Sunday, March 18, 2012

By the looks of the weather forecast from Makkovik to Nain the Cains Quest riders will be having a hard time of it tonight. Light snow then clearing but winds gusting up to 60 and 70 in the area with blowing snow.

The lead riders are on there way to Postville, leader is about half way there. Local teams should have a bit of an advantage being home turf, as long as machinery and human bodies stand up to the strain.

Seven teams have pulled out from Lab Ciry to HV-GB, and the race has not started yet [so to speak].


Table Mountains said...

My Cousin Corrine Paul is the better half on Team 39. I been following them and they should reach Postville if things go well at around 3 AM tomorrow morning.

Brian said...

She seems a feisty calm lady, wish them luck.
Hard to track on the site, but Nain is expecting the lead riders in early morning, but the weather will be brutal tonight.