Friday, June 01, 2012

Teasing fog yesterday, lift a bit then drop a lot. Heard a couple of planes giving it a look see but don't think any landed.

 It is like pea soup out there this morning.

Spring run off not only causes problems with our water quality, it does damage to the ecology in different parts of town.

The most urgent area that has been ignored to date by The Community government is the pole line up Nain Hill. {See latest pictures]. I have mentioned this before and brought it to the Community governments attention. Nothing has been done to mitigate the yearly erosion. Not sure why one would have to bring it to any ones attention as it is in full view for all to see.

Hydro pole lines have a right of way in these parts. Hydro [Nalcor] did the first bit of damage when they straitened the poles a few years back. By using a small machine the damage was minimal.

The major damage was caused by Westower when they put a large excavator up the pole line in hopes of getting a 4 wheel vehical and a tracked vehical up the hill. Westower were putting up an tower for Canadian Coast Guard.

No approvals were sort from Community government to widen and remove vegetation before the work was carried out, or that is what I have been told. .Still this is no excuse for as I have already mentioned, it is in clear view for all to see.

Apathy, stupidity and greed has led to this environmental mess that with each passing year will only get worse.

Earlier in the week we finished off the last of the pork loins. Did it up Greek style and under the broiler. The pasta was a mix of tomato sauce, feta cheese and parmigiano on top.

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