Monday, May 07, 2012

Ground caribou with duff [pastry] on top, Frans favorite, or rather favorite dish without bones. Served it up with yam/turnip mash and wilted baby spinach and mushrooms.
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Weekend weather was mixed, not a bad day Saturday but Sunday was a mess with snow, wet snow, fog and drizzle into mid day clearing to quite nice. Planes got in mid afternoon.

The Burton Winters tragedy has legs, the tenacity of CBC and the MHA for Torngat Mountains and the many other people involved in the battle to have an independence inquiry has taken a dramatic turn


Shammickite said...

Perhaps if the SAR facilities in the north are improved, it will give some meaning to Burton Winter's death, and that might bring some comfort to his family. But it never should have happened in the first place. January, the north, a 14 year old lost on the ice.... there should have been every plane or helicopter available out there looking for him as soon as they got the first call.

MargaretJ said...

What do you mix in with the ground caribou before you put the puff pastry on?

Brian said...

I make it up like I would an ordinary meat pie, onion, peppers, bit of garlic, spices and herbs to your choice then thicken the liquid into gravy.