Philip Earle and twittered via Camera on IOS I did some editing for clarity.

Had some home made burger buns made so did a burger open face. Lettuce, onion. tomato, cucumber, and a nice mayo, mustard, avocado, hot sauce dressing.
My reputation is in tact I am told.
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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Frans youngest sister Lise lives in Hopedale [along with most all of Frans siblings] with her husband Ross.
Their home is in great spot just above the water, or ice in winter and at the bottom of a sloping road.

 Thursday and Friday they got hit hard with a blizzard, just one of many this year.

These photos were taken by Lise this morning and I thought I would share.

The top shows after the door was cleared, the middle shows what it was like from the inside prior to clearing away.

Our blizzard and it's aftermath pales in comparison.

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Nice looking polar bear skin against the shed.

Friday, March 09, 2012

The sitting president of Nunatsiavut Government announced {at the very brief last sitting of the assembly-like less than two days} that he will not be running again. The election for president is to be held early May.

At the same very brief sitting of the assembly it was announced that the Minister of Education and Economic Development is also resigning effective Wednesday.

How many ministers have resigned or been turfed from their portfolios in the short life of NG now is it?

Speaking of vegetables: Hopedale community will be having another gardening works shop next Tuesday.
If they get the numbers who came out to the workshop we gave there it should be a success.  

Fran was the guest speaker at a luncheon yesterday in celebration of  International Woman's Day. 

An eclectic age group of around 40 people attended the luncheon in the board room of the NG administration building. Which was about 36 more people that observed the very brief sitting of the NG assembly two days before.
Sure was not looking good for getting planes in yesterday. Weather advisory for the whole coast. But in the afternoon the ceiling and vis improved slightly, from the air at least, enabling the afternoon flight to get down.
It did not last long as the snow became heavier and the ceiling was almost down to the ground after a couple of hours.

The first picture shows two of the three movers and shakers in the production of "till we meet again" heading to the airstrip looking optimistic about getting out to Hopedale for the second showing of the video. And made it they did, much to every bodies surprise.
The two T's, Tom and Tim looked very comfortable [says me fictitiously] and at home on their loaner ski doo.
The picture is superimposed on one I took two hours later with deteriorated conditions. 

The pasta dish was very good, I added some green olives to the ground meat and tomato sauce with the last of my feta sprinkled on top.

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We have light snow and blowing snow out there this morning, I can hear the wind blowing through the hydro lines.

No luck seeing any display of the aurora borealis with all this cloud cover. As long as our communications don't get knocked out with all these solar flares that is OK with me.

Thursday, March 08, 2012

"Till we meet again".

We had the honor, along with other members of the community, to attend the premier of Nigel Markam's latest film "Till we meet again".

A brief description can be heard here with a CBC Lab Morning interview with Markam and Tom Gordon.

To say both Fran and I were very moved by the film would be an understatement. Tom Gordon did an amazing job organizing the music, musicians and guiding the film to it's fruition over a number of Years. And Nigel and his crew are to be congratulated for the high quality of the film, the visuals, editing and the ending will blow you away, if not then go seek help.

If the film achieves one thing I hope it moves the Elders of the Moravian church, especially in Nain, to find a way to attract younger people back to the church. If not for the religion then for the musical traditions of the choir, brass and string bands, that have been part of the Inuit culture here for a couple of hundred years.

The film will be shown on CBC and other media later this year, it will be available on CD as well.

Here is another cultural story from CBCLab morning, this time pre Christian culture. Click on drumming for the pod cast. 

Drum dancing and throat singing has been in a somewhat revivalist mode, mainly amongst the younger folk, for some years.
It was the Christians who banned these activities in the communities in the belief that they were associated with shamanism.

Ironically it was a white guy who started the revitalization some years back, at least from a Nain perspective.

 Bill Wheaton was an arts teacher at JHMS who was involved with all sorts of programs within the school and without from visual art to theater, print making and the re introduction of the drum dancing and throat singing.

Some people are of the mind that pre Christian culture should take precedence over Christian introduced activities.

In the area of Moravian choir and brass and string band music this is a croc of shite to my mind.

They are now as much Inuit culture for many Inuit as the pre Christian activities. Inuit of Labrador have taken the European music and turned it into something unequally there own.

If not for Tom Gordon it most likely would still be a hidden gem available only to those in Central and Northern Labrador.

Anonymous commenter pointed out this story in the Telegram. Some very valid points covered in the article.

If the teacher will not speak publicly to the points raised [I do not blame her] then surly someone at the higher echelons of the school administration should be speaking out.

Are there concerns within the administration about the whole affair? Mind you it might be all moot if JHMS does not win.

Surly then there will be someone speaking out and asking why JHMS garnered  almost 2,000 more votes than the second place and yet did not win. 

As to the cost and logistics of getting them all out to Goose Bay:  Now that Inuit are majority shareholder in Air Labrador surly some arrangement can be made with that airline. I wonder if anyone has bothered to ask?

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

My little Francois will be guest speaking at the Nain luncheon on Thursday the 8th at the community hall.. Be there or be square.

March 7, 2012
For Immediate Release

Luncheons planned to help celebrate International Women’s Day in Nunatsiavut and North West River

March 8 is recognized as International Women’s Day in Canada. On this day women across the country and the world celebrate advancements in equality for women and, at the same time, acknowledge the challenges that still exist.

This year’s theme “Strong Women, Strong Canada – Women in Rural, Remote and Northern Communities: Key to Canada’s Economic Prosperity” is particularly relevant to women in our communities. Women are integral to life in our communities and contribute in key roles such as: caregivers, community and political leaders, traditional and non-traditional workforce members and innovators in training and community projects.

To commemorate International Women’s Day, the Department of Health and Social Development, in partnership with the Status of Women office of the Nunatsiavut Government and AnanauKatiget Tumingit, will be hosting a luncheon with a quest speaker in each Nunatsiavut community and North West River. The guest speakers will be local women who will share their life’s journeys, both challenges and accomplishments, providing inspiration and motivation to other women. It is through the sharing of knowledge and experience that women become united and strengthened to address issues requiring attention in order to achieve equity and equality.

“On this day, we celebrate the women of Nunatsiavut. We take time to recognize the essential role that women play, not only in their everyday lives as mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters and daughters, but the important role they have in building healthy communities in Nunatsiavut,” says Health and Social Development Minister Kemuksigak.

“Through the creation of the Regional Inuit Women’s Organization, AnanauKatiget Tumingit and Nunatsiavut Government’s Status of Women’s office, Inuit women are in a great position to have their voices heard and to take on leadership roles in their communities,” added the Minister.

For more information on the International day luncheon in your community please contact:

Paula Flowers/Kathy Pottle – Rigolet – 947-3328
Makkovik – Tracy Evans – 923-2368
Postville – Candy Jacque – 479-9878
Hopedale – Marjorie Flowers – 933-3894
Nain – Elsie Russell – 922-2182
NWR – Kim McLean – 497- 8807

The northern lights were busy early this morning, alas I was not inclined to go out and give picture taking a try.

Speaking of northern lights, they are prominent on the Nunavut license plates, along with a polar bear and Inukshuk.
Does not look too bad, not sure what it will look like when aged and faded. If anything it seems a bit busy to me.
Most likely become a collectors item.

The Nunatsiavut Government assembly started sitting in Nain Yesterday afternoon. The sitting was transferred to here from Hopedale due to the water problem there.

Fran went down and observed the proceedings, it is the first opportunity she has had to sit in and observe the assembly in action.
Fran commented later that it is just like all other government house proceedings, except the shouting and and name calling was absent. We keep those things out of the public domain here.

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

See you in the wind..

Starting soon in Nain, a pilot project of Nunatsiavut Government in the fine art of para skiing or snow sailing.

Plenty of wind these days, hope it keeps up for the instructor training and then the full program. Mind you one might get a bit frostbite with these temperatures but what cost some fun eh?

Starts 11 March 2012-Contact Mitchel White @ 922 2955 for details.
This CH-146 from 444 dropped in yesterday afternoon. Fueled up, crew did some scouting for post cards and off she went again, where to and why she was in area I do not know.

While taking the photo I heard some cackling in the background. These two fine citizens are always in a fine mood, except when they are not. I don’t think they realized I had the big zoom on the camera. 

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Update on Noah/ Kobelenko walk: Some time on the weekend they were still 38 K this side of the Quebec border.
Slow going for sure, strong winds the most likely culprit.

Interesting article from down under about south of the border. We are not into cell phones service here, lets hope sanity prevails and it is a long way off.
I say jam away to your hearts content.

The voting for MyParksPass video contest is now closed. Interesting the interactive map does not show Torngat Mountains National park.

As of 4:30 pm Atlantic time last evening JHMS had 3192 votes. The second placed school had 1108.
Now the top ten videos go before a panel of judges, we will see what we see.

On the trip north our Nephew took, he to Okak the rest going on to Hebron. The total of animals taken was greater than I originally estimated.

Reason being I guess is the ‘recommended harvest’ of caribou by the Nunatsiavut Government. Two animals per family will put a strain on traditional hunting practices and most likely reduce the usual sharing of meat with people who cant get out on the land for differing reasons. 

I am not suggesting any thing untoward has taken place, nor that too many animals were taken as per recommendations, nor that conservation practices are not needed. I am just pointing out some facts as I see them.