Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thought this combination was interesting. The canoe is way past its prime, the tent still has good days ahead and the huskies were soaking up the rays.

This style tent was once very prevalent in the days people still left for the traditional fishing grounds. Char and salmon were the target, you brought the catch back to Nain if you were close, or a ‘collector’ boat would drop off supplies and pick your fish up for delivery to the plant if you were further north.
Families would spend all summer [short is it is] at the fish camps, some times moving some times at the one spot.
Trap boats were prevalent taking the extended families off leaving the town half empty. Now there are no trap boats, no more summers at the fish camps.

 I may be an old nostalgic bozo but for me that life style was one of the reasons that attracted me to the place. Mines, quarries, fast speed boats and big ski doos just don’t have the same allure.
Any ways back to reality. Inside the tent yesterday three young kids were playing cards on a mattress, only difference from day’s yore were the ipods sitting beside each kid.

The days have been on the cool side, not getting over the mid single digits for several days.Thick fog and calm out there early, looks like it will be like that until Saturday.

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