Saturday, May 26, 2012

It hit 18 c in Nain yesterday, nice day and everybody out in summer gear.

Down side was that the snow melt came down with vengeance causing many wash a ways of roads and flooding of peoples yards, especially in the center part of town.  

With all the civil works that has gone on over the years a way to divert this annual event successfully has not been found.

Plus the tap water is much browner and gritty looking this morning. Have to go find a clear running brook but think run off too fast at moment.

One would think with all the snow that fell on Goose Bay this past winter forest fires in May would be the last worry.

Well one would be thinking wrong. A fire started out near the base [north side] yesterday morning.
Three choppers and dozens of ground crew fought the blaze initially. One water bomber arrived mid afternoon followed by another late afternoon.

                                              Photo shows view of fire in early stages from Aimee's yard. 

Fire brought under reasonable control late evening. Spruce Park, where Carter and co. live, was on evacuation alert. That was downgraded also late afternoon.

                                       This morning Twitter says flames coming up again.

Social media came into its own; Aimee was back and forth between twitter, face book and looking out the window. We were back and forth keeping track of text and photos of the goings on, very handy indeed.

Ironically; today was the day that the water bombers were due to arrive on station at Goose Bay for the summer season.

Oh, and the temperature reached 33 degrees at one stage at Goose Bay.


Shammickite said...

I heard on CBC radio about the high temps and the fire at HV-GB... hope everyone is safe. It's a bit early for forest fires isn't it?

Brian said...

One would think it is early, but especially considering all the snow that fell down there. No injuries as of today.