Monday, March 19, 2012

Boy those Cains Quest riders are flying. Lead teams started arriving into Nain around.2:22 AM. That is under three hours from Hopedale.

The team from Natuashish [29] is leading, having taken over 1st from Team Main [22] in the run up from Goose Bay.
Should be quite a few teams here by now, the weather cleared and it is -10. 12 teams have retired so far.

Now for a 10 hour lay over then off again to Kuujjuaq.

Up date in the afternoon:  Mild temps but rather blustery winds most of the day, makes it hard to hold my camera still.
I missed team 39 arrival Wayne, could have been them arriving when I was at the airstrip.

The lead teams [29/22] left the hold pen just a few minutes late but headed to get some welding done on machines.

While I was heading for the gas station another of the Main teams beat me over there and filled up all there tanks, even 1 gallon bottles slung over their seats.
They then asked for directions out of town for heading up the ponds.

While at the airstrip team 35's support team pulled up, all four of them with lots of gear and gas. They are waiting for the fright plane for parts.

Will get some pictures up later, other things to do.


Table Mountains said...

Team 39 had some problems earlier this morning but are on their way to Nain now. Hope you can snap a shot of the little lady on the Pink Machine.

ViewPoint2010 said...

Man - these people are talented AND tough! Ride on good people, ride on!!!