Thursday, May 24, 2012

The town water was getting cloudy so camera in tow took a ride up towards the dam and new road.

Town had excavator at work diverting any muddy brown run off from the high side of the new road, and muddy it was.

Looks to be just general snow melt that cant be helped getting in the catchment area causing the cloudiness, usual every spring, not like last year for sure

So took a ride down to airstrip, agent told me I had  freight [they are called boxes] arriving on Air Lab freighter.
Friday is box day at the airstrip. Usually in the afternoon multiple numbers of boxes with the Newfoundland Liqueur Corp tape on them arrive, mainly on Innu Mikun.

I usually try and beat the rush when making my box order.

While waiting for the plane I headed down northern point, very windy but managed to take some pics of the ice, which is very watery, while there two planes arrived one after the other.

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