Monday, May 14, 2012

Not very nice weekend on weather front, gray/white/wet and very still, still the same this morning.
People have it worse.

“They can go and get stuffed”, have not used that Oz colloquialism for some time. Have used “get stuffed ya barstard” now and again but most would not get the meaning, so why bother.
Any way I thought the bloke who used this colorful expression was right on as it pertains to this story of a brave little penguin.

Another day another moose story out of Newfoundland. This one a little more bizarre than most. I offer no further comment except to say one lucky lady and to point out the number of comments.

What a refreshing idea, open honest commentary about the Goose Bay air base from someone in the military.
No not that military, the Luftwaffe from Germany.

Highlights, the Germans loved the base, the laid back people and loved the flying and training area.

On relocating to other training areas the head honchos realized what a great place they had abandoned. It was the cost effectiveness that drove them away, and that would include local suppliers at the base.

Get a gander at this video, cock pit view of Labrador, not sure about the live ammo firing though, thought it was only dummy runs, but then it is the military.


Anonymous said...

Love the new layout. Very nice!


hopewellwoodwork said...

must have scared the bloody bejesus out of the local wildlife. made me start looking for other higher resolution utube videos. will let you know if I find any.

Darren Robertson said...

Looks like a cluster bomb attack on the aircraft in the video.

Brian said...

Those Tornados are the loudest jets I have ever heard; don’t get that sense from the video though.

We had F4’s doing ‘tourist excursions’ over us back in low flying days, that was stopped, then the crews would come up north on Sundays in a Huey taking pictures of breeding birds, that was stopped too.

Watched 4 F16’s fly over some moose on day [outside GB base], moose never flinched.

Many a story of F4’s landing back at base with spruce boughs caught in undercarriage.

I know they established a dummy bomb range south of Goose Bay, but could have reverted to live later.