Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Some collages of the Cains Quest machines and some of the racers taken yesterday. Did not have a lot of time to spend out watching but did what I could.

Above is the lay down area at the dock that served as the machine rest area [taken in the morning], team 20 came in while I was there. High security, no work can be done on the machines during the 10 hour rest time.

Then we have the lead teams leaving around 12: 25. The big guys in the black and white are team Natuashish #29 followed closely by Team Main #22. On leaving the area I believe both teams headed off to get some repairs done on machines.

At right we have the support team for #35 outside Northern. Later in the afternoon they were all down at the airstip waiting for some parts to arrive for one of team 35 machines.

 About an hour after they left the rest area team Main #22 gassed up in front of me at the infamous Nain gas bar. Extra stainless steel tanks at the rear and gas containers of all sizes hanging off the machines. .                                                                             

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On exiting Nain the teams took different routes to the next check point of Wedge Hills over the Quebec border. Some headed more south and some more straight in before turning north. I guess gambles were made on the safest and quickest route up onto the height of land. With names like pearly gates and devils hole one can understand why the caution.

This morning 22, 29 and 31 are battling it out for the lead with about 160 K to go to Kuujjuaq. Team 39 is west of Nain yet to turn north. Unfamiliarity with the area seems to have cost some teams time and distance.

Once in Kuujjuaq there is a mandatory 16 hour rest period before heading straight down to Lab City.


Table Mountains said...

What irritates me the most about this is that our News Networks in NL don`t cover it enough. (probably because it`s in Labrador) I seen more coverage on the Super Bowl in this province then on the event that`s happening right now.

Shammickite said...

Wow. Great pictures, Brian. This looks like a huge event for the area.

Brian said...

Just wish I had more time to get in amongst the action for more pics.

It is a shame and it has not gone unnoticed up here Wayne, nor elsewhere for those who pay attention eh?