Friday, May 25, 2012

Bear with me as I feel like thinking out loud, on paper, what do they call that I wonder?

The shipping season is fast approaching, any time in the next month ice conditions permitting.

Still no news from the Minister of Transport as to any ships readiness, when freight could be expected to be accepted for ports in southern regions and the like.

Be nice to know the status of the Northern Ranger, how is the seasonal refit proceeding, will she be mechanically  fit and surveyed ready to go without the past years hic ups.

On last update the minister mentioned that 5 vessels were being looked at for the freight service to replace last years the Dutch.Runner. With only weeks remaining to start of season would think you would have to have a vessel chosen by now.

But still no word.

Who is looking for the freight vessel, NL government or the guys with the contract CAI-Nunatsiavut? 

I ask this for the simple reason things did not end all that well for CAI-Nunatsiavut operations with the Dutch Runner last season. She was pulled from service abruptly and some words exchanged between government and the operations manager of CAI-Nunatsiavut and the owners of the Dutch Runner.

Be nice to know if things have been sorted out [we know the Dutch Runner is out of equation] and if so what should the fine folks of the North coast expect in the way of marine services.

Each of the past number of years we have seen a deterioration in service, be it incompetent filling of containers, incompetent loading of containers on ship, inexperienced captains leading to captains a crew walking off the vessel. Ships scheduling being made up on the fly, freight destined for the coast being turned away in Lewisport yadda yadda yadda.

All these incompetence’s and lack of due diligence lead to frustrations and extra expense for retailers and consumers.

So what is going on and who is asking?

That’s it for thinking aloud.

Lots of robins this year, little buggers are everywhere doing the nesting and mating thing, not seen these numbers for years.

Spotted some sort of warbler yesterday, very briefly so could not get positive ID. 

Nephew past on that a red-poll [they have been around all winter] crashed into a window of his house knocking itself out.
Nephew brought it inside and kept it warm until bird came around, shock its head and made some noises, he then released the bird back out the window.

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Sean Lyall said...

Summer fast approaching and shipping service not ready......surprising.

Darren Robertson said...

How hard is it to find an Ice classed reefer with 35 ton cranes, a side ramp and the ability to handle all containers and euro pallets. They are for sale or lease all over the globe.With or without crews. A 3000gt sized one would work great. Right out of St.Anthony's. Who has port,warehouse and air capacity to support it.

Darren Robertson said...

Just performing a basic search at Ship Shift; there are this very moment, 58 vessels for sale or lease offering their services. All fairly new. All fully geared and certified and licensed. Pathetic.

Brian said...

Ah Darren, ya be talking common sense me lad, WST minister does not do common sense.
Besides, there is the politics of it all.