Friday, May 04, 2012

Boy the number of fish plant closures is ramping up and on a daily basis. The closure of the Burin plant is the latest. It was revealed that the raw frozen product can be brought over from China and processed at the plant cheaper than buying local raw product.

Two crab plant closures in southern Labrador bring the issue closer to home. All these recent closures are in communities with one industry, the fish plant that just closed.

Is the coinciding of this increase in closures co-incidental or what?

Thanks for the ideological re framing of Canada yous 39.6 imbeciles percentile.

The lay offs and cut backs from the Feds increases every day too. Government by Ideology is revealing its ugly head; no one can say yous weren’t warned.

Interesting comparisons of what is happening in Canada can be read in this new book “It’s even worse that it looks”.  I caught the authors in an interview on PBS news hour.

Scary stuff indeed. One particularly American trait is this bill C38, the budget bill that contains the revamping of Canada as we know it. 

At least the weather has been great since the weekend, nice sunny days, lots of people going off ice fishing, boil ups and some even scoring the odd caribou if they travel the distance. 


Shammickite said...

Fish plant closures are often the death knell to the community, especially when many members of the same family work there. But I don't know what the solution is.

Unknown said...

Hey Brian - the other interesting and scary change in approach is the introduction of significant government policy changes (environmental, social) through the federal budget process. Not something seen to this extent before... Again, we get what the majority voted for...

Darren Robertson said...

You know, I was just reading how the NG government was upset with Aurora. After they danced like puppets for them they did not get the contract for their Air Services. Well good folks who sucked up mightily to allow uranium mining, this is precisely what you get from wanton lusting of corporations. Cut off like Black Tickle and other places because big companies have no desire to innovate and provide an economical service. Actually Aurora did the NG a big favour. Because at least now they are not slaves to a contract. Which will increase the Air Line's dependency on Aurora, who will suck it down into bankruptcy with ever lower contract price demands. Yes I think revamping needs a good kick to the curb.