Monday, June 30, 2008

Nain to Makkovik.

Had a tip off that these two were setting off today from Nain to Makkovik.

Richard Learning and Paul Pigott left about noon for a 6 to 12 or a 7 to 9 [depending on who you ask] day paddle along the Labrador coast.
For Richard [in yellow] it will be the last bare two communities that he has visited on his yearly paddles. He only has two more down south, a four hour paddle.

Then maybe next year north of Nain.

Don’t know much about kayaks but Paul made his from a kit sent from Oregon I believe.
Neglected to mention that Richard is 61 years young, not sure how old Paul is except quite a bit younger.

Very nice weekend.

Temperatures very nice, 11 Saturday and up to 20 yesterday [16 official].

The grandson slept over Saturday, in the morning he is out in the workshop looking for things to do. Pulls out this length of 2x2, says it would “make a good bat but it’s too short”.
Finds another piece a little longer. Starts trying to shape a handle. Grandpa takes over and puts some sort of a round end on it.
Next thing GS says, “I’m going over to the ball field to play bat” Ok I says. “All I need is a catcher and a pitcher he adds”.

So next thing you know grandma and I are off over the ball filed with GS to play bat. For the un-initiated ‘bat’ is a local version of softball. The bat can be any old piece of wood that’s handy.

After about an hour the joints were protesting so we sat around [the oldies did] for a bit, watched Siutik frolic in the water and do her big circle runs. Actually I do not feel too bad this morning, thought my back would be hell after some of those slides into bases [joke].

In the afternoon while grandpa was in the kitchen GS, Grandma and daughter go fishing. Grandma asked to try GS rod. Suffice to say GS is in the market for a new reel this morning, not sure how she does it but Grandma seems to be a wrecking ball when it comes to fishing gear. GS finds it very funny when it’s my gear getting wrecked, not so funny when his reel disintegrated.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Down the dock lll.

So after the zodiacs were rescued the ships company came ashore, greeted by the official mascots Fran and Siutik [hint hint].

We went over to the landing area and started to chat with people, most were gar gar over Siutik, playing with her, taking pictures, asking questions, she lapped that up.
I noticed one chaps accent, asked him about it, turns out he is from two burbs down from my sister back in Oz. There was another couple on boared from Tasmania.

Did not have much time to chat as the 'official' tour got under way, they were leaving at 6.

I did manage to procure a small roast of caribou for the Ozzie's, one was expressing his desire to try some.

Down the dock ll.

Then there was the mv Orlova anchored out. It came in mid morning, hung around with not much happening until after lunch.
Noticed was this bunch of zodiacs that looked like they were tied off to the stern. All of a sudden it became apparent that they were not actually tied off, they were drifting away.
Then came the rescue party, the zodiacs were picked up and ruched back to the ship.
One wag off the ship said that it was a training exercise....OK

Down the dock.

Strolling around and killing time, the cops plane coming in to land, the old boat that was launched under great ceremony and a new pup being checked out by Siutik.

Wow, its friday again already.

The GD did not get to do her ‘cross country’ yesterday. Re shed for Saturday.

Looks like the government won’t have to worry about ice breakers to defend the north after all. And all that cold weather training will be for naught. Maybe not that extreme but it is a bit like fiddling while Rome burns.

Just a postage stamp of things to come. With the increase in the cost of living, the financial pain that more and more will have to endure one wonders how long before the revolution starts.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Cross country.

Hope the weather is fine down eastern Ontario today. The GD is doing her CROSS COUNTRY.

When first discussed I was under the miss conception that the flight was actually cross country, like sea to sea sort of thing, silly me.

On this plastic shopping bad issue

I have a mixed bag of emotions.

My initial reaction, and it takes some controlling, is to ask for an outright ban on the bloody things.
But then with more thought, or is it coping out, I think that would most likely not work out that well, at least initially.

Some people show a blatant disregard for the land with all their littering. That is another issue, the plastic gad issue can be dealt with, it just needs some thought, discussion and then action taken.

Sure there will still be kitchen catchers, garden bags, garbage bags and other types of packaging. But you usually don’t see those blowing around in the streets, ending up in the water ways, some times but not usually.

Something should be/must be done, the question then arises, who will do it.
Do we get one of the government levels to legislate a ban? Do the stores initiate some sort of control on there use? Or introduce a fee for the bags to make it less attractive to use them.
Loblaws have started the ball rolling down south. I know other countries and smaller jurisdictions have banned the use of them in stores.

Maybe start a campaigned to recycle the bags; you have to pay for new ones. Maybe urge the stores to offer some sort of incentive to not use them. Perhaps some level of government can contribute in this regard.
Maybe the local government has to introduce a by-law to control there willful overuse.

I think some control on a local level, instead of waiting for the province, would be the best way to proceed.
It can be up to individuals to exercise the use of re-usable bags. There are more and more people doing this. Alas the stores here hand out the plastic bags like confetti. Buy a coke and bag of ships and they are stuffing them in a plastic bag, makes no sense to me.
Perhaps the stores have a moral responsibility to get more involved, so too does the consumer.

Sure we use the bags, we re-cycle, they come in handy for storing stuff, but I think we use them at a minimum. If push comes to shove I'm sure we can do without them too.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Socked-in in fog again.

Starting to feel like we are living in St.John's with all this foggy stuff. Had a break for a few days but she is back thick as pea with a light drizzle, not looking like lifting anytime soon.

The stores don't lift ones spirits either this time of year, no finger pointing, just the way it seems to work out.
You wait in anticipation for the shipping season to start, then , blah, nothing much to fill the shelves until towards the end of summer.

It is just short of chaos in the BigLand at moment, no ones fault, just re-flooring being done.
Having to move all the coolers, freezers, shelving to one part of the store, lay the tile, move the stuff back, move other stuff yada yada yada.
It will look nice when finished, a sort of mushroom color ceramic tile.

With all the upgrading at BigLand and a new Northern store things are on the move, or not, depends on your point of view

On a positive note; a person staying here who had just been in Hopedale for seven weeks commented that the stores here are way better stocked than in Hopedale, especially the fruits and vegetable sections. Horses for courses.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tuesday ramblings.

Some thunder storms rolled to the south of us this morning, only very light spatters of rain so far.

The Astron made it into port early this morning. Not much at all for Northern, Bigland had some supplies and there where bits and pieces for others.
Some heavy equipment on her, most likely for the start of the new subdivision that the council is putting in.
Also slated is a new Northern store to be built on the existing site and the block next door. That will necessitate Northern moving into an older building temporarily while the new store is built, that should be fun.
Also slated to start is the new HQ for the Nunatsiavut Government, or at least that is the word going around.
Lots of other action at the dock with some fish being caught from the dock and the boat ramp.

Monday, June 23, 2008


My sincere heartfelt condolences to the families of the victims of this tragedy.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

A grand day indeed.

It was a beautiful day yesterday, cloudy in morning clearing off to mainly sunny.
Lots of people went off to cabins and just fish, temps in the 9 to 13 range, depending on where you were.

Enough people left in town to get a good crowd out to the Aboriginal Day festivities.
The day started with a parade then a BBQ with all sorts of events most of the afternoon at the Husky Center.
Later in the afternoon events switched to the ball park for more BBQ, cutting of the cake a game of bat and story telling.
The day finished off in the hall with a dance.

It was a great day for walking in the hills too, just cool enough to keep the bugs at bay, though when going through wooded areas out of the wind you get a hint of what is to come, little buggers.

My green house seems to be dormant [impatience], not much growth in the new seedlings, these mid range temperatures could be to blame, or maybe I need to revitalize the soil.

Friday, June 20, 2008


General Mackenzie [ex General Mackenzie] is a half Newfoundlander you know. Bill Rowe vocm.

Now I don't mind the general, half and half, or full blooded. But Bill is a ponce.

Egg pie!

Knocked up this really good quiche last night, had a salad on the side.
It was the first time I had used whipping cream [1 1/2 cups] instead of milk, makes it very rich and creamy.

For me quiche brings back memories of the Mediterranean. I had never eaten [for that matter heard of] quiche until my visit to Greece back in 1979.

It also brings back a funny memory for both Fran and I.

Back in the early 1980’s Fran was president of LIA, we had occasion to travel to Goose Bay and were staying in a friends home, lets call them Judy and Jack.
One Saturday evening we were contemplating what to have for supper, some one suggested that we cook up a quiche.
What’s a quiche asks Jack.
Judy explains the ingredients to Jack.
Jack says, I don’t want no fucking egg pie!

Only cloudy with wisps of fog this morning, wonder if the other communities are the same?

The mv Astron seems to be getting under way again, due Rigolet 12 noon ports to Nain via Goose Bay.

Wonder what freight is so important in Goose Bay?

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Up up and away.

Gas is up 34.10 cents to 174.70 cents a liter this morning. The big kicker is that stove oil is up 42 cents to 151.42 cents a liter.

I don't understand why we cant be told what happened to the Astron that made it go aground. The company spokesperson is all tight lipped and will not reveal what happened.
Well obviously something out of the ordinary happened, so why not prevent rumour and speculation and own up.
While the operator is a private company the contract to run the service is with the Government of NL. It is a service for the people run by it's elected Representatives. Where is T&W? have not heard a peep out of them.
This is not the first time vessels that are owned and or operated by this company have broken down, the Northern Ranger had a series of them a few years back, silence was the order of the day, in the end the truth came out and the company and W&T looked stupid.
Then there is the on going breakdown of engines and equipment of the Astron, real third world operation that is.

Technical problems.

I had to delete yesterdays post, essentially it went like: fog in morning, sun in afternoon.
Northern Ranger in in one piece, some tourists on board [about8], quite a few towns folk down to dock for the 'first boat' but it lacked any excitement [maybe it's me].

Had the below message as a comment, the author desires to remain anonymous so I had to do it this way to grant their wish. It is the continuing story of the fate of the Astron.
The Astron is in Cartwright waiting for an assessment.

5 crew quit yesterday and left for home on the Bond today. This due to the shitty way Woodwards treated them. When they abandoned ship they had no footware and Woodwards wouldnt cover the bill for them to get some "cheap" sneakers to wear while they were here. They literally had bags on their feet, and some locals gave them some old shoes. On top of that they wanted some time to go be with their families and Woodwards said no you must keep working.Here are some other tidbits for you.....The Astron's engines quit not long out of Lewisporte as well, and get this.....enroute the anchor deployed by itself under steam!!!! No wonder those guys quit!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hard ol boys or what?

Go here to see the Chrystal Sea 2 towing mv Astron back to Cartwright. Click on messages at left.


Two entirely different reports on the fish plant situation up this ways.

I was listening to minister Barbour on CBC yesterday too, no wonder there is confusion. Barbour did say that the Postville plant would not open, but the rest was more than confusing.
I guess the good news is that the Nain plant will open.
Seems there is a consultant hired to work on the consolidation of the fishing industry within Nunatsiavut, it will take about 12 months to get some sort of rationalization report in to the NG. Then who knows how long to make a decision on what way to proceed from there.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Putting boat out, days yor way.

I am some what reticent about posting these pictures. But to hell with it.

They look innocent enough, and are. The story goes like this.

The scene was yesterday [Monday] down the land wash. The last remaining trap boat is being prepared to be ‘pushed’ back out so that the rising tide will float her.

When I first arrived in Nain there were many trap boats still being used. In winter they lined the shore waiting for the spring which bought a bevy of activity with repairs and painting of the boats in readiness for the summer.
As soon as the harbor was clear of ice the boats would be pushed out, just like in these pictures. All the boat owners and others would help.

That practice changed with the introduction of ‘bulldozers’ into the town. It changed further with the demise of the trap boat, which resulted from the demise of the family orientated char fishery.

So there is only one trap boat left, thanks mainly to much hard work by its previous owner.

So I am thinking this is a good chance to record how things were done not too many years ago. All innocent enough.

While I am focusing the camera and waiting for the right moment the new owner spots me.
He spends a bit of time glaring in my direction then comes out with a loud “only taking pictures and not trying to help”. All the other helpers were busy helping and paid no heed.

This reminded me of what an obnoxious abuse little dweeb the new owner is. He is lucky to have the help he has in getting the boat out considering the flaws in his personality. Says more about the helpers than dweeb.

As it was I was debating going over and giving a little push before this uncalled for out burst, bad back and all, no chance after that.

The boat under the new owner has a history; locals will be familiar with it.
CBC is reporting this morning that the mv Astron has run aground on it's first run up the coast, that's all we need in it.
Update on the Aston grounding: reports from south say it is re floated, that's the good news, who knows what the bad news is.
As commented at the end this article, there is a long history of mechanical breakdowns. My money was on engine failure this time, but then as one commenter mentioned, the crew do work under duress most of the time, could have been another new skipper not familiar with the area, but then with modern navigation aids that should not be an issue.
Update 11: Seems the Astron will be held in cartwright for the time being, Transport Canada has to do an investigation.
What is that going to do for our freight one wonders? Been a long winter, now this, the shelves in the stores are looking sad sure.

Nains great glacier.

Took these this morning while out walking the dog. The ice is mainly fresh water mixed with salt; it is where the brook runs into the harbor.
Quite a bit of silting on the north/west side, this is caused by spring run off creating erosion from an old sand pit higher up the hill.
With the fog around it created a sort of surreal feeling, as though we were separate from whatever else was out there, the two people walking across the ice added to that feeling, just the four of us.
It's 11.30 and the fog has lifted, sunny except for low fog out in the runs.

Flat down in fog,

sort of like I feel. Wont last though, the fog that is, should burn off.

Have not felt like blogging of late, not felt like doing much of anything except going for walks with the dog. The weather was nice over the weekend, people fishing and picnicking [Labrador style] at all the popular spots. The oil boat was in too, so summer is here.

Had a few interesting meals over the weekend, Friday we had a ricotta cheese vegetarian lasagna accompanied by a bottle of Margaret River Chardonnay.
Yesterday it was a vegetarian risotto, chicken on the side, accompanied by [for me] what was left of a d’Aremberg Mclaren Vale 2005 ‘The Footbolt Sharize’ and for the others some white from a carton.

Cooking vegetarian can become difficult in these early days of summer. Not a lot of fresh vegetables of interest come in so it becomes a challenge to offer up variety. The vegetarian in the house at the moment is not hard to please, thank Yahweh, but with a reputation to protect I have to at least give it a shot.

What prompted this post was an incident yesterday.
Siutik and I were walking down around northern point. We were just making our way up the hill around the chopper pad when a vehicle pulled up besides us, the driver stopped the engine, oh oh I thought.
Any way driver offered up “I thought you were out of town”.
No I mused, have been walking the dog every day, been exposed to all, been around.
“Oh” says the driver. “I get up every morning, have a coffee and read your blog”.
Oh says I, well I have been in a bit of a fog latterly, not felt like writing much.
We danced around with some more chit chat, but the thing that stood out for me was the fact no criticism, no kudos thrown out, just the fact that I had not written anything for several days and some one noticed.

So I headed for the airstrip where Air Lab had just landed, had to meet some one coming in. Noticed Jim Lyall, president, heading out to Cambridge Bay for meetings.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

THursday, ice free harbor.

The apology yesterday went well from Harpers perspective, he did not use any weasel words, seemed sincere, even choked up a bit when speaking of children and families that were/are effected by the residential school debacle.
I particularly like the president of the Native Women's Assoc. speech, after saying she would accept the Governments apology she went on to say, "now I want something from you, RESPECT. Powerful and true words.

The overwhelming consensus in Labrador is one of more hurt and pain at being left out of the whole equation. When will they get it? It is not going away so why pretend nothing happened? It will only cost more in monitory values and as I said cause more pain for any victims of abuse in this province.
The Feds passed the money down through different entities to administer the education/ simulation of Aboriginal peoples in this province, no ifs ands or butts.

Big topic of discussion around town this morning is the fuel price freeze ends tomorrow, ouch.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


kind of day boy!
Fog early then accompanied by light rain to heavy rain all day.
Ice blown back in up against dock and the shoreline.

Lot of clerical work to do [like trying to find things that were put a way for safe keeping] that takes up quite a bit of time.
Other than that not much on the go except in the kitchen.

Lot of stuff on air about the upcoming apology to Canada's Aboriginal peoples today in Ottawa.
Most if not all Inuit in this province not happy that they are not included, as Jim Igoriorte said on CBC radio noon, 'the process has just started for the Inuit of Nunatsiavut.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

To and fro.

The ice is moving around the harbor a lot, out, back in, but all the while getting less and less. Outside the main northern ice has moved off, still some fast ice close outside our area though. A few impatient souls have their speed boats out already, hope they dont anchor them off just yet.

The good news is the char started to bite around town yesterday, fish flapping all around the shores sure.

So the two ladies got to and fro OK yesterday.
The picture shows Capt. Michelle Hancock and First Officer Charlene Ball on Arrival in Nain. [got it right this time]
Much excitement by the two but that did not stop them from their professional duties.

It was clear and mainly calm all day in Nain, not so just south in Makkovik, low cloud and wind caused some anxious moments for the Air Lab sched. Several attempts were made at landing, in the end the passengers for Makkovik had to be dropped off at another community and picked up later in the day.
Picture by Stephanie Ford.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Not yet ice free.

By the look of the ice chart we will not be getting the 'beer boat' in this week, or perhaps next week either.
There were large open areas out in the harbor yesterday afternoon, the change in wind may have blocked things up again though.

My reference to the 'beer boat' is a tongue in cheek reference to past years media stories about how the people of the town of Nain were all besotted by booze and were lined up down at the dock waiting for the first boat to arrive. Well that was the implication.
The facts are very different, Nain is no different than any other community in the province when it comes to abuse of substances both legal and illegal IMO.
As far as the first boat, in past years it usually did not have much freight on the first run, chips, ice cream, drinks and the like. There is usually a reason for this, ice conditions some times prevent the boat from making the full north run.

Unusual event:

Today will see a Air Labrador Twin Otter flying up the coast with female first and second offers [at the wheel, just joking] in the cockpit or whatever the aeronautical term is.

Not sure if this is a first but is sure an anomaly.

The women will be flying what is commonly known here as the schedi-vac, once known as the mission plane [after Wilfred Grenfell Mission].
Air Labrador has the contract with Labrador-Grenfell Health to carry out schedi amd medi vacs [medi-vac are emergency flights, schedi-vacs are just regular cases]

Sunday, June 08, 2008


big turn around in overnight temperatures, it has been near 0 or high – for some time, last night only down to +8 [official]. Amazing what a difference that makes, even checked to see if any heaters were on a couple times, all shut down.
The ice is still hanging in the harbor, grandma and grandson down to try their luck with the rod, no luck but nor did anyone else, so they are still out there.
While they recreated I did some much needed chores around the house. Moved very slowly as my back still gives me hell if a wrong movement is made. Trouble is I never know which movement it will be that gives those big hits of pain, so it is difficult to adjust or compensate.

Nationalize the oil industry. It will seem like a good idea not far into the future.

Came across this, very ha ha ha ish. Old IP really gives Danny a hosing.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Elusive Nero.

Finely managed to get a picture of Nero, another of Siutiks pups. He has not been outside on many of our passes, got him yesterday afternoon.

Nero was the third born, he stood out being a bundle of black just out of the womb, turned into a nice looking pup with the ears and facial features of his mom. Nero has lots of company next door to his home, quite a racket erupts when territory is infringed.

Weather has been nice since Thursday, yesterday was quite warm, funny how it was just right walking down to the harbor but walking back into the sun it was "almost too warm", like about 17c.
I am of the opinion that the weather people should put a temperature monitor up in the community some place for a more accurate reading. The weather station is down near the airport and only 50 meters from the waters edge. I have no problem with it's location, but with modern technology it should be possible to get a reading that reflects the community as a whole.

We took an afternoon walk to the dock, people fishing there, ice had moved off a little, no fish at that time.
Seems Nain harbor is the only area with ice. I am told that all the bays in all areas are ice free, must be something blocking movement out Harmony run, or maybe it's just the winds and tides.

After the walk we had a couple beers at the Atsanik, quite busy for an afternoon, it being Friday and the end of the school year approaching may have contributed to the busyness.
Hint: Ignor the location map in the link to lodge.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

On a clear day

you can see forever, just not lately.
For the uninitiated: In the picture with the puddles you can just make out the square box on top of the 300ft hill, that is the second of two beacons that guide planes in from the south. The first beacon is on top of the 700ft hill partly hidden in the shot with Siutik in it.

Crapped out weather

started again yesterday.
Early it was just cloudy but by 10’ish the clouds dropped and the light rain/snow started to fall, intermittent with more consistency in the afternoon. It is a fine white cover all over early this morning.

On our morning walk we stopped off at the airstrip for a look see and a chat. Two planes came in while we were there, both lucky to find holes to get down; glad I was not on them.

In the afternoon the dog got antsy for a walk again. With it wet outside I tried to ignore her but her persistence carried the day, besides there was just a fine mist falling as we left.

About a click or two up the road the fine mist turned to moderate rain/wet snow. Siutik revels in these conditions, as soon as I un-leashed her she was off doing her big circle runs, chasing birds through the brush looking more like a white tailed deer than a dog, non stop too until she was leashed back in town.

While handy I stopped to introduce Siutik to our old cat Arial. Siutik did not pay much heed, could be that Arial is a couple of feet under ground. Also a good thing too because if Arial was with us she would have made mince meat out of Siutik, did not suffer dogs very well the old Arial, nor humans for that matter.
Fran says I get too attached to our pets, I say what are they for?

Any way we were both soaked and feeling invigorated when we got back home.

Later: Considering the continuation of the crapped out weather I will hence forth bore you all further.

CBC Labrador morning had three, read it three; Coastal based stories this morning, actually heavy on the Nain side. Hopedale got a lick in with the weekly update from that beautiful town.

One was the baby delivery story I mentioned in the previous post with taped comments from the mother, sister who oversaw the delivery of the baby. All are doing well and the mom and baby expect to return to Nain later this week.

Second was a not so happy report on the plight of a woman in Nain who has threatened to go on a hunger strike unless she received more help from the government.
Louisa Lidd has several physical medical conditions that prevent her form working; she claims a doctor’s letter to that effect.
Louisa claims she has contacted ALL LEVELS of government for assistance and received zero responses, except the usual rules is the rules I would think.

Apparently Louisa receives $410.00 a month from the Province to house, feed, cloth herself. She needs constant help to assist her do to the common tasks of dressing, moving about the house etc. She has to pay for heat out of that 410, plus the usual, this does not leave much left to buy food, especially vegetables that her doctor says she need to help strengthen her bones and body.

So being fed up Louisa has taken the drastic step of sending a letter to the CBC with this threat to go on a hunger strike come the end of this week.

On learning of the threat
Minister Skinner to his credit on leaning of the threat, has directed his staff to review Louisa’s file to see if anymore can be done to assist her. From what the minister said there is some minimum extra financial help available under the rules. One wonders what the NG can do to assist as well, or is the NG just another level of bureaucracy that passes the buck up, down, side ways.

Thirdly was a replay of an interview aired on CBC radio noon yesterday. It was a follow up on the trip taken recently by a delegation from Nunatsiavut to Ecuador and the Galapagos.
You can hear the interview here #3. I’m still trying to get my head around the interview, not to mention the whole rational of the trip.

Later later:

This just brought to my attention, I dunno where NewfoundlandLabrador is, neither will anyone find Labrador by the lack of info about getting to the place.
I'm off out, be damed with the mist and rain, I have walked alone at night in thick fog down Wapping High Street in London town so this is no ig deal.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Way to go my birthday girl Justine.

A new mother from Nain says she still can't believe she gave birth in her sister's front porch last weekend. Lea Semigak was in Happy Valley-Goose Bay waiting to have the baby when she went into active labour.
Justine Obed is Semigak's sister. She says she called for a taxi but the baby couldn't wait. Semigak delivered the baby in the front porch.
"I came in the living room and my niece came and told me there is blood coming out. I ran back into my room and said get me some towels. She was born standing up. The sack was around her head so I took the sack off her face. Scary. Scary , scary."

Obed says the baby cried and took her first breath as the ambulance pulled into the drive way.

Taken from CBC NL.

For more on this see CKOK.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Ice berg wodka anyone?

It was low tide when we visited the dock area yesterday afternoon. Ice is very dirty from road and airstrip dust blown during the spring, though dust from the airstrip is all year.
The bottom of the harbor around the dock is littered with litter, not sure much can be done about that with so many inconciderates around. One thing that could be done though is for the large gray fish box be taken out, the one near the boat ramp. I would do it myself but the old back is buggered, it is a big box.

Walking around the towns roads is more enjoyable now that the “spring clean up crew” is well into the job. Thank you very much clean up crew.

It is especially noticed down the north end of the airstrip, all the willows are refuse free now [blown from the dump], it is a nice walk with all those birds doing there nesting and feeding, Siutik has fun chasing them in vain.
Now if we can just get the dust abatement down?

Puppy time.

Took a stroll and managed to get three of Siutiks brood outdoors.
The top and bottom are at the same home, both are 'outdoors' dogs. they get looked after but in the local fashion. They just wont stay still for any good shots. The top one is called Pearl, she has blue eyes.
The middle beauty is being looked after for it's new owner by a middle man, gets to spend time indoors, being trained and groomed in more the 'southern' fashion.
I walked past the other house where Nero is but he was not outside. he is similar shape and ears look white girl but is black with some brown. He was the third born, almost kept him the the white one, plus the one called pearl, plus, well you know what I mean.

I keep getting asked by people on the streets for pups from Siutik.....make me an offer I can't refuse, cause it's a lot of work.

Nice cool start to the week.

T’was a grand day yesterday for walking, playing out, even jigging through holes in the ice. Not a cloud in the sky but the in wind kept thins kind of cool, as I said nice for ‘doing things’.

Down at northern point I noticed two ladies jigging through some open water just off shore. I do not think for char, most likely rock cod, looks like too much ice up the bays for the char to get out yet, but won’t be long.

On our walks we often ‘visit’ some of Siutiks pups. Two are at one home and one each at others. The pups are really glad to see us, more me than mom as she usually jumps on them and puts them to ground.
Boy are they getting big now, and two of them have the sharp straight ears than mom has, fine looking dogs all. Should try and get some photos of them, won’t be easy as they never stay still while we are around.

Two schools had grad dances on Saturday. JHMS in Nain and ACMS in Hopedale. That is the extent of info I have on them, except that Zoƫ Webb came back to Nain to speak at the JHMS one.