Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thought this combination was interesting. The canoe is way past its prime, the tent still has good days ahead and the huskies were soaking up the rays.

This style tent was once very prevalent in the days people still left for the traditional fishing grounds. Char and salmon were the target, you brought the catch back to Nain if you were close, or a ‘collector’ boat would drop off supplies and pick your fish up for delivery to the plant if you were further north.
Families would spend all summer [short is it is] at the fish camps, some times moving some times at the one spot.
Trap boats were prevalent taking the extended families off leaving the town half empty. Now there are no trap boats, no more summers at the fish camps.

 I may be an old nostalgic bozo but for me that life style was one of the reasons that attracted me to the place. Mines, quarries, fast speed boats and big ski doos just don’t have the same allure.
Any ways back to reality. Inside the tent yesterday three young kids were playing cards on a mattress, only difference from day’s yore were the ipods sitting beside each kid.

The days have been on the cool side, not getting over the mid single digits for several days.Thick fog and calm out there early, looks like it will be like that until Saturday.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sunny -7 early but warmed up expeditiously to +.05 by 8:15. Bit of frost early, good thing I brought in my lovely little petunias in their onion patch.

Other communities are reporting fog.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

While not as catastrophic as last spring the towns water is a little earthy at the moment. Council is flushing lines and even distributing some left over bottled water to residents.

We are told that things could be back to more like normal today. Lets hope so as 7 liters of bottled water wont go far in this house of two, lordy knows in a house full.

Which brings one to ask the question, when will the money be released to complete the new dam construction? After all it is the road and line construction of the new dam that has caused all this heavy silting of the old dam.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Well the weekend was not so great weather wise; blustery winds up in the 79 clicks area. Made it cool walking up wind, cloudy and passing flurries added to the malaise.

Good weather for cooking, made pizza Friday night, one for us and one for a fundraiser effort.

Along with the pizza I made some peanut butter and choc chip cookies for the eclectic food available at the fundraiser. Amazing how many younger people are getting treated for cancer these days.

Did a BBQ of ribs and chicken yesterday. Warm spud salad and coleslaw with it.

Not much eclectic about the vegetables available in the stores these days, no imagination put into the buying.

So one has to use their own imagination to add some variety into the menus.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

It hit 18 c in Nain yesterday, nice day and everybody out in summer gear.

Down side was that the snow melt came down with vengeance causing many wash a ways of roads and flooding of peoples yards, especially in the center part of town.  

With all the civil works that has gone on over the years a way to divert this annual event successfully has not been found.

Plus the tap water is much browner and gritty looking this morning. Have to go find a clear running brook but think run off too fast at moment.

One would think with all the snow that fell on Goose Bay this past winter forest fires in May would be the last worry.

Well one would be thinking wrong. A fire started out near the base [north side] yesterday morning.
Three choppers and dozens of ground crew fought the blaze initially. One water bomber arrived mid afternoon followed by another late afternoon.

                                              Photo shows view of fire in early stages from Aimee's yard. 

Fire brought under reasonable control late evening. Spruce Park, where Carter and co. live, was on evacuation alert. That was downgraded also late afternoon.

                                       This morning Twitter says flames coming up again.

Social media came into its own; Aimee was back and forth between twitter, face book and looking out the window. We were back and forth keeping track of text and photos of the goings on, very handy indeed.

Ironically; today was the day that the water bombers were due to arrive on station at Goose Bay for the summer season.

Oh, and the temperature reached 33 degrees at one stage at Goose Bay.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Bear with me as I feel like thinking out loud, on paper, what do they call that I wonder?

The shipping season is fast approaching, any time in the next month ice conditions permitting.

Still no news from the Minister of Transport as to any ships readiness, when freight could be expected to be accepted for ports in southern regions and the like.

Be nice to know the status of the Northern Ranger, how is the seasonal refit proceeding, will she be mechanically  fit and surveyed ready to go without the past years hic ups.

On last update the minister mentioned that 5 vessels were being looked at for the freight service to replace last years the Dutch.Runner. With only weeks remaining to start of season would think you would have to have a vessel chosen by now.

But still no word.

Who is looking for the freight vessel, NL government or the guys with the contract CAI-Nunatsiavut? 

I ask this for the simple reason things did not end all that well for CAI-Nunatsiavut operations with the Dutch Runner last season. She was pulled from service abruptly and some words exchanged between government and the operations manager of CAI-Nunatsiavut and the owners of the Dutch Runner.

Be nice to know if things have been sorted out [we know the Dutch Runner is out of equation] and if so what should the fine folks of the North coast expect in the way of marine services.

Each of the past number of years we have seen a deterioration in service, be it incompetent filling of containers, incompetent loading of containers on ship, inexperienced captains leading to captains a crew walking off the vessel. Ships scheduling being made up on the fly, freight destined for the coast being turned away in Lewisport yadda yadda yadda.

All these incompetence’s and lack of due diligence lead to frustrations and extra expense for retailers and consumers.

So what is going on and who is asking?

That’s it for thinking aloud.

Lots of robins this year, little buggers are everywhere doing the nesting and mating thing, not seen these numbers for years.

Spotted some sort of warbler yesterday, very briefly so could not get positive ID. 

Nephew past on that a red-poll [they have been around all winter] crashed into a window of his house knocking itself out.
Nephew brought it inside and kept it warm until bird came around, shock its head and made some noises, he then released the bird back out the window.

Just a couple of links as follow up to same posts of recent past.

One on an interview with our MHA on food insecurity.

Another on the town water situation.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Had a nice slow cooked braised caribou the other night, last night as well.

Taking pictures has a variety of elements, one of them is timing and another is luck. Looks like Aimee got those two going when she took this picture of Carter earlier this week. Talk about a proud arse.

Proud with his new summer kit on. Mom and dad n Carter took a road trip over to Labrador City for the long weekend. Bit of visiting and shopping, there is a Walmar.

Carter had a couple of small hissy fits on the way over, not used to long travel, but on the way back he was no trouble.
The town water was getting cloudy so camera in tow took a ride up towards the dam and new road.

Town had excavator at work diverting any muddy brown run off from the high side of the new road, and muddy it was.

Looks to be just general snow melt that cant be helped getting in the catchment area causing the cloudiness, usual every spring, not like last year for sure

So took a ride down to airstrip, agent told me I had  freight [they are called boxes] arriving on Air Lab freighter.
Friday is box day at the airstrip. Usually in the afternoon multiple numbers of boxes with the Newfoundland Liqueur Corp tape on them arrive, mainly on Innu Mikun.

I usually try and beat the rush when making my box order.

While waiting for the plane I headed down northern point, very windy but managed to take some pics of the ice, which is very watery, while there two planes arrived one after the other.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

For every negative story there is a positive story.

Alas the media, particularly CBC when it comes to covering Labrador, do not cover all that many stories that do not have alcohol, indigenous peoples, abuse and the like and put them up on the evening news.

Not that these stories should not be covered, they should, but perhaps with a little less zeal and what could be perceived as relish by the head honchos in Sin Jawns.

And CBC does cover positive stories, but again with less zeal and province wide coverage.

The negative went province wide yesterday, a story that had its birth on Facebook, brewed up from a Labrador story that ended up on Here&Now and regional radio news.

I find it abhorrent when animals are abused and battered, it happens too frequently in many communities, particularly in larger centers where it is too easy to get lost in all else that goes on in busy cities. Out in the boonies it is easier to get to the front pages, we wont go into why, it just does.

I feel if Ms Hill had omitted just one word from her initial Facebook threat then things may not have blown out of proportion. Then the radio interview with Ms Learning disturbed me a little. She sounded very aggravated and rightly so, but she also sounded combative and defensive at the same time, a bit like the premier when she is questioned about Muskrat Falls.

 Having said that I most likely would have sounded the same way if two truck loads of thugs had arrived at my place of work and threatened a junior employee as well as the rest of the board and staff of the shelter in absence.

There is always a bunch of people ready and willing to play the race card, if they are upset with attitudes towards then in general then go face the folks responsible, not some young volunteer at an animal shelter.

Any way enough of that, the real reason for this post is Blizzard, a rescue dog from Nain who has it pretty good these days down in St. John's. His new owners have it pretty good too by the look of him.

Not unlike Siutik, he could be mistaken for her son but he is not.

I first came across Blizzard the early days of his rescue, he was in the yard of his rescuers, and in the arms of one. We met just a couple of times but even at that young age he displayed the qualities of a bright smart dog.

The rescuers planned to send him out to St. John's to one of their parents, which they eventually did.

I have since found out that Blizzard is now owned by a chap [a friend of the rescuer] who has a dog training background. That is the new owners son in the photo with Blizzard at 5 months old. 

Blizzard is now 7 months old and get this, he goes visits schools and aged care facilities and interacts with children and seniors. Not sure to what capacity, should try find that out, but what a great story for CBC and any other MSM to follow up on.

There are many good uplifting stories of dogs being rescued off the streets in Nain and other communities in Labrador.

It is a small but dedicated group of individuals who take it upon themselves to do this. Kudos to them for taking it on, and without any government financial help I might add, unlike the thugs in the pick-ups at the animal shelter.

There is also an individual here who has taken it upon them-self to learn many aspects of veterinary treatment. Many people take animals to this person for treatment  for a wide variety of ills and sometimes injuries from abuse.

So when I hear of these animal abuse stories I don't dismiss them, but I do find heart knowing there is another side, the unsung heroes out there doing there best for defenseless animals.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Did some weeding and tilling of soil with the raised beds yesterday.

As you can see the seasons are a tad behind those in the south. Even the perennials, rhubarb, chives are still just dark stumps in the ground.

Folks are still venturing off on the ice goose hunting and ice fishing. Getting a little on the unsafe side now, but that does not seem to stop some.
Lots of fish hanging up to dry around town and our grandson Book dropped a goose off [plucked] last evening, very kind of him.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Out the kitchen widow on this Sunday morn.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Rain to sleet to big globs of white snow to sleet to?

Not surprised as council spent last few days filling all the pot holes.  Fill em in again next week.

Photo taken on my tablet.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

On seeing this little guy's photo on Facebook I just had to seek permission to show it off. The photo was taken May 2011 here in Nain and posted by Keith's mom.

For all those health nuts out there, Keith is sucking the eye balls out of the heads of char as his mom assists by pushes them out with here fingers.

Wish I had been brought up with that, it would negate taking all those vitamins each day. As it is I just cant bring myself to sucking fish eyes.

Then we have two updated spring photos of Carter.

Cute arse little bugger with that "when I get my way smile".

Publishers note: The Carter photos are incorrectly credited, it should read Aimee McIntosh.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Thunder and lightning and heavy rain last evening, most unusual for this time of year. People who were on their way home from goose hunting must have been a little wet on return.

Mixed results with the geese, some come back disappointed; some get the one or two, people announcing on Facebook their first goose ever, young kids and women.

After all the tensions of late regards air search and rescue we have a positive result, all be it a bit by chance, and it did not involve the provincial or federal co ordination centers.

It does highlight that maybe there is a need for the province to take a good look at its service and protocols in relation to Labrador, it would be very revealing indeed in its inadequacy compared to others jurisdictions.

One person goes out without any safety precautions, another does take precautions. That is they way it is up here.

There have been some accidents [unreported] out on the ice also, that is just the way it is up here.

Great grandma has been at me to post Caters first card to us, it was for mother’s day. At 17 months I see potential.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

It turned out that the dog that was thought to have rabies came back negative. Dog had symptoms similar to rabies, this can be caused by other issues like blood clot on brain, spinal injury etc.
The dog had been sick and had been treated for different things with mixed success before the rabies call was made, alas a miss call.

I think I will scoop the local media again: Goose Bay airport had a busy February with 2,488 movements. That is take off and landings not bowel. 

Though the story is a bit puzzling as Goose Bay does have an operational control tower.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Not very nice weekend on weather front, gray/white/wet and very still, still the same this morning.
People have it worse.

“They can go and get stuffed”, have not used that Oz colloquialism for some time. Have used “get stuffed ya barstard” now and again but most would not get the meaning, so why bother.
Any way I thought the bloke who used this colorful expression was right on as it pertains to this story of a brave little penguin.

Another day another moose story out of Newfoundland. This one a little more bizarre than most. I offer no further comment except to say one lucky lady and to point out the number of comments.

What a refreshing idea, open honest commentary about the Goose Bay air base from someone in the military.
No not that military, the Luftwaffe from Germany.

Highlights, the Germans loved the base, the laid back people and loved the flying and training area.

On relocating to other training areas the head honchos realized what a great place they had abandoned. It was the cost effectiveness that drove them away, and that would include local suppliers at the base.

Get a gander at this video, cock pit view of Labrador, not sure about the live ammo firing though, thought it was only dummy runs, but then it is the military.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Fran at the Heritage Forum show and tell, JCEM school in Makkovik.

\ Weather gray and intermittent precipitation last two days, not cold not warm.

Friday, May 11, 2012

With nasty weather forecast for today the heritage forum folk in Makkovik were extracted late last evening, Fran arrived home after 8pm. From the look of it out side we have not received any nasty stuff as predicted, looks like south of us again.

I took the two pictures from social media, one from Facebook the other from Twitter. Appropriate in these ever increasing food price times.  

They show people protesting high cost of foods at two stores in the north, one a Co-Op in Coral Habour and another at Northern store in the same community.
Buddy with bald head and camera is the Manager of the Northern store.

A link to a brief story is here

Update: Seems the right choice was taken, all flights [at least Air Nutatsiavut] to north coast are on hold, Wx not good south of here.

Uperty date:  Change again, flights are getting into Nain with a possibility into Natuashish. 

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

As of yesterday:

While all you folk down south are tending your crocuses and tulips and wondering how to green up that lawn without pesky pesticides we still have plenty of ice, dirty as it is.
I have started sowing some seeds, but this time to try growing some stuff indoors, small batches just to try things out.
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The plot still continues to thicken in the aftermath of the Burton Winters tragedy. Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary the provincial leadership still insists that everything happened as it should, except the part the Feds played.
It seems clear that everything did not play out as it should on the provincial level, so the agencies involved are playing political ping pong and the blame game. Its all too ridicules for words.

 I am no expert but here is how I see how search and rescue works in Labrador from the ground up. I may miss an agency or have the ascendance out of whack, so forgive me in advance.

First responders are local GSAR with RCMP as leads.
Canadian Rangers come into play also but I am not sure when and under what protocols are in play. Rangers and GSAR can also be the same people in many cases.
 Local RCMP then report to provincial RCMP command who are the operational leads in search and rescue in the province.

Then there is the Fire and Emergency Services Newfoundland (FES-NL) followed by EMO, but in what order I am not sure.
 FES-NL has the authority to call in contracted air services.

From there it seems to go federal to assets of the Canadian Armed services and the Coast guard.

Available but not used in the province are assets by a volunteer group called CASARA. Why the province and CASARA have not come to an agreement after 20 years of trying is a mystery.

So with all these groups involved and lacking some sort of coordination and accepted protocols, at least in the Burton case, would it not be prudent and in the public's interest to call an inquiry to attempt to fix something that is clearly broken.

Oh yeah, just aired this morning on CBC HV-GB. Plot thickens, waters muddy, pick your own analogy.

 Wellllllll, it has now been taken from Innu Mikun and given to Air Labrador, an Inuit part owned airline.

No audio link up yet but make sure you listen to it when it is, mind boggling.

So here is the audio of two interviews, one with Aurora rep and another with NG first minister.

Lots of catch phrases like, propriety information, doing what is best for Nunatsiavut, Looking after the social and economic well being of the people of Nunatsiavut.

Be good to know what is really going on, since the story broke there have been figures thrown about from the 1 million dollar mark to 200 thousand to the now claimed 400 thousand value of the contract.
On the surface it looks like an Abbot and Costello comedy skit, 'whose on first".

But the underlying thing from my point is the double standard that NG is taking. Ask them to intervene or help in dealing with the food subsidy issue and the high cost of foods and all you get is, "oh we cant intervene in the affairs of private business" . But it is OK to intervene when you have a 51% stake in a private business.

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

This is looking more and more like a rabies year for sure. 14 confirmed cases in Labrador, two of those on the northcoast with one pending in a domestic dog.

I have been keeping a tighter vigil on Siutik when she is tethered out back, seeing as she is usually not a barker it is hard to know when anything unusual is hanging around.

I found an article in Nunatsiaq News  very revealing. Some years back I mentioned the small invasion of scientist and researchers scrambling up here during the International Polar Year.

As predicted most have come and gone never to be seen again, unless someone opens up the purse strings again. I see many references to food insecurity, children's health, mental health yadd yadda. Everybody knows the issues but more money goes into more research than getting down and doing some thing about it. Pisses me off no end frustrating to say the least.

Some are still hanging around, mainly folks from MUN, there is a different focus towards Inuit and Labrador at MUN now, but we still have to see positive on the ground results come out of all the research.
 A fine sunshiny spring day yesterday. Took these shots while down at the airstrip seeing Fran off.

A busy full week for Fran, on the weekend she attended workshops sponsored by NG and Status of Women Canada, "Embracing the Leader in you:Inuit women's leadership workshop".

My opinion is; not sure why Fran attends these types of workshops, she has more leadership in her big toe than most of the people who give the workshops [who are invariably young go getter's from the south].
Though she does have fun and keeping her mind busy is good.

There were about 15 participants, all younger ladies. The moderator of the workshop told Fran that she should do the next workshop.

This week it is a Heritage Fair in Makkovik. Another NG sponsored workshop embracing all things structurally heritage. Preserving buildings is important, though from an Inuit perspective not so much.Again all the presenters are from the south.
There is going to be a show and tell section to be held in the school, Fran may have a surprise, more in line with Inuit thinking.

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Monday, May 07, 2012

Ground caribou with duff [pastry] on top, Frans favorite, or rather favorite dish without bones. Served it up with yam/turnip mash and wilted baby spinach and mushrooms.
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Weekend weather was mixed, not a bad day Saturday but Sunday was a mess with snow, wet snow, fog and drizzle into mid day clearing to quite nice. Planes got in mid afternoon.

The Burton Winters tragedy has legs, the tenacity of CBC and the MHA for Torngat Mountains and the many other people involved in the battle to have an independence inquiry has taken a dramatic turn

Friday, May 04, 2012

Boy the number of fish plant closures is ramping up and on a daily basis. The closure of the Burin plant is the latest. It was revealed that the raw frozen product can be brought over from China and processed at the plant cheaper than buying local raw product.

Two crab plant closures in southern Labrador bring the issue closer to home. All these recent closures are in communities with one industry, the fish plant that just closed.

Is the coinciding of this increase in closures co-incidental or what?

Thanks for the ideological re framing of Canada yous 39.6 imbeciles percentile.

The lay offs and cut backs from the Feds increases every day too. Government by Ideology is revealing its ugly head; no one can say yous weren’t warned.

Interesting comparisons of what is happening in Canada can be read in this new book “It’s even worse that it looks”.  I caught the authors in an interview on PBS news hour.

Scary stuff indeed. One particularly American trait is this bill C38, the budget bill that contains the revamping of Canada as we know it. 

At least the weather has been great since the weekend, nice sunny days, lots of people going off ice fishing, boil ups and some even scoring the odd caribou if they travel the distance. 

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Nunatsiavut and outside areas are heading to the polls again. As mentioned in last post no one received the required 51%+1.

So Susan Nockasak drops out and Johannes Lamp and Sarah Leo run off, date to be decided. 

Break down of results are here.
Here are the preliminary numbers from yesterdays election for NG president.

Johannes Lamp      821
Sarah Leo              742
Susan Nochasak    569

Sub Total             2132
Spoilt                      15

Total                    2147         

CBC HV-GB is reporting that seeing as the one with the most votes did not achieve the 50% +1 total for clear victory there will have to be a run off between the top two.

The Labradorian newspaper is reporting that Johannes is the winner and will replace the outgoing president.

I'm going with CBC.

There was about a 43% voter turnout overall. Nain had the highest voter turnout with 57%. Hopedale was second with just over 50%.

I have the votes cast number for the Canadian Constituency at 431 but do not have the eligible list.

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Beside dancing round the May pole today is voting day for the leadership of the Nunatsiavut Government.

Poles will be open in Nunatsiavut, Upper lake Melville and St. John's. If your confused by that then you are not alone, even beneficiaries of Nunatsiavut are confused.

Some did not know there was an election, some know but have no idea who is running, some know who is running but have not had a visit from any candidate. Still others want their perceived benefits and don't really give a hoot about being Inuit, they just think they are entitled to their entitlements.

If you don't take an interest in NG affairs and are not on Facebook, listen to CBC HV-GB or CKOK radio then there is little to indicate and election has been under way for a month.
I have not checked the whole town but I have only seen one poster in one house window. No posters around town, no noticeable poster advertising the election nor any of the candidates.

Twitter is reporting only 40 voted at advanced pole, that is .8% of 5,000 eligible voters. No numbers on the mail in ballot's from the Canadian Constituency. See, it is confusing.

After a snowy morning things cleared off nice yesterday, well it would wouldn't it, the weekend was over. It does not take much sun now to turn the snow into mush. You have to adapt to the one step forward on back, slip slide, use the slope to your advantage.

Sighted were lots of visitors walking around. They have a different approach to dealing with the conditions, more like a surf lifesaving gait, straight back, high knee lift.