Saturday, March 10, 2012

Frans youngest sister Lise lives in Hopedale [along with most all of Frans siblings] with her husband Ross.
Their home is in great spot just above the water, or ice in winter and at the bottom of a sloping road.

 Thursday and Friday they got hit hard with a blizzard, just one of many this year.

These photos were taken by Lise this morning and I thought I would share.

The top shows after the door was cleared, the middle shows what it was like from the inside prior to clearing away.

Our blizzard and it's aftermath pales in comparison.

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Nice looking polar bear skin against the shed.


Shammickite said...

Is that the Ross Flowers who carved the caribou?
WOW now that's what I call a snowstorm! How did they ever clear the doorway???

MargaretJ said...

Holy cow! Thanks for posting

Brian said...

That be the same Ross sure.
Cleared the doorway with shovel, not sure from inside or outside, not many mechanical blowers up this way. at least owned by Inuit.