Sunday, March 11, 2012

Cain's Quest teams

 from away are starting to arrive in Labrador. This photo shows the Main team no not Nain after arriving yesterday. Cain's quest start March 17, vroom vrooom.

The photo was taken by Philip Earle and twittered via Camera on IOS I did some editing for clarity.

Had some home made burger buns made so did a burger open face. Lettuce, onion. tomato, cucumber, and a nice mayo, mustard, avocado, hot sauce dressing.
My reputation is in tact I am told.
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Shammickite said...

The burger looks good but where's the fried egg, the pineapple and the beetroot? I'm told all Aussies have those delicacies on their burgers.
And as for marathon snowmobile races, I'll stay home and watch it on TV thanks!!!

Brian said...

Beetroot was on the side, as is my habit.
The other two were in the best burger I have ever eaten, back 40 some years ago