Friday, October 31, 2008

How it is on the Labrador.

Interesting developments, or rather non developments, going on with the two large building projects in town.

On the one hand you have a sub contractor walking off the job, and laying off all the workers, at the new Nunatsiavut Government building. Claims of “no material to continue” by sub contractor, “I did not know anything about it” by the contractor. CKOK has a couple of news briefs on it.
Lots of rumors and not much substance at the moment, more substance could be available later today.

Meanwhile down the road a bit the new Northern store proceeds at what I would call a snails pace.

I have worked on many construction sites, I can’t remember working with such an un energetic labor force as this site has, unless you count the public works jobs when the boss was away.

The wood and sand and gravel used for the footings and walls is unique to this area, it is more common points north of here I am told.
Meanwhile on the marine shipping front. Makkovik is having difficulty getting there supplies delivered in a timely manner. Warning, red neck comments follow article.

The manager of Bigland here in Nain was on CBC radio this morning on the same issue, it is the same miss management and incompetence that has been going on for years.
Why Labrador Coastal Marine can’t implement a tracking system for freight is beyond comprehension. And why do they continue to ship goods south before they go north, and get lost or misplaced in the process.

The manager made a plea for consumers to contact their provincial politicians and NG politicians to get something done about this yearly debacle.
No insult meant to the manager, I have worked with him on this issue in past years, but good luck with all that.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Luck of the draw.

I have been trying to capture this thing in the air for several weeks now, I bloke is in town one day and gets it within hours. Oh well, but he did allow me to use them, so thanks a bunch.

Photo credits: Carl Sonnichsen.
Wolf alert! Heard on CBC radio, wolves are roaming around parts of Happy Valley-Goose Bay. Warning people to be careful and stay off the roads, whats' that about I wonder?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Some trinkets for your land.

Had two phone calls from Aurora Energy resources yesterday, the wife answered both.

They mentioned the planed ‘open house’ to be held tonight.

Also mentioned was; there will be refreshments and two door prizes to be won. One prize of a bigger iPod and another of a smaller iPod.

The caller was some what aggressive with questions of how many people are in your house hold and will you be attending the open house.

Scum bags, the refreshments will get some there, and the door prizes will attract a lot, bet you there will be little sycophants taking lots of pictures for the big PR blurb post meeting.

This southerly flow of warm air

is sure an anomaly for this time of year. Normally it is around 0 for a high, it was up to 13 yesterday, already up to 6 this morning.

Needless to say most of the snow has melted, the roads were a mess for awhile but now they are getting back to a less slushy like condition.

Further to the Nain Animal Wellness Clinic; it was plugged as a “free clinic” with a voluntary pay as much as you could afford plea.

Any payments were offered to be anonymous, there were envelopes and a locked box to deposit envelops in at the entrance door of the clinic.

Well it turns out that around $1,400.00 was collected, very impressive indeed, this will go a long way in offsetting some of the expenses that were accrued I’m sure.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Animal Wellness week comes to an end in Nain.

Well the veterinary clinic [Nain Animal Wellness Clinic] went off with more than just a whimper, it went off more like a big loud bark.

Over four 12 hour days and two shorter sessions there was I believe 34 surgeries, about 90 other examinations for everything from arthritis to ear infections.

Not too shabby for one vet, one assistant and one dogsbody. Not to forget the staff from the Community Government who arranged and controlled the bookings and such, and any others who contributed to the huge success of the clinic.

There were still many animals, mainly dogs [Siutik being one], who did not receive surgery due to time and staffing constraints.

Proof evidence that there is a dour need for periodic veterinary clinics in all the coastal communities.

The three main clinisists were Mark Froimovitch, Ira Froimavitch and Paul Fenton, good work blokes.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

This story down under puts a different angle to pet care than the vet clinic being held here in Nain.
Non the less both are stories of providing a much needed service in two very different locations.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Apropro of nothing in particular

My funny bone was tickled by a promo from the host on yesterdays "on the go' on CBC radio.

I'm paraphrasing here but it went something like this: Host; "In the next half hour we will interview Premier Williams on the provinces situation given the turmoil in the world stock market's and the drop in world oil prices". "We will then speak to a psychiatrist" [well I thinks its funny].
Actually the psychiatrist interview was on another part of an ever increasing breakdown in the health care system.

In local news:

The vet team here has been very busy these past four days, here is a pod cast of an interview Mark Froimovitch did yesterday morning.

I missed this interview yesterday, but I must say that no matter what policy that Air Lab say they have, it is a common practice for the pilots to actually re fuel while food is being off loaded and luggage is on the ground near the fuel caps. It is not just putting the hose in and waiting for things to be cleared away, it is actual re fueling, so lets not come the raw prawn Mr. Earle.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The third back up generator has arrived in town, it is now up next to the first two and being brought on line.

This unit looks to be substantially smaller than its two brothers, does not do a lot to ease the anxiety one feels of future power outages.

The only consoling thing is that Hydro has promised that the two working generators in the damaged plant will be available if the back ups fail while the plant is being overhauled.
It is consoling only if you discount the previous inaccurate protestations from Hydro reps.

Nor do these statements from Hydro representatives after a couple of short unplanned outages;
"they were trying to put both the unit breakers online, and some how they short circuited, causing the power outage".
and "where the mobile generators were sitting for awhile not being used, once they hooked them up, it was quite normal for them to short out and a cause power outages".
and "future unexpected power outages are to be anticipated because they are still trying to put the mobile generators online, and this process at times works, and at times not".
Quite a different spin than the previous up beat positive one.
On the doggy front the vets have been very busy, judging by the turn out it would indicate that their is a dire need for more frequent veterinary visits, there have been none in this region for many many years. Whether they be not for profit or not is not the issue, the need is here so how come the provincial vets have not considered clinics on the coast?.
I have received no remuneration for James comment, non the less there is some valuable information in his links, so I published it.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Solidarity with the brothers and sisters.

Outraged Lehman Bros. employees stage a protest
by blockading the entrance to the bank's headquarters ....

Vets are in!

The two man Veterinarian team arrived yesterday morning, some 17 hours late but that was Mr. Weathers fault.
The team consists of a Vet from Quebec and an assistant from BC, volunteers from Nain will do what they can also.

On arrival the team went directly to the Fire Hall to set up their gear and strategize.

In the afternoon two members of the Nain Inuit Community Government [NICG] staff started calling around to the over 80 people on the call list.
First up; treatment of general ailments and having a look at the weight, age, condition of the animals on the spade and neuter list.
Today will see the start of this process, younger dogs first.

I was down there last evening with Siutik, lots of dog’s boy, of course Siutik wanted to play with them all, not all dogs are playful like her she is learning. Then again she was quite overbearing with one of her pups who was in line after us.

It snowed again this morning!!!!!!!!

Speaking of neutering: I loved the kick where it hurts the Minister of Health received at the Nurses Convention yesterday. Debbie Forward really stuck it to the overbearing bombastic big twat.
The cheering and applause DF received from the 250 nurses during her speech was more reminiscent of a rock concert that a union convention.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

T'is a fine morning indeed.

Awoke to clear with promise of a fine day.
The 4 wheeler was covered in snow for the second time in five days, temperatures are a bit lower this time, -8 early but up to -3 after the sun came up.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Looking for Eldorado.

Came across this strange looking do dad laying on the north ramp of the airstrip yesterday.

I have seen these things get bigger and stranger over the last few years, but had not seen anything quite this size before.

I would think it rather a challenge for the helicopter pilot having that thing swaying underneath you.

Back in town the scene down near the dock has changed dramatically this past two weeks.
First the old take out building was demolished; a lot of the younger crowd were a bit nostalgic over that according to Face Book.

Then buy Friday the old Northern Store was completely demolished.

In my time here that store received several additions and name changes. On arrival it was Evans & Goodwin.
It then became Goodwin’s and increased in size a couple of times.

It then was taken over by the North West Company and became Northern.

Now it is down the dump.

The new area is here.

For the uninitiated; the Take Out would have been on the right and Northern on the left of the picture.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Food at discount?????

The coast of Labrador is in the news again, not a happy story but one that has been around for some time. Pity something has not been done to address the ever increasing income gape before this, not that it is being addressed now though, just reported.

The online version does not do justice to the aired version, hence some of the disgusting ill informed comments below the article.

There are so many sub stories within this story that my head hurts thinking about them.

Just one food for thought for now [pun intended]. The issue of having community gardens or co op gardens or any gardens for that matter.

I get asked, and read of people asking, why gardens are not in the communities to produce food locally, besides the odd private one that is.

IMO there is no black and white answer; you have to look at history. There were Moravian introduced gardens; there are pictures of the produce produced and of Inuit working in the gardens.
Why did this practice not catch on?

Is it to do with the hunter gatherer mentality of the people?

Is it to do with the lack of copious quantities of good soil?

Is it to do with the climate?

Is it to do with all of the above? Plus other reasons not mentioned.

I do not think it is because the people are lazy; the real reasons are more complicated than that.

Gale Turner has started the ball rolling, not before time either, wonder if the recidivist local members of NG will pick up on it, it’s not like they have not been aware of the issue.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Speaking of winter.

We have had snow before this but this morning was the most accumulated.
Not that it will stick around, but it is a nice change from looking at all that gray/brown late fall fall color.

I was talking to a parent of children in the K to 3 school yesterday.
That meeting the concerned parents had with the minister of Education has only led to the furnace in the building being turned off.
I am sure more is being done to address the problem internally, but nothing has been communicated to date.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

It was a blustery day yesterday, not as bad as forecast, non the less gusts to 98 KPH had all planes cancelled, except a medi vac, and freight boat hold up. The Ranger is already behind sched due to last week’s weather, it is on the way up coast now so should not be held up too much.

I have been reading about the Australian series “First Australians” released not long ago. Unfortunately it is ‘geoblocked’ in our area so I can’t see it yet.

Maybe some people further south may be interested in viewing it. Some of the comments are interesting in themselves.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


not the cats meow when it comes to the animals of Labrador.

For anyone taking notice I pulled the CAAT link [from the top right of page] several days ago.
It was a preemptive gesture on my part having the intuition that CAAT was not going to go through with their promises of a clinic in Nain this year.

I wont go into the details of what happened for CAAT to come to this decision except to say several local volunteers, plus the community, have received the bums rush from CAAT.

I feel sorry for the local volunteers who put many hours and much effort to make this clinic happen. In essence CAAT are not the do gooders as their web site indicates.

CAAT in their wisdom have decided that they can not do the promised Nain clinic until next spring at the earliest. Given their behavior I would not hang by the short and curlies on that date either.

The good news is that a veterinarian from Quebec and an assistant will be coming in on the 20th [as advertised] to hold a much scaled down version of what was intended.
The vet was going to be one of the CAAT team but feels that an obligation is an obligation.

He will come in on the local volunteers promises that fund raising efforts will provide some if not all his expenses.

So as of this date the vet clinic will go ahead from the 20th to 26th of this month.

It's an ill wind

that follows a big goose egg, thanks Danny boy.

Seems Ottawa, who control the wind according to Danny's dictum, is not exactly being kind to us already with a not exactly kind wind blowing at moment.

Not that I wanted a Harper Government of any type, just that Danny Boy is a hypocrite with his 'broken promises' and 'big goose egg campaign'.
We were in this line up at a food bank, it was hot as hell, and it was still only February....................then I woke up. What a nightmare, almost came true too.

See the gap in the voter turn out from the 06 election in Labrador way way way down, down across the country too.

Going to one hell of a ride the next few months, Harper is going to want to push his real agenda, Libs are f----d for the short term, Canadians [western ones cant bring themselves to vote anything but Conservative] cant see the trees for all those $ signs flashing in their eyes.

As to this province, well Todd is hoping that the Conservative government will pay more attention to Labrador issues seeing he received 70% of the vote, funny guy that Todd.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

As WJM points out, Newfoundland and Labrador does not rate too highly in the voter turnout league in national elections.

So go vote............bit if you don't I can understand why.

May the best non Conservative win.

Important Election Day Notice: When you vote, you MUST prove your identity and address. This is the case even if you know the polling officials and they know you. You have three options;
Option 1; Provide one original piece of identification issued by a government or government agency containing your photo, name and address. This includes drivers’ license or a Provincial Identification Card.
Option 2; Provide two original pieces of identification from among the following list. Both pieces must contain your name, and one must also contain your address. Here is the list; Identity Cards; Health Card Social Insurance Number Card Birth Certificate Driver’s Licence Canadian Passport Certificate of Indian Status Certificate of Canadian Citizenship or Citizenship Card Credit/Debit Card with elector name Canadian Forces Identity Card Veterans Affairs Canada Health Card Employee Card issued by employer Old Age Security Identification Card Student ID Card Library Card Liquor Identification Card Canadian Blood Services/Héma-Québec Card Hospital Card Fishing Licence Wildlife Identification Card Hunting Licence Firearm Acquisition Card/Firearm Possession Card Outdoors Card and Licences Provincial/Territorial Identification Card Original documents (containing name and address); Credit Card Statement Bank Statement Utility Bill (residential telephone, cable TV, public utilities commission, hydro, gas or water) Local Property Tax Assessment School, College or University Report Card or Transcript Residential Lease, Residential Mortgage Statement or Agreement Canada Child Tax Benefit Statement Income Tax Assessment Notice Insurance Policy Government Cheque or Government Cheque Stub with elector name Statement of Employment Insurance Benefits Paid (T4E) Canada Pension Plan Statement of Contributions/Quebec Pension Plan Statement of Participation Statement of Old Age Security (T4A) or Statement of Canada Pension Plan Benefits (T4AP) Statement of Benefits from provincial workplace safety or insurance board Statement of Direct Deposit for provincial works or provincial disability support program Vehicle Ownership Vehicle Insurance
Option 3; You can be vouched for by an elector whose name appears on the list of electors in the same polling division and who has an acceptable piece or pieces of identification. Both will be required to make a sworn statement. An elector cannot vouch for more than one person, and the person who has been vouched for cannot vouch for another elector.

Monday, October 13, 2008

The bright fall colors have now turned to yellow and various shades of brown. Ice forms on ponds and brooks only to be eaten away when the sun shines.

Yesterday morning light snow fell, same this morning. We have a wind chill of -5 this morning too.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

It was a magnificent day yesterday, lots of sun, little to no wind.

The Northern Ranger came in about 8 [she be late due to weather hold ups], lots of activity down the dock added to by this Coast Guard vessel changing crew.

Added bonus was a small pod of whales cruising around. I thought I may get some pictures of the whales so rushed home to get my camera.

Using the Ranger to block the sun I waited, an opportunity presented itself with two whales breaching between the Coast guard vessel and shore.

NO CARD came up in the window. Shit.

Rushed home for the card, back down and waited…… again. Alas you don’t get second chances.

The best I managed were two shots of whales in the distance; if you click to enlarge you can just make out the whales to the right of the ship.

There is a volley ball tournament going on this weekend with players coming in from other communities.
Lot of people will be going off to their cabins or try get a geese, or just enjoy the weather.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Walk for the people.

On Monday the 13th Elizabeth Penashue is starting off on a walk of protest against the recent agreement in principle between the Province and the Innu Nation which could lead to further dames on the [Mista Shipu] Churchill River.
The walk will start in Happy valley Goose Bay and end at Twin Falls…….or is it Muskrat Falls…..whatever.

Update: Actually it is the Gull Island Rapids Elizabeth will be walking to, I was not sure of the destination, AN AC corrected me, thanks.

In solidarity, or in support, or out of respect, Fan and others are organizing a walk here in Nain, to be held Monday also
It will be a far shorter walk than Elizabeth’s, just around town and up the hill a bit. Any one interested keep your ears open for the time.

Déjà Vu All over again.

Hydro is announcing a power outage from 3 to 5 PM today in Nain.
The purpose of the outage is to hook up the mobile generators to the grid. Starting to sound like Peter and the wolf or sumin.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

I took these photos of the JHMS K to 3 morning of the 8th Oct.
Outside it was +3 with a NW 30 wind blowing and a dew point of -6.

Wouldna think you would need all those windows open would ya. Which makes a lie of my assertions that top floor windows are kept closed for safety reasons.

I have not heard any reports of what went down at the planed meeting with the minister of education and the concerned parents, hopefully something positive in the short term.

The health survey goes full steam ahead with the little people mover ferrying people back and forth to the Amundsen.

I took this photo from up near the power plant.

Speaking of power plants; the mobile generators are still not connected to the grid, I'm sure I heard Ms Daley of Hydro say the outage on Tuesday was to facilitate the switching over to the mobiles. But then age does weary the hearing.
Our back up generator received its first test yesterday afternoon, 3 to 4.25.

It was a planed outage to get the mobile generators on line and shut down the damaged plant. At least that is what we were told by Hydro, as well as the third back up mobile generator is still on the way

The back up generator worked well, I hooked it up to one 1500watt heater, the computer and to an electric fry pan, even boiled the kettle for a warming cup of tea after coming in from a walk.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Rural abandonment.

The Amundsen arrived in port yesterday, the on board chopper immediately started to ferry staff on board for the Inuit Health Survey.

The state of CBC television coverage of Labrador has taken a big hit in the negative.
This has been in the works for some time, sadly I have not heard of any objections to the dumbing down.

This is how I see the situation at the moment: The powers that be at CBC have cut back on travel budgets for the videographer stationed in Labrador. In the past this position was based in HV-GB.

With travel constraints the videographer was really unable to do justice to all the areas of Labrador, especially to coastal communities.

Over the summer the resident videographer switched allegiances and went into radio as co host of Labrador morning.

There was for a short time a fill in videographer, this person has moved on leaving the position vacant.

I have heard that a person is to be/or has been hired for the role of videographer. This position will be now based in Labrador City.

With low to no travel budget this leaves the coast, and most likely Lake Millville, out of luck when it comes to television coverage, no more stories on Here & Now for you, unless of course some drunken natives go on the war path, in which case the videographer will be on the first available charter.

With the public broadcaster leaving Labrador out in the cold vis a vis television reportage it seems like the private sector may pick up the slack, to what extent and how good coverage is not known.

What I do know is that Michael Johansen is doing some video reportage in the Goose Bay area for NTV. Maybe he is freelancing, no matter, the fact is that CBC is again not living up to its mandate and ignoring Rural Canada...........arse holes.

As a rule I do not watch NTV news or any other of their programs for that matter. I did attempt to watch their evening news hour, it clashes with Here & Now, is not as good a quality technically and had very poor coverage of things outside of the Avalon.

Maybe I will have to re consider my viewing habits, especially as I really only watch CBC television for the news, if they are to abandon coverage of where I live then shag em, may as well go with the other guy, especially if the other guy makes an effort to do some local stories, how local is still an unknown.

Now this is a switch, years behind where they should be retrospect of alternative energy, but none the less some what encouraging.

The group of parents and children who protested the excessive heat in the school have seemingly wrangled a meeting with the minister of education today, good for them.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Warming trend?

I hear that the Minister of Education is coming to Nain this morning, along with the local MHA. Apparently the minister has some sort of big announcement to make that effects this area.

What’s the chance it will be to finely address the air quality in the K to 3 school here in Nain.

Zero to zilch is my guess.

A concerned parent informed me that the heating system in the school has been inadequate since its construction. Representations have been made to the school board to fix the problem; to date nothing has been done.

Seems the heating system works too well and there is no air exchangers in the building.

Get this; it gets up to 32 degrees Celsius in some class rooms. When you comcider 21 c is the recommended normal for indoors 32 seems quite excessive.

I see the department has a scent free policy but no anti hot as hell policy.

The only attempts to address the issue have been the instillation of fans in some rooms.
On the top floor windows can not be opened for safety reasons. Having a fan with nowhere for the air to go just recalculates the heated air I would think.

I am also told that there are no water fountains in the building and no bottled water available for the kids to re-hydrate.
When things get way to hot the teachers take the kids outdoors [weather permitting] to do their lessons, not sure what lessons.

If this indeed has been a problem since the building was complete one has to ask where is the School Board [Labrador east Integrated School board], past and present principals and past and present school committees [or what ever moniker they go under these days], shame on them. Then where is the NL Teachers Association, would not they have an interest their members continuing good health.

Update on the heating issues at the school: A group of concerned parents are planning a protest near the elementary school at 3.30 today. The minister for Education is supposed to arrive at 3.00, weather permitting.

On the fresh food front:
BigLand has a sign advertising all produce is 50% off.
Some good deals there. Alas there is always some sort of pitfall, it seems apples are no longer considered produce at BigLand.
While we were there several people had multiple bags of apples in the shopping carts, the bags even had the red discount stickers on them.
Despite all this evidence they were still denied the discount, being told that only produce counted in the 50% off. Weird or what?

Apples don’t rot.

Further to the apples story. I ran into the Bigland manager down at the dock and could not resist asking about the bags of apples not qualifying as produce.

This is how it is: the apples came in as freight on the boat, not on the plane under the food by mail program [FBMP].
All the produce that came in on the FBMP was discounted this week, hat off to Bigland.

So I said “so you are saying apples are not produce”?
"No, what I should have written on the notice was ALL PRERISHABLES 50% OFF" said the manager.

Now that gets us into a whole different bag of apples, but what the heck.

Bottom line is; all the produce that was flown in late [due to weather] under the FBMP was discounted for the first time I can remember.
A real skeptic could maybe think that there are ulterior motives for that, see above, but not me.

Three cultures,

three solitudes, one life’s philosophy…………well on most things.

Well meeting Elizabeth exceeded my expectations of the woman. Extremely intelligent, perceptive and with a deep love of the Innu ways, not to mention a heart felt respect for the land that sustains them.

Fran and I took Elizabeth up into the hills on the ATV for one last photo op; she was impressed with the beauty of the place this time of year and kept wanting to go further and higher.
We got back to the house just in time to take her to the airstrip where we wished her bon voyage, like Fran says , never say good bye.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Rule #1.

As a general rule I am the lord of our kitchen, at cooking time that is. It is not a hard and fast rule but I do not offer any encouragement for others to dabble in culinary pursuits.

Usually a simple, “she’s right” or “I think everything is under control” when people ask if they can “give a hand” or “do you need any help” does the trick.

Of course that does not apply to doing the dishes, that’s when it becomes Fran’s kitchen, gota deal with her then.

Rule #2.

Rule #1 does not mean jack when Elizabeth Penashue is visiting.

Came in from outside yesterday morning, big pot of porridge on the stove, rolled oats and flour being made into Elizabeth’s best bannock.

After breakfast it was into making Elizabeth’s famous doughnuts with raisins.

Had to work around that while making bread for our daughter. A keen interest was taken in my bread making process, as well as in the large machine that eliminates all that kneading.

So after all that intake of energy it was up to the hills for a walk in the afternoon.

The three woman went on ahead while I was finishing off baking the bread.
Caught up with them later, they had picked a few red berries but mostly the visitors were enjoying the view.

While up there the plane with the food by mail landed. Walking back about 3.30 we notice lots of vehicles out side BigLand, so I went in. The fresh supplies were just being put out on the shelves.
Produce was not in too bad a shape considering the 2 day delay in getting in, I just purchased some salad ingredients, will take my luck as to what is left Monday.

Friday, October 03, 2008


I’d like to thank those folks for their best wishes, those who posted here, the odd one on the street and radio, Fran and I appreciate it.
The day was quite busy, seeing some people off, welcoming another one.

The break in the rain was welcome; I took advantage of it and took a very antsy dog for a walk in the hills.
It is ablaze in fall colors up there, as ablaze as it will get any way.

The generator I had ordered arrived on the ranger on Wednesday so yesterday I oiled and fueled her up, gave her a kick start and test, looks good.
So I have 2.5 kva with a power ratio of 1 [whatever that means] at my disposal.

Later in the day we picked up our honored guest [she is my hero] at the airstrip. Elizabeth Penashue is staying with us until Sunday.

It is the first time I have had a chance to talk to this very courage’s lady, very impressive I must say, great sense of humor too, I think we are all at ease with each other.
Foggy this morning, love it when the fog rolls around the hills this time of year.

Thursday, October 02, 2008


Twenty seven years, how time flier’s when one is having fun.

Why it seems just like yesterday I had my head banged against Fran’s by Rev. Hunter.

No it was not some bizzaro Inuit or Moravian ritual; it was that we had no chance to ‘practice’ in the traditions of the Moravian church marriage ceremony.

The ceremony was booked for two days prior. Rev Hunter was ‘weathered in’ in Hopedale; with no planes imminent he thumbed a ride on the Topsail Star, the freighter at the time.

So in hindsight I learnt a couple of traditions. One being while kneeling at the alter the minister lays his hands on each of the betrothed heads and gently joins them while reciting his stuff.
Me not knowing this resisted attempts at moving my head, the Rev insisted with some force.

Then at the end of the ceremony the Rev and Fran left me at the alter, not looking good for the road ahead I thought.
Fran did come back to walk down the isle with me, and despite some pot holes and odd puddles our life together has been one of happiness and calmness.

The reception after the official reception was rocking to. Due to the delay the fruit had been soaking in the liquor for three days, yowza.
The Rev took a liking to the fruit punch, so I was forgiven for my ignorance of Moravian traditions in the end.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008


CBC HV-GB interviewed a spokesperson from NLH this morning. It was a good informative interview, except some vital information was missed IMO.

Towards the end of the interview the spokesperson was asked if it was known what caused the fire at the Nain plant.
Spokesperson replied that indeed they did know.

Pray tell what was it, asked the CBC person [I’m paraphrasing here].

Why it was a pipe. A pipe that was rubbing on something said the spokesperson.

Wow, all that damage cause by a pipe said the CBC person {paraphrasing again].

Maybe it’s just me but some vital information seems to be missing here.

Any way, further to above interview. Hydro assures all that the three mobile generators will be sufficient to supply electricity to Nain over the coming winter.

It will be at least a year [now] before a new generator is in to replace the destroyed one.

Meantime work will continue on repairing all the damage inside the building and to the two generators that [partially] survived.

Dog pack savages gator.

Not for the queasy stomach, you are warned, don't blame me if you bring up your breakfast.

Told you.