Monday, May 28, 2012

Well the weekend was not so great weather wise; blustery winds up in the 79 clicks area. Made it cool walking up wind, cloudy and passing flurries added to the malaise.

Good weather for cooking, made pizza Friday night, one for us and one for a fundraiser effort.

Along with the pizza I made some peanut butter and choc chip cookies for the eclectic food available at the fundraiser. Amazing how many younger people are getting treated for cancer these days.

Did a BBQ of ribs and chicken yesterday. Warm spud salad and coleslaw with it.

Not much eclectic about the vegetables available in the stores these days, no imagination put into the buying.

So one has to use their own imagination to add some variety into the menus.


Anonymous said...

BBQ ribs my favorite.......look perfectly cooked mouth watering

Anonymous said...

I live with Pitsik.....clue for you

Brian said...

Oh , the pretty lady who lives with that big bloke who is on a diet must be.

Brian said...
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Anonymous said...