Wednesday, March 07, 2012

The northern lights were busy early this morning, alas I was not inclined to go out and give picture taking a try.

Speaking of northern lights, they are prominent on the Nunavut license plates, along with a polar bear and Inukshuk.
Does not look too bad, not sure what it will look like when aged and faded. If anything it seems a bit busy to me.
Most likely become a collectors item.

The Nunatsiavut Government assembly started sitting in Nain Yesterday afternoon. The sitting was transferred to here from Hopedale due to the water problem there.

Fran went down and observed the proceedings, it is the first opportunity she has had to sit in and observe the assembly in action.
Fran commented later that it is just like all other government house proceedings, except the shouting and and name calling was absent. We keep those things out of the public domain here.

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hopewellwoodwork said...

Actually, for a "southern man" I rather like the plate
Rather artistic.