Tuesday, May 08, 2012

 A fine sunshiny spring day yesterday. Took these shots while down at the airstrip seeing Fran off.

A busy full week for Fran, on the weekend she attended workshops sponsored by NG and Status of Women Canada, "Embracing the Leader in you:Inuit women's leadership workshop".

My opinion is; not sure why Fran attends these types of workshops, she has more leadership in her big toe than most of the people who give the workshops [who are invariably young go getter's from the south].
Though she does have fun and keeping her mind busy is good.

There were about 15 participants, all younger ladies. The moderator of the workshop told Fran that she should do the next workshop.

This week it is a Heritage Fair in Makkovik. Another NG sponsored workshop embracing all things structurally heritage. Preserving buildings is important, though from an Inuit perspective not so much.Again all the presenters are from the south.
There is going to be a show and tell section to be held in the school, Fran may have a surprise, more in line with Inuit thinking.

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