Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Thunder and lightning and heavy rain last evening, most unusual for this time of year. People who were on their way home from goose hunting must have been a little wet on return.

Mixed results with the geese, some come back disappointed; some get the one or two, people announcing on Facebook their first goose ever, young kids and women.

After all the tensions of late regards air search and rescue we have a positive result, all be it a bit by chance, and it did not involve the provincial or federal co ordination centers.

It does highlight that maybe there is a need for the province to take a good look at its service and protocols in relation to Labrador, it would be very revealing indeed in its inadequacy compared to others jurisdictions.

One person goes out without any safety precautions, another does take precautions. That is they way it is up here.

There have been some accidents [unreported] out on the ice also, that is just the way it is up here.

Great grandma has been at me to post Caters first card to us, it was for mother’s day. At 17 months I see potential.

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Shammickite said...

nice choice of colours, Carter.