Monday, March 12, 2012

Nice weekend after the late week blizzard on Friday.

I noticed this chap doing it tough with two heavy green junks of wood on hand drawn komatik. 

Got in a couple of shots before he was too fare down the road. Don't mean to invade his privacy but it reminded me of something persons from away mentioned recently.

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The conversation was along the lines: they seemed amazed that they saw a guy carrying wood on his shoulder quite a ways from town heading back to town.

I reiterated that that sort of scene is quite common here. People hauling wood by hand on komatiks, in fish boxes and on shoulders, and not only men.

I figure they are either training for the worlds strangest person competition or are at the very bottom of the stream in the trickle down economy.

There is a prize for the correct answer.

I found this letter to the editor very moving, Regular lives in Goose Bay and has an adopted daughter who is from Nain.

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Shammickite said...

good to know that there are people ready to help someone who is having a difficult time. I hope the lady is OK now.