Friday, March 16, 2012

Balmy + temps this morning as well as overnight.Brooks are starting to bust open inside Hopedale making it hard for people getting out of the country.

Amazing these days that some family members of hunters can sit at home and keep track of the hunters progress through SpotMe.

The warming trend, then back to freezing should make for an interesting ride for the Cains Quest participants.  

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Fran wanted her last nights meal featured. Caribou and three vegetables. Nice and colorful as well as tasty and healthy.

I would be negligent if I did not post a link to this news release by the provincial government.I would not have know about it if not for the MHA for Torngat mountains having a link on his Facebook.

It was released unceremoniously, not a word from Transport minister not Labrador and aboriginal affairs. No explanation why the lengthen of the contract is now 15 years from the usual 3 or 5 yeas.

One could speculate as to why, but why should we have to. Now there will be all sorts of speculation in the negative.
I can hear speculation now that it is a set up for one particular company who owns one particular ship that fits the 3 year condition of 15 years and over.

This government first came to power in 2003 I believe. I have lost count of the ministers who have said that they are monitoring the Northern Labrador situation and when all the stats are in the they will get down to designing a new vessel for the Labrador coast.

Well most of us knew that that was a load of codswallop. 

I await some sort of response from Nunatsiavut Government now, and no, I will not be hanging by the short and curlies while waiting.

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