Friday, May 11, 2012

With nasty weather forecast for today the heritage forum folk in Makkovik were extracted late last evening, Fran arrived home after 8pm. From the look of it out side we have not received any nasty stuff as predicted, looks like south of us again.

I took the two pictures from social media, one from Facebook the other from Twitter. Appropriate in these ever increasing food price times.  

They show people protesting high cost of foods at two stores in the north, one a Co-Op in Coral Habour and another at Northern store in the same community.
Buddy with bald head and camera is the Manager of the Northern store.

A link to a brief story is here

Update: Seems the right choice was taken, all flights [at least Air Nutatsiavut] to north coast are on hold, Wx not good south of here.

Uperty date:  Change again, flights are getting into Nain with a possibility into Natuashish. 

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