Saturday, February 28, 2009

The temperatures are going down the shiter for the next several days. High minus 20 with minus high 30 wind chills.

This weekend sees the playing of the annual Bernard and Jeffrey Webb Memorial Hockey Tournament, 6 teams are signed up this year, one from Hopedale was supposed to take part but did not make it leaving four local, one from Natuashish and one RCMP team.
Games started last evening and continue until the final on Sunday.

No updates yet on Michel Andrews walk for diabetes, hope to get something later today.

I had just started to plow into the evening meal when Fran offered up that I should take a picture to prove that I cooked up some meat n potatoes. Not that I have to prove anything and anyone cares but here it is anyway.

I wrapped a nice piece of prime rib roast in bacon and slow cooked it in a roman pot, keeps everything nice and moist.

There are people getting some caribou lately, some are going north and being successful, I have not checked the satellite for where the main George River heard is but I think it still south and west of here.

Friday, February 27, 2009

i brians del papà assottigliano la pizza della crosta

In the never ending quest for stuff that is different:

Thin crust made with light rye dough [left over from the bread making], one is a more traditional pizza, the other with leeks, bacon, potato, feta cheese and dried herbs.
I got the idea of the potato one from a story about the world’s best pizza; a bloke down in Perth Australia wins all these awards for his pizzas.
Tasted a bit dry actually, maybe if I had fresh herbs?

Time for some meat n potato something or other tonight.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

What to do with leftovers in the fridge?

That was the question last evening, and with the increasing lack of variety of foods available in the stores one has to get creative to keep the old taste buds in working order. The days when items may have remained in the fridge until tossed out are passed, did I mention the lack of variety in the stores?

So I had a couple roast chicken thighs, some stewed onion and tomato, some pasty, a jar of hot salsa, feta cheese.

Took the meat of the bones of chicken, mixed some of the stewed tomato with the salsa [still too hot for Fran] rolled out the pastry really thin, placed all ingredients in the middle and folded it over from sides and both ends, baked for ½ hour at 325 convection, Bebé caliente y sabroso!

Another nice day in the offing -17 with some cloud, getting low on bread so will have to make up a batch then it is off out for some walking.


In case some get the wrong impression, we are luckier than many, we have a nice selection of country food in the freezer, and when I say lack of selection in the stores I mean a variety of healthy foods. There is ample processed and pre cooked and deep fried stuff, nothing wrong with that in moderation.
Variety is the spice of life.

Update on the walk for diabetes:
Giant had been delayed for four days at same place for four days and will be at it again early tomorrow morning heading to Postville first stop over. He should get there Sunday before noon. two women from Natuashish inspired by Giant's determination will walk from Natuashish to Hopedale to meet him there. They will walk back with him to Natuashish and should be there next week if theyare not delayed by weather. We have the first contribution from a forestry company in Noava scotia called Mclearan.All contributions will be donated back to Diabetes Research. Thanks for all your support.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Michel Andrew's Walk for Diabetes

As of 6.25 pm yesterday.

URGENT UPDATE:Michel is on weather hold! He is currently riding out the storm just outside of Postville. He has reported strong winds, blowing snow and white out conditions. He is in a small one room cabin and is hanging in there waiting for the weather to clear. He reports that this is a good time to rest his back and to prepare his belongings. He knows that the next few days will be very challenging with all the fresh snow but is looking forward to it after a days rest.

As previously mentioned we seem to miss out on the worst of the weather [one wonders what we are in for when our luck changes], some very light snow yesterday, some wind but nothing to blow any snow, it seems clear with moderate winds this morning.

The much touted Canadian and American weather models by the CBC weather man do not seem to work for us; maybe we need a Northern Labrador model.

Not so south of here going by the update above, hope Michel can get going soon without too much difficulty.
From the comfort of the home I can report that Fran brought some goodies back from Goose Bay, not a lot, just some little things like some leeks. We used to get a regular supply of leeks until the price started to get ridicules and I stopped buying them, so did everybody else I would assume.

Any way these leeks Fran brought were already trimmed, washed and in packets of 3 for under 4 bucks.

Our favorite recipe for them is in leek and potato soup, the picture shows a bowl with some cream just before consumption.

A couple of weeks ago and out of the blue Fran informs me that she no longer has a taste for rice; this creates a minor issue for me as the cook, do I say well too bad or accommodate these changing taste buds.

I still lick rice, what to do what to do, I can’t eat potato all the time, so it looks like [for now] we go with accommodation.

Chicken with a mushroom/leek/celery sauce and dough boys for her, chicken, same sauce with basmati rice for him. It tasted better that it looks.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

General stuff about nothing in particular.

The sun is slowly getting higher in the sky and the days a little longer each day.

Dogs best friend and mans best friend.

As you can see by these two shadow pictures I am not as big headed as some make out.

Deer and Inukshuk.

Further to Saturdays post on the ITKTSIFS Strategic Planning Meeting. Another session was held yesterday with about five participants, NG employees and one store manager, not great but better than a kick in the arse as my pappy would say.

Self insulated paw pad.
I have been scanning the local media outlets for any stimulus for Northern Labrador from the recent Provincial Economic Stimulus Package announcement.

To date this is the only thing I have come up with, it is not good news, sad boy.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Nice sunny day today, -22 early but should warm up.

I have been cooking for one since this past Tuesday; Fran was on a road trip, or rather a plane trip, to all the communities of Nunatsiavut plus Happy Valley-Goose Bay.
She should be on the way back from Rigolet as I write, this will make the third time she touches down in Nain on the trip, such is the air scheduling to and from north coast communities.

So it was mainly basic food like soups, fried bologna, sandwiches, but after a hard day of plumbing and a walk with the dog I decided to treat myself last evening.

Knocked up a lemon meringue then de boned a couple of short loin pork chops, flattened them out and presto…. schnitzel, had a coleslaw, smashed spuds and yams with sour cream and spring onions.

Fran as a rule does not do desserts but does like lemon pie so I am sure she will help out dispensing what is left.

Alex Andrew sent a message to the members of Michel Andrew's Walk for Diabetes.

Subject: Small delay in Giant's walk "Giant broke his trail to about 10 kms of walking in deep snow and had to walk back and get his toboggan and gear. He reached a small cabin and stayed there last night. He is cutting wood today with his axe and bucksaw. He said he would like to leave the small cabin the way he found it, with wood. He will be resting today. He said lookout when he gets on ice,Kaipokok River. Thanks for all your support,friends."

Sunday, February 22, 2009

We seemed to have missed the brunt of the latest storm, been lucky like that this year. Wind still blowing but not a lot of snow fell so no big mounds to move or drive over.

Seems Michel Andrew was not so lucky, he arose early this morning to go break a trail then return for his belongings, he then hopes to make about 15 K, snow is up to 5 feet deep in parts so he will be lucky to do that, and tired at the end I would guess.

The day 11 marker is approximately 35 K from Postville, so 15 K from that will most likely see him in Postville Tuesday as reported by his Uncle Alex yesterday.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

There is a bit of a storm blowing out there, not too bad, up to 63 clicks from the NE mostly, quite warm too it is up to -5. Seems to be all over Labrador, hope Michel is OK on his walk, they are predicting he may get to Postville by Tuesday now.

Back in late may Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami [ITK] held a two day meet in Ottawa, the purpose of the meet was to draw up a Toward a Strategy for Inuit Food Security-Strategic Planning Meeting, [TSIFSSPM for short ;-] .

There were 35 people from all across the Inuit regions and some from industries involved with the supply of food in the north. Alas no one from Nunatsiavut Government was in attendance.

So ITK not wanting to leave NG of the process they decided to bring the meeting to NG.

To give Nunatsiavut representatives the opportunity to give input to the development of an Inuit Food Security Strategy draft document being put together by Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami in response to regional feedback. This session, like the one held in May 2008, will include representatives who have experience with a range of aspects of food security including the Food Mail programme, shipping, wildlife harvesting, nutrition and health, food access, etc.

Meetings were scheduled [on short notice admittedly] for 20 to 22 of February in Nain, the first session was on the 20th. Alas no representative from NG was in attendance, these dates clashed with most of the leadership of NG and ICG being at meetings in another community in Labrador.

In attendance at the 20th meeting were two concerned citizens from the community, one being employed by NG the other not. The employer of NG was there on there own initiative and not at the behest of NG.
No other person from any department of NG who would have an interest in food security was there [or to my knowledge] was planning on meeting with the two facilitator’s of the meetings.

It is my understanding that a couple of people employed by the stores in Nain were going to meet privately with the facilitators over the weekend, I am not sure if any representative of NG will get to meet with them on there return to Nain or if any other people could be rounded up to meet the facilitators.

The four hour meeting that the two concerned citizens attended turned out to be very productive and a lot of local concerns and ideas were added to the concerns, obstacles, visions that were nutted out in the May Ottawa meeting.

One has to wonder what the f-----g hell is going on here.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Day 8 co ordinates for Michel Andrews walk for diabetes. Today is day 9, looks like Michel will be hunkering down for the forecasted high winds and blowing snow.
So I wonder why 0 people showed up for the two scheduled [plus one extra effort] meetings in Nain.
Hopedale received the best turn out so far, 11, then 5 in Makkovik and 5 in Postville. HV-GB this weekend and Rigolet on Sunday.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

I received a pleasant surprise message on facebook yesterday, see below.

Hello my name is Kat, I am Michel "Giant" Andrew's girlfriend and I noticed you have been following along with his journey. I think it is fantastic that he has garnered so much support from so many people. If you like you are more then welcome to plot his progress by uploading your Google Earth map onto the web site. It looks fantastic!CheersKat

Michel Andrews walk is garnering lots of attention from all over, not sure how much money is being raised but one donation from workers on a construction site in Sheshatshiu amounted to quite a bit, each worker donating 50 bucks via payroll deduction, that should get some other folks motivated.

Coincidentally. I have just finished reading ‘Where the Pavement Ends’ by Marie Wadden. The contention throughout this book is that Aboriginal people will not heal from all the ills that have been imposed on them unless the grass roots of the communities are allowed to be fully involved in the healing process. In every area from dealing with diabetes, addictions, sexual abuse, child and elder abuse, the bureaucracies that control the funds and the programs have to let go, let the people on the ground become more involved in dealing with these issues.
I urge all people to read this book, especially government of all levels, especially NG leadership.

Michel is showing that by taking the bull be the horn he can make a difference, he excites and motivates the people.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Things are on the sunny side here at moment, weather wise that is.

Things are not so sunny for the Nunatsiavut Government if one takes notice of grumblings over the air waves, couple stories on the go and CKOK had a phone in show last Friday which brought out many issues that have been on the books for a long time but have not been addressed. NG does not do “addressing peoples every day issues” very well, its age is showing for all to see, age in the context of being very young and inexperienced.

To things down under: I was under the impression that any of my extended family was out of harms way during the fires this past week or so. Not so it tuned out, I had an e mail from a cousin [one of twins] who lives down in Deniliquin NSW, it is close to the Victorian border and 3 hours drive from some of the areas worse hit by fires.
So cousin tells me that one of her sons and his wife were told to evacuate the property they were on near Avenel Victoria. The fire did not do any damage to the home but sure did to that area.

On her way to Melbourne before the evacuation cousin called into her sons, this is how she described on run in with a koala.

“he has a baby Koala that had come up to the house for water, we were patting it's head they are usually very vicious but he just sat in a tub of water and played it was so special to see it”.

Some photos were attached with the e mail, not sure of there origin but these ones stood out.

The assessments of why the fires turned onto the killers they did has started and will continue for some time, when you build in the middle of a potential disaster area you think one would plan ahead, this guy seems to have done just that and lived to tell the tale.

Another area that needs looking at is the way Australia has treated its natural water courses and aquifers, there have been warnings of potential disasters associated with the Murray River and other rivers being at historical lows and the large aquifers being salinated and low as well, these fires are associated with ignoring those warnings IMO.

Michel (Giant) Andrew continues on with his walk in aid of Diabetes

as of yesterday he was at day 6 on the map, he is heading for Postville then on to Natuashish, lots of people are keeping track and supporting Michel on Face Book "Michel Andrew's Walk for Diabetes"

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sue H befriended Fran when Fran first arrived in Nain back in the late 1970’s, Sue has remained a good friend [even if she is allergic to cats] ever since.
Sues family and friends organized a surprise birthday party for her at the hall Friday evening, we were invited.

It is the traditional way of celebrating milestones here, family and friends do the cooking and decorating, the meal is sometimes a buffet style and sometimes a service one. I prefer the buffet and by the look of the piled plates last evening so does most other folk………. don’t worry mine was piled high too.
The food was great, two soups, partridge and chicken a vegetable then caribou, turkey, sweet & sour meatballs, vegetables, macaroni something or other, peas pudding, bread rolls, gravy and some other stuff I did not have. Plenty was left over for doggy bags.
Several deserts and of course the cake to be cut at the end.

A slide show of old photographs, kids grandkids and great grandkids was the highlight.

Later in the evening a dance with live band was held at the hotel, we did not go to that.

Friday, February 13, 2009

We had some light snow then sort of a freezing fog yesterday, got up to -8. This morning we have more light to moderate snow, could end up with that freezing fog again, -8 steady.

The small school [K to 3] has been closed most of the week now, furnace problems it seems. Kids don’t mind as it is great weather to be out and about. The furnace has been some what of a problem in that school, what with not being able to control the temperature in the summer, and now this.

The devastation of the fires in Australia is horrific, then you get stories like this, makes you wonder what goes through some peoples minds, not much in these two instances would be my guess.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I had heard the story of Abraham Ulrikab before and was reminded of it the other day by a call Fran received from Chris Brooks who it seems is working on a radio documentary of the whole debacle.
Should make for interesting radio.

Okalakatiget Society have their news briefs back up with an improved and simpler format. I understand their IT people are working diligently to get streaming radio up in the near future, good news that will be for people living outside CKOK broadcast areas.

This report in Nunatsiaq News caught my eye. It seems Nunavik is light years ahead when it comes to getting benefits on many issues directly to the people. Not like over here where NG seems to have obstipated many of their responsibilities to the electorate, especially on everyday issues that could improve the lot of many people.

The province promised to do a checks and balances on the food lift subsidy. Last month saw an increase in the provincial subsidy to the retailers, but I do not know how these so called checks and balances can be done when no officials from Labrador Affairs have been on the coast checking to see if indeed the full subsidy is being passed on to the consumer. There is a way to do this folks, you just have to get off your lazy arses and get it done
NG seems to have just washed there hands of the whole food mail and food security debate, very disheartening it is for sure.

It is not easy but I am slowly garnering more information on the Non-Beneficiaries [NB] access to Inuit lands thingy.

If you are a NB who became a resident in Nunatsiavut prior to November 1980 all other General Applications do not apply, you can do whatever Inuit do, you just need a permit to do it.

Then it gets convoluted, and I still do not have all the information, what I do have is; NB’s when hunting have to have all other licenses and permits from federal and provincial agencies. You have to abide by any bag limits and seasons for particular species.

For fishing; in summer for char any General Applications do not apply, fish away old trout. February to spring, fishing through ice is also General Applications free but with bag limits or at least that is my understanding at the moment.

I caught this video a couple of nights ago on the news, leaving aside for a moment the horrific human and material loss, for some reason the image of a koala drinking water so thirstily from a bottle stayed with me and still does. It seems that there is some sort of controversy that has arisen about the video, non the less the starkness of those images still effected me greatly.

So did this story of Michel Andrew leaving for a walk up Labrador to Natuashish. I was overawed by the images of him starting off on his walk with such a casual air with that long snow covered lake ahead and what is beyond, hope the weather and the spirits are with Michel.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A couple of updated views of the scene in the February 6th pictures [circa 1982].

As you can see the RCMP now have a very impressive compound [un-enclosed] of residential office and impound buildings. The two story blue building is a duplex, the single story house is the CO’s residence. To the left of those is a brand new two story duplex and behind that is the back of the two story garage/storage building.
Not fully in view [roofs only] is another triplex and the office/impound building. That makes 8 accommodations, I think it is a 7 person detachment.

Non RCMP: in the foreground [red building] is the woman’s shelter and the rust looking building is the old day care/NG dept. of health office.

I have a permit for this!

Click to enlarge a copy of application for Non-Beneficiary permit to enter Labrador Inuit lands for the purpose of harvesting.
The permit is accompanied by two pages of the act
in the short title and how the permit is issued.
Some examples: Section 2 Non-Beneficiary does not include (iii) a person who is not a natural person.
So I am alright then.
Also under Conditions for the permit: (2) valid for one year from date of issuance. (3) must carry permit at all time and produce it to enforcement officer if so requested. (4) must carry at all time permits and licence issues under general law and produce same [see above]. (6) a permit holder may not use any means of access to enter Labrador Inuit lands other than by foot, boat or snowmobile.
That's just some and abbreviated.
I dunno, I cant see much traditional Inuit governance in this lot except for the "no Fee" required.
Seems like a lot of paper would have to be carried around if a permit is needed for each species, and each area one would visit in the course of twelve months.
Just a little update on; 'a person who is not a natural person'.
I wonder how all that translates into Inuttitut?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Some one leave the freezer doors open?

Back into the -35 wind chills, beautiful weather otherwise, got it good considering all the suffering down under and other parts of the world that seem to be in constant turmoil and drama.

Came upon a negative of this old photo, five generations of woman. Taken in Hopedale on the budding pilots christening, great great grandma passed away not long after this was taken.

Reason we were in Hopedale for the christening was the Nain Moravian minister of the day had a bug up his arse about christening children of non regular church goers. So some flew and some ski doo’d to Hopedale for the event.

Any way who ever is in charge up there came down hard on buddy minister several years later on another matter, it involved church financial indiscretions.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Me mom called last evening, just to touch base and a bit of gossip about old buddies etc. The area they live had a temperature of 42 Saturday and was heading for 44 Sunday. Mom is happy to stay inside in front of the air-conditioner, not dad [see post below], he wants to go out and ‘check the garden’ against doctors orders of course.

Still they are amongst the lucky ones, man the folks down Victoria are really getting hit with bushfires and a rising death toll, may the spirits be with the victims and their families.
Bush fires always scared the bejasus out of me. One time I was a passenger in a car, the driver had some screws loose and insisted on driving along a road that had fire both sides. We mad it but not without sever blistering on both sides of the vehicle, idiot.

No complaints about the weather up this way of late, perfect, in the mid – teens for most part. Took Siutik out for a 3 mile run on the ice yesterday afternoon, she loved it and wanted more, the 4 wheeler went well too.

Friday, February 06, 2009

I may have put these photos up before, but what the heck, here they are again. Came across them yesterday, some times things just appear were once they were not, Fran digs through old pictures and written text, she has a subtle way of just leaving things out “for no reason”.

Any way they brought back some fond memories of the early 1980’s, I’m sure there were not so fond memories but they get pushed aside.
Back those days we had very little in the way of material wealth, seemed a lot better time was had.

So back to the subject of the photos. These show a crew from CBC ‘A fifth Estate’. The interviewer is Lyndon McIntire, camera man [note the size of the beta cam], sound man and out of picture a producer, [CBC did things bigger those days] and of course the then President of the Labrador Inuit Association. The producer was Leo Ehrenberg [spelling], quite the wag he was.

McIntire came in to do a story on the health of Inuit and the delivery of health services. Much has changed in that area and much more needs to change, but we don’t get national media in any more to do in depth stories. I don’t think it a sign of everything is copasetic, just change in priorities and change in the politics.

The green building is still there, was the ‘government store’ now ‘BigLand’.
They are standing on the old earthen dam; after many wash a ways in spring time it was replaced by a rock and gravel dam with metal culverts, no more wash a ways. The little white structure at left of top picture is the old pump station that supplied the town water, not to all the houses mind you, not like today where every home has running water.
The long white object in two of the pictures is the boards of the old outdoor hockey rink; it has gone the way of the dodo.
The large high roofed building to the right in two pictures is the old RCMP duplex. It has gone replaced by a conglomerate of RCMP residences and storage buildings.
The beige building near the white building is still there having had many occupants over the years, at moment it housed part of the NG health department.

I’m sure the segment when aired may have had some affect on the delivery of health services to the area. I think the most poignant scenes would have been Fran taking the office ‘honey bucket’ out to the one of the many slop banks that were scattered through out the community those days. Every home has flushing toilets now, well at least the service is provided so there is no excuse not to have one.

I remember Lyndon was into running in his free time, and Leo was gung ho on catching a char. He had no luck until the day they were to leave. Due to a screw up in reservations a twin otter on floats was chartered to get them from here to Davis Inlet.
While waiting for the plane Leo had taken off down to the Northern Point to try his luck one last time; eventually the plane arrived at the dock but no Leo and no sign of him on the road. A Nain guy offered to run down to the point to get Leo back. Another thing different those days was the lack of vehicles. Only a few pickups in town and not one 4 wheeler.
Eventually Leo came into sight, in time he got to the dock and was visibly excited brandishing a nice size char to take with him.

A recent photo of my dad [going on 95] taken at katoomba, he is accompanied by Bruce the cow cocky.
Some updates of stories I have touch on of late: The Okalakatiget Society web site has been hit by some sort of bug making it impossible to upload any news briefs etc.
A person on OK staff is working on developing another site and everyone is hopeful a new and improved site will be available very soon.

Information from a reliable local source informed me that NL Hydro will be sending a letter to Nain residents with an update on the situation at the local hydro plant. NL Hydro is also forming a ‘committee’ to look at possible ways in improving the 1 800 power outage hot line.
Seeing as our situation is some what unique and localized I would like to see a local hot line with a designated person to take calls if/when there is another power outage of longer than say 15 minutes. By the time information is relayed to the 1 800 number, and lets not forget that the local hydro staff here will be busy at the time, the information at the 1 800 is irrelevant.
Some one local who can decipher quickly the ‘locally known knowledge’ would be a better approach IMO.

The new Northern store is coming along nicely it seems. Local scuttlebutt is that most of the work could be finished March some time; I have no word when the opening will take place.

I lied about the cow cocky with my dad…..actually it is Neal, my little sister’s bloke, who does cut a fine form in that outfit. Both do yeoman’s service in looking after the parents in their senior years, no mean feat knowing my fathers disposition.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Some nice temperatures at moment, constant -11 overnight and into this morning. Some light snow but mainly cloudy, nice.

Things are going from the absurd to the ridicules in Ottawa, just when you think things can’t get any more absurd they do.
You have a PC premier dictating to Liberal MP’s how to vote, you have a Liberal leader condemning the Conservative budget yet voting for it. You have NL liberal MP’s first divided on weather to vote with their party or vote for Danny Government, one said he would vote for party unity then voted against his party because the leader gave a one time get of goal free card. Makes the old head spin. I cant even mention the name of the present PM without bile rising in my throat.
Just goes to prove this Canadian form of Westminster parliamentary democracy is not working at all, but we all know that, just nothing gets done about changing it, and it won’t while all the power is with the party’s we have at the moment.

I noticed some hits from Germany; usually don’t take much notice as there are some people from Nain living over there. This morning I decided to check em out, some ‘interesting sites’ come up if one Goggles ‘big ckok’ in German.
Little further down from porno we discover that there is, or was, a radio station in Penticton B.C with the call sign of CKOK.

Speaking of CKOK locally, it is still a pity they have no live streaming or pod cast as yet [have I mentioned that before?] and for some reason no radio brief updates since 27 January. Some good stories not getting to a broader [mandated] audience.
It’s a pity because yesterday they had a very interesting in depth show, interviews and such, on one of the latest NG pieces of legislation to come to light.

There is legislation in place with varying restrictions in it that apply to Non Beneficiaries [NB] who live in and or visit Nunatsiavut and want to harvest, travel, walk on Inuit Lands. That is outside the Inuit Community Government Lands [ICGL].

I do not have the legislation in front of me and I did not take notes yesterday so things are still a little confusing.

CKOK did an interview with Doug Blake of NG [had to correct the name from earlier], who explained various aspects of the legislation, and with Mayors of the towns of Nunatsiavut and the head of the HV-GB Corporation of NG.

The general gist is; if you are a NB who has lived in NG prior to 1980 you have fewer hoops to jump through than if you are a NB living in the area for a shorter time.

The hoops are not all that difficult to jump, all you have to do is go to the local NG conservation officer and get a permit.
Though, if you are one who has not lived in NG for any length of time it does seem to be a little convoluted. You have to fill a form in with the following; what you intend doing i.e. Harvesting, visiting, wooding, boil up etc, when you want to do these things, the area you intend doing these things. With such a large land mass and wabbits not sitting still that will be kind of a hard one to answer.

The interviews with the mayors was interesting, overall there was an expression of concern that NB’s would not feel welcome if the legislation was enforced to the letter. Rigolet, HV-GB and I think Hopedale thought some sort of permit was OK, as long as more thought was put into the wording and enforcement.
Makkovik was dead against any regulations. Nain seemed to have had more discussion on the issue at council level, there were concerns of any possible hint of discrimination and making NB’s feel as though they were not an integral part of the community [paraphrased].

All expressed a desire to find out more at the next meeting of the NG legislator. That is not surprising seeing as NB’s have some rights inside ICGL and non on NG Inuit Lands which is surprising seeing as a large portion of taxes paid by NB’s goes into the coffers of NG.

Seems there is no legislation allowing enforcement at the moment, all the enforcement officer could do to any potential transgressors is tell them they have been naughty and don’t do it again.
I’m sure it will all sort itself out in the wash, meantime confusion reigns, but nothing new there.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Some Victorians will do anything to attract attention, surely this bloke did not expect to get through customs, gives a whole new meaning to the cute term of budgie smugglers.

Good thing he did not try dongos, though he is one himself.

Monday, February 02, 2009

It was a great day for a walk in the park yesterday.

For the want of a park a walk on the ice had to suffice. Sunshine, sparkling snow, no wind, a great way to spend a couple of hours.

Siutik was glad of the freedom to run, though she soon runs out of things to explore and smells to smell out there, she prefers the hills and the woods.
When we were back on land she did find something to sniff out, she was not sure what was under the snow.

To anonymous of the Africa claim; care to expand, and a name please.