Tuesday, May 08, 2012

This is looking more and more like a rabies year for sure. 14 confirmed cases in Labrador, two of those on the northcoast with one pending in a domestic dog.

I have been keeping a tighter vigil on Siutik when she is tethered out back, seeing as she is usually not a barker it is hard to know when anything unusual is hanging around.

I found an article in Nunatsiaq News  very revealing. Some years back I mentioned the small invasion of scientist and researchers scrambling up here during the International Polar Year.

As predicted most have come and gone never to be seen again, unless someone opens up the purse strings again. I see many references to food insecurity, children's health, mental health yadd yadda. Everybody knows the issues but more money goes into more research than getting down and doing some thing about it. Pisses me off no end frustrating to say the least.

Some are still hanging around, mainly folks from MUN, there is a different focus towards Inuit and Labrador at MUN now, but we still have to see positive on the ground results come out of all the research.


Anonymous said...

Just wondering if you have a visiting Vet come up to give all the dogs rabies shots? from Lynne in St. Catharines

Brian said...

Vet, whats a vet?
Seriously though, no vet, closest one is in Goose Bay, animals have to be taken out, vet wont come in.

We are lucky to have a dedicated person or two who are really helpful with minor things plus inoculations. But with a rabies outbreak I would hope the government steps in and lends a hand.
ANy of the four governments would do.