Friday, June 29, 2012

Fogged in with light drizzle again this morning.

Yesterday same thing but cleared off enough after lunch for planes to get in. Talk about a bit of a rush getting people down to the airstrip.

As an aside, I wonder why the two airlines don't issue some sort of warning to passengers with return tickets to the coast out of Goose Bay. Many many times the coastal agents are phoning around looking for people who are scheduled to travel out. This becomes particularly annoying for all when planes have been on weather hold and start coming in all of a sudden. 
The warning would consist of a message asking the traveler to check in with the coastal agent giving them a contact number or place of stay so the agent can contact you when needed. 

Any way, the NAWC/Chinook project ended Thursday morning. Much packing and impatiently waiting for news of the flights arriving.
Everybody down to the airstrip in good time thanks to the local organizer Paul.

Around 57 surgeries and 60 + other checks like vaccinations and the like were carried out in the week the crew was here. Siutik is still intact.

Wednesday afternoon they took a well deserved bit of R&R and took a boat ride, hike and a spot of fishing.

On arrival home I was asked by the bearer of 6 fish 'what do I do with these'. 'Cut em up and eat em was my reply'.

After my smart-ass answer I offered to gut and clean them. Some nice fish, the four bottom ones were from just under 2 lb to just over 2 lb cleaned. Fran gets the heads.

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