Monday, March 05, 2012

Moving along into March the days are longer, the sun higher in the sky and temperatures are lower.

Eh? Not supposed to be like this is it? -30 at the house and -26 official this morning with -34 chill. Not a cloud in the sky though.
For those in the south keeping tabs it's -34 and sunny in  Igloolik.

We have a number of prime rib roast still left in the freezer. I usually give them a rub of spices and roast them.
For a change this week I removed the meat from the bone, cut the meat length wise in half making two rather large steaks. Gave them a light Montréal steak rub and marinated for several hours in the fridge.

I removed meat 2 hours before cooking, seared them on both side in the cast iron pan then put them in a 325 degree oven to finish off for 40 minutes.

Result was worth the extra effort as the meat was very tender and quite tasty served with gravy, mushrooms and vegetables.

For me I  grated parmigarno onto the greens and the potatoes for added variety, Fran is not into added variety.

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Shammickite said...

will you be getting some of the caribou meat (from previous blog post) for your freezer?
I know you'll think I'm a real wuss, but I just thought I'd tell you it's -14C here this morning.